Governance and Psychology – 5 The Democratic Socialist Republic of SriLanka
Posted on January 9th, 2019

Kanthar Balanathan 

Performance of SriLankan politicians since 1948.

Formation of the Federal Party created the ethnic division. It could be concluded that it was instigated by the west for SJVC to form this party to enable to drive a wedge between the two ethnic groups. (divide & rule), since Ceylon was then under the British within the Commonwealth.

Therefore, the division was instigated by indoctrinating the Tamils and the Sinhalese. Tamils were close to the British anyway. Here the Sinhala people and the lords fail because of their thick foolish head. The Sinhala people were driven by an honest and true BUDDHIST philosophy. However, the Christians and Catholics had assistance from the West, while the Hindu Tamil had assistance from the North, which is Tamil Nadu. India because of Tamil Nadu and the Southern Indians had to depend on Tamil Nadu Tamils for votes in a democratic environment. India basically supported the Tamils in India and SriLankan Tamils rather than Sinhala in SriLanka.

One million Tamils were brought for tea and rubber plantation labor by the British, to which the Sinhala people did not raise any protest. This was marked by feelings of personal megalomania attitude by the Sinhala elites. Maybe they had no knowledge of economic and product proliferation.

The Tamils being close to the British were intelligent enough to get more good colleges built in the N&E. The Sinhala elites being possessive, concentrated in proliferating their personal wealth only.

On independence, the Ceylonese government disfranchised the Indian workers, which was the major disaster to the country’s political future. Even with Srimavo/Shastri pact SL was unable to repatriate the whole Indians. Ref:

The Sinhala people should have raised the migrant’s status during the British time and got all out of SL. Disfranchising on independence raised international criticisms and ethnic division. However, if we critically evaluate the SriLankan Tamils/Indian labor relationship, both we at loggerhead as the Jaffna Tamil treated the Indian labor as low on caste basis.

The mothballing effect on political instability was caused by (i) disfranchisement, and (ii) the SWRDB’ s Sinhala only act in 1956. If SWRD was wise he could have implemented the language transition over a period instead of the impulsive transition. The Indian repatriation could have been done through the British before Independence.

SJVC’s indoctrination on Federalism and Tamil state had deep-rooted in the minds of the Tamils which is going on for the last 71 years. Here, the losers are the Sinhala people.

Stability of the NPC system since 2013.

Post 3 highlighted the creation of JVP/TNT/LTTE, the driver and the cause for the creation. Injecting instability into the political and economic system in a country by foreign power destroys the country’s future and it will cause the people and politicians to run to the West and the UN. This exactly happened in the case of SriLanka. LTTE took the upper hand to accumulate wealth and drove Tamils to all over the world to campaign with several lies in favor of the Tamils of SriLanka. This exactly occurred and is occurring.

Sri Lanka was not clever enough to address the political issues of their own country. Agreeing and approving for Provincial Council government was the fundamental mistake by JRJ. JRJ staged a protest march in 1958 against SWRD/Chelva pact. However, was foolish enough to obey the Indian interference in granting PCs. Indians had no business to interfere in a country’s own political affairs unless it was an ethnic cleansing issue.

While LTTE was engaged in killing Sinhala civilians and destroying nations assets worth billions of dollars, India turned a blind eye and was helping the LTTE with arms and ammunition and allowed them to be domiciled and train themselves in Coimbatore and other places in the North. RAW was helping LTTE in the strategical development and military training. This act of India was a cataclysmic violation of freedom, democracy, and a nations territorial integrity.

The conclusion is that JRJ was a FOOL and a COWARD. He had several options to solve the issues internally. Indians massacred Tamils, properties, stole cattle (sheep), etc. Below is the photograph of a house in Valvettiturai where the Indian military was based at the junction. You can observe the modifications they have done in order to position tripod mortars, machine guns etc. The owners told me that when they visited the house on inspection with the approval of the SriLankan military, they observed the Indian military lived like pigs in a pigsty/hog parlor. The Indian military was sent as peacekeeping troops in July 1987, when JRJ was the President. Ref:

This is a pure cowardliness of the UNP members.

Has this type of event (loss) occurred in the South to Sinhala families?

It can be directed that this is the fault of JRJ and Prabakaran and both are fools. One is an attorney simpleton and the other an uneducated nincompoop.

There were many hundreds of houses destroyed by the military and people moved out to shelters losing their properties and assets etc.

To be continued.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Tamils in Tamil Nadu wanted to separate from the Indian Union and SJV and the Federal Party was part of it,

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