Prelates ask govt. to solve economic problems instead of introducing new constitution
Posted on January 15th, 2019

By Cyril Wimalasurendra Courtesy The Island

The government must strive to solve the economic problems the people were faced with instead of trying to introduce a new Constitution, Mahanayakes of the Asgiri and Malwatta Chapters told State Minister of Defence, Ruwan Wijewardene yesterday.

The minister visited the Chief Prelate of the Asgiri Chapter, Most Ven Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana There and the Chief Prelate of the Malwatta Chapter, Most Ven. Thibbatuwawe Sri Siddartha Sumangala Thera, yesterday.

The two prelates told the minister that the cost of living was increasing and that the government must do everything in its power to reduce the economic burden of the people. The crime rate was also high, they said.

Most Ven. Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana Thera criticised the government for attempting to bring in a new Constitution by February 04 amidst opposition to its move.

2 Responses to “Prelates ask govt. to solve economic problems instead of introducing new constitution”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    What a joke!!

    These Maha nayakas are not opening their mouths when Run-nil or Karu J visit them to safeguard Mother Lanka. When this weak State minister visits them, they open up and speak against the constitution.

    They should summon the PM and the Speaker to the Temple and advice them not to bring the constitution forward in strong terms, if they are serious.

    Maha Sanga summoned the kings in the past and advised them. Why not then the elected representatives of the people. They are doing a job for the nation like every other state worker, paid by the ordinary folks.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    These sleeping Mahanayakas should wake up soon and learn from the great Megettuwatte Gunananda thero and other greats including the modern era greats like Soma hamuduruwo and Madihe Pannasiha hamuduruwo.

    Everything in the new proposal is aiming to facilitate the Ealam, nothing but the Ealam. They have to be very strong in defending this land belongs to “Siv Hela” people going back to 10’s or 1000’s of years.

    Once the Ealam is given by the UN whether we like it or not, the border will keep moving Southbound and the original Hela nation of this land will have to jump to the Indian Ocean.

    Army in the South can never win against the Ealam if they fight back because Trico will be the biggest naval base of USA in the world and they will fight back along with Ealam Tigers. UK, Norway and German citizens will be living permanently in the North and East exploring our natural resources and making their countries rich again.

    It will be easy to eliminate Sinhela people from the South and in a decade the whole Island will the theirs. This will be the Tamil Kingdom of the earth protected by the West and India.


    Once it is tabled, it will be passed with 2/3 majority due to the large bribes given by LieTTE to the UNP, JVP and SLFP MPs.

    Then even if it goes to a referendum as TNA says without any fear, all of N & E will vote in favour. Regardless of the final outcome, the UN can take it to their hand and with their R2R system they can establish the Ealam easily.


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