Posted on January 7th, 2019

Stanley Perera. Melbourne, Australia.  

Dear Sir,


Mahinda, Maithree combination as I see is a rock solid combination for a landslide victory for the forthcoming General and Presidential elections.  It is not a reason to be complacent.  Please, bare in mind that it is absolutely essential that you work damn hard to gain two third majority so that you do not have to depend on anti Sinhala racist minority parties including the treacherous JVP.  Without any fear or hesitation the writer wishes to say that your goodself is reagarded as the xaviour of Sinhala buddhists.  As a strong man you have proved yourself  a patriotic leader in a heroic manner bringing the entire country under one umbrella.  Sinhala buddhists together with the caring for the country people of the minority communities are grateful to you for creating an environment to live a life without any fear of racist Tamil Terrorism.  That alone is good enough to be called born again Dutu Gemunu.  You exterminated the Racist Tamil Terrorists.  Unfortunately you failed to lock up for life those remnents namely: Sampandung, Sumanthiran, Sivajilingam, Saibu Nana AKA Kumari killer Hakeem and many more,  As a result to-day Sri Lankan people are being hounded by those remnents.  The butterfly gang Samaraweera and Wicremasinghe are working to the agenda of Bogus Tamil Refugees world wide and white skinned barbarian west with the filthy Indians to take the revenge from Sinhala buddhists for anihilating Racist Tamil Terrorists and defeating butterfly Wickremasinghe for 29 times.  You treated Mahasanga and Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith not forgetting Hindu and Muslims alike as a A TRUE BUDDHIST.  That behaviour of yours is not superficial.  It is what you have inherited from your father the great D.A.Rajapakse.  The writer is a baptised buddhist.  The writer takes his hat off to Matara Nizam and Kanthar Balachandran who are trusted friends of Patriotic Sri Lankan.  It is to our best advantage that we build very strong ties with, Pakistan, Russia and China who helped us win the war against Racist Tamil Terrorist.  They never pointed their finger at us.  Jappa put a dollar both ways.  My dear Hon. Mahinda Rajapakse, I wish you well and landslide victory in the forthcoming elections.

Yours Truly,

Stanley Perera.

Melbourne, Australia.  


  1. ranjit Says:

    Yours and mine thoughts are the same about Mahinda and others and our land of birth Sri Lanka. Your patriotism to your beloved motherland must be appreciated being in a far away country like Australia. We all know that most of our great sons and daughters have left the country because of ugly politics in Sri Lanka. They are dreaming to be back in their beautiful homeland if the country is secure, strong and developed and have decent democratic system of politics without having drug lords, underworld thugs, undemocratic and unpatriotic third class politicians in the parliament who were only thinking of money and power. I haven’t seen or heard anything like this before in my whole life time looting and selling your own homeland to foreigners by any government except the current Ali Baba and the forty thieves Batalanda Ranil and his clan. Mahinda is a god when you compare Ranil the satan, darling of the west. Mahinda is a poor man’s leader while Ranil is for the rich and famous. He has no feelings for the country or for the people as he enjoys his life with high class sector and the foreign western governments who were pumping millions to keep him in power.
    Stanley we should change this government and the system for the benefit of our future generations. This stooge government of western and Indian parasites must be defeated at all costs and the best pair to do that is Mahinda,Maitree combination. Although Maitree can trust Mahinda 100% Mahinda cannot trust Maitree the same way as his past record with the Yamapalanaya but he is better than others because both are Sinhala Buddhists whom Maha Sanga has faith and trust. They both should come to an agreement to fight the undemocratic unpatriotic forces UNP TNA JVP western and Indian together sincerely and effectively by getting rid of traitors in both parties. Trust is most important for both. We as voters watching them carefully because we don’t want another four or five years same as the Yamapalanaya. Mahinda freed us from the butcher prabakaran and his murderers gang therefore we owe him our lives and we will work day and night to bring this war hero back to power to make our motherland great again.

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