Yasmin  Sooka!, Instead of hunting for war criminals in Sri Lanka try helping  the poverty stricken  blacks in  South Africa.
Posted on January 16th, 2019

By Charles S.Perera

Yasmin Sooka, have you visited the poor Africans living in squalid conditions in Squatter Camps, seen with your eyes the misery of the poor blacks living in shanties of Johanesbourg or the living conditions in Barcelona with strewn filth ?

I am sure not Sooka, because you only write reports sitting in comfortable offices or speak to well off  political leaders who do not understand human suffering, and to  NGO parasites living on the miseries of others.                           

Yasmin Sooka what has truth and justice you direct given to the poor  South Africans still living in utter poverty  and in inhuman misery.

In the history of civil rights, South Africa lays claim to a momentous achievement — the demolition of apartheid and the construction of a democracy. But for black South Africans, who account for three-fourths of this nation of roughly 55 million people, political liberation has yet to translate into broad material gains. ”      Peter .S.Goodman , NYT.

Yasmin Sooka was a member of a UN Panel which prepared a faulty report on Accountability in Sri Lanka for the personal use of  UN SG Ban Ki Moon- the Darusman report. It was prepared depending on emails and hearsay evidence collected from files and members of  the Tamils living abroad, most of them had not been in Sri Lanka during  terrorism to even know what it was like.

The Tamil  diaspora has a burning prejudice against Sri Lanka and its  Sinhala majority.  The report was accepted by UN Commissioner for Human  Right Navi Pillai a Tamil herself who hero worshipped the terrorist leader Prabhakaran, to accuse Sri Lanka Armed Forces for war crimes,  during her period of service in the UNHRCouncil and passed it on to Prince  Zeid Al-Hussein  who continued repression against  the Government imposing on it  the notorious resolution by America and the West for human rights violation and war crimes.

Yasmina Sooka’s only connection to Sri Lanka is her member ship in the Darusman Panel and her  friendship with Navy Pillai sworn enemy of the Sri Lanka Government and its Armed Forces. Sooka  wants to be in the international lime light” by jumping now and then to accuse for no valid reasons  the Officers of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

She accused former General Jagath Jayasuriy  when he was in Brazil for war crimes and that he should be taken into custody while abroad.  The latest is her condemnation of the Government of Sri Lanka for the appointment of Major General Shavendra Silva as the Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

She had said  speaking about Majaor General Shavendra Silva, The military officer is arguably the most wanted man in Sri Lanka–yet a decade later, tragically, he is being promoted instead of standing trial.

Tamil survivors of the war, thousands of whom have been driven into exile since, have expressed horror that Silva has been chosen for such a senior military position. This is an incredible affront to the victims of that war–and jeopardises any reconciliation attempt in Sri Lanka,”

What Yasmin Sooka does not know, or does not want to acknowledge is the fact that, had it not been for the likes of  the Chief of Staff Shavendra Silva, the Tamil civilian population in the North and East would have been driven like cattle  by the terrorists from place to place in the jungles of the north  to be kept as human shields for their protection.

That suffering of the poor Tamil civilians neither Yasmin Sooka nor the Tamil Diaspora will never ever understand.

The Government armed forces of Sri Lanka never fought against the Tamil civilians , but against the terrorists who were Tamils. If they fought against the Tamils  why did the Sri Lanka Armed Forces specially the Division 58 led by Major General Shavendra Silva evacuated 320 thousand Tamil civilians forcibly kept by the terrorists as a human shield  under most  inhuman sanitary conditions ?

This continued accusation of our  of the officers of the Armed Forces by Yasmin Sooka should stop.  It is a humiliation for a man  who took risks for himself and his men to end the suffering of all  the people of Sri Lanka. Humiliation of that one man is a humiliation directed to all the people of Sri Lanka.

Therefore, the Government of Sri Lanka should initiate some sort of action through the Secretary General of the UN to stop Yasmin Sooka taking on herself the role of a world police woman” hunting  for war Criminals,  as she has no official position to make false accusations any Officer of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka..

The Armed Forces of Sri Lanka are respected by the people of Sri Lanka. All those officers and member of the Armed Forces who took an active part in the elimination of terrorism and putting an end to 30 years of suffering more of the Tamils of the north and East and other Communities in the rest of the country outside the North and East, are our heroes and saviours of the country and the people.  How dare does  Yasmin Sooka continue to be ittle our heroes and treat them as having committed war crimes in their legitimate war against the terrorists the enemies of Sri Lanka and its people.

No body has the right to make vain accusations against them and least of all Yasmin Sooka who made a false report knowing that it was false,  to dupe the UN and satisfy the Tamils of the Diaspora.

Let us see why Yasmin Sooka meddles in  an affair that does not concern her, when after her participation in  writing the false Daruman reports, she became the Director of the International Truth and Justice Project. If she has real humanitarian interests, why doe not she turn to South Africa, her own country where life is  not so  rosy to the majority of the  black South Africans who live below the poverty line.

Yasmin Sooka has a long list of Commissions and Panels in which she served and many  writings of  all sorts of reports, as well as  making speeches  at forums , but Yasmina Sooka has not actively participated, and actually engaged herself in any project to ameliorate the conditions of the poor people in South Africa, whose human rights are daily in conflict, with government officials and the rich and well to do.

There is however not that great poverty in Sri Lanka after elimination of terrorism but living conditions of the Tamils as well as the Sinhala and Muslims have largely improved. The Sri Lankans live happily  despite the interference by persons like Yasmin  Sooka and members of multifarious  NGOs working in Sri Lanka earning their living accusing the  Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, and political leaders of the Sinhala Community opposing the puppet Government set up by  the West,  lead by a Prime Minister supported by the West  and the NGOs.

Yasmin Sooka  is still sought  after by the Sri Lanka Tamil politicians of the TNA to continually accuse the Armed Forces, as they want anti Sri Lanka  Armed Forces publicity continued as they are planning to have a Tamil only Provinces in the North and East without Army Camps  after helping the Present Ranil Wickramasinghe Government to prepare a Federal Government which they are determined to get passed in Parliament .

The Tamil Politicians down play the Sri Lanka’s development after  the  elimination of terrorism. There were proposals to set up a Truth and Justice project in the line of South Africa and even suggestion to put up a statue of Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela  is of course a man respected for his indefatigable fight against South African Apartheid  and actively engaged himself until  the end of the racial regime.  The South Africans should put up statues of Nelson Mandela every where in South Africa as a reminder that South Africans should not  allow themselves to suffer once again  because of the colour of  their skin.  

But Yasmin Sooka has apartheid been completely erased from South Africa ?

Yasmin Sooka open your eye and see the suffering of your people in South Afrika, instead of trying to create misery where there is none in Sri Lanka. The trouble with Sri Lanka is that the Tamil  Politicians are living in a mental state of segregation, and suffer through a racial difference created on their own.

In South Africa the wealth is not reasonably distributed and  the people still lack land and wealth and suffer from utter poverty, that Sooka is economic apartheid. It is for you to get involved to finish what Nelson Mandela began to  liberate people  completely  both from social and economic segregation. You cannot do that by accusing our armed forces which liberated its people completely from terrorism and gave the people peace and security which you have not given to your own people.

What action did you  take against reported high level  corruption of the  President Jacop Zuma’d Government , will things be better under Cyril Ramaphosa ?

A Statue of Nelson Mandela has no place in Sri Lanka, as Sri Lanka never had apartheid and the Tamil people were and are as free as the Sinhala, and other minority Communities living in Sri Lanka. The comparison to apartheid, genocide by the Sinhala are  stories concocted  by the Tamil politicians to keep the Communities  separated and create a separate Eelam State led by the high Caste Tamil politicians. There is no reason why we should have a Statue of a political leader of  South Africa who emancipated his people from apartheid erected in our country. It is the high caste Tamils who create apartheid  against the low caste Tamils in Sri Lanka, not the Sinhala who treat every one equal.

But we should have statues erected for the Armed Forces that freed the country and the people from terrorism. We should have a statue of Major General Shavendra Silva in Jaffna as it was Major General Shavendra Silva and his 58 Division that led its assault against the terrorists to liberate 320 000 Tamil Civilians kept as human shields under repressive condition without prper sanitary conditions, food , water or even clean clothes to wear.

South Africa unlike Sri Lanka is a country with great potentials for development. It is, better than many other African States but still second to Nigeria in development.  But the wealth as much of the land is in the hands of the rich white population.  While not only the poor blacks but well  over 400 000 white south Africans are living in poverty in squalid conditions in squatter camps. This is being challenged by some white media reporters as they do not want to put the poverty stricken whites along side the blacks.

Education system is much to be desired. The schools have no adequate  space and the Principles of Schools are corrupt squandering money from school accounts. The private schools are better, but the poor cannot afford to send their children to them  There is no teacher training . Parents yearn to have their children educated but they cannot afford to do so.  The gap between the rich and the poor is far greater. Tin and mud shacks in which the poor live in squalid conditions jostle besides luxury mansions of the rich. Health Care in South Africa is low and not within the reach of the poor blacks.

There is an increasing crime rate , and never ending streams of immigrant coming from countries in the rest of Africa. The government puts the increasing crime rate  to the inflow of  immigrants.

The South Africa has been nominally freed from apartheid , but the black Africans have not been freed from economic  apartheid as yet . The Indians and others like Yasmin Sooka are better off than the native Africans , but being better off Yasmin Sooka is interested in doing service to Tamils in Sri Lanka and not helping the  poor black Africans who need every ones help to find their way out of poverty.

I give some internet references below to educate Yasmin Sooka what her duties should be as a South Africans. She should leave her interest in looking after the interest of Tamils in Sri Lanka and  ask her self how to help her own people suffering in South Africa, as they are worse off than the Tamils in Sri Lanka.




https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/24/business/south-africa-economy-apartheid.html economic apartheid

10 Responses to “Yasmin  Sooka!, Instead of hunting for war criminals in Sri Lanka try helping  the poverty stricken  blacks in  South Africa.”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Great work and an honest reflection of what really happened Charles.

    The Tamil Civilians, if interviewed privately, will definitely appreciate the efforts of SL armed forces in saving them from the clutches of killer tigers. However, if they are interviewed in public, or with a camera, they cannot express their honest views in fear of LieTTE members still powerful with millions of dollars in overseas.

    These LieTTE diaspora members can destroy any family does so by paying money to Aava group or any other underworld team operating in the North. Because of this the REAL TRUTH is not coming to surface.

    Corrupt activist like Yasmin Suka are making millions of dollars by acting as the mouthpiece of LieTTE which was earning more than McDonald franchise per year by their illegal activities such as human trafficking, drug deals and forced collection from Tamils living overseas.

    But truth will prevail as per the Universal Laws of karma. No one can challenge it.

  2. Christie Says:

    South Africa is a classic example of privileged Indian Colonial Parasites. They are not different to Indian Colonial Parasites in our own country. These Indian Colonial Parasites wet to South Africa like our own Indian Colonial Parasites.

    Yasmin Sooka being an Indian Colonial Parasite from South Africa will always take the side of her own kind.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Sri Lanka follows South Africa’s reconciliation model since 2011. The plight of natives (Sinhalese) is not different to that of natives of South Africa. Both are deprived of land, education opportunities, business opportunities and the right to live anywhere in the country.

    Just like SA’s natives, Sinhalese follow their political leaders without realizing they are taken for granted.

    Nobel Prize was given to Mandela and De Klerk (a champion of Apartheid until the 1990s) just to keep apartheid policies going without the label.

    Agree with Christie except for the term he used to describe them.

  4. Christie Says:

    Hi Dilrook;

    Read the following:

    See how true is it.

    Reorienting the Postcolonial.

    As a child I used to watch ants and aphids. They had a mutual relationship and my little sugar plants died away.

    The last British Empire or the British-Indian Empire was built with mutual partnership between British and Indians.

    There was no India before the British made it out of a large number of countries in the Indian subcontinent; the Indian Union.

    The British went with their violence and Indians with their nonviolence to invade and colonize tropical countries. The weather in the tropics did not suit the British but the Indians prospered.

    The Indians were kept away from coming to colder British colonies. In the tropical colonies the British were the absentee land lord and the Indians were the colonists.

    The WWII unsettled the British partner of the British -Indian Empire. The Indian partner supported the enemy of the British from behind.

    The Indian imperialists and colonists are going from strength to strength and their subjects are disappearing from the earth. The Indian Empire where the sun never sets extends from Fiji to Guyana. Today the colder British colonies are being colonized by Indians from the Indian Union and the Indian colonies of the Indian Empire.

    The Indians went with the British as Sepoys (soldier assistants) , Peons (administrators) and Coolies (laborers).

    The best example is Mohandas Karamchand who served the British as a Sepoy as well as a Peon.

    Again; when I was little, mum took us to a special place for a bath. We walked through a path lined with huge trees with a white band around them. My younger brother ran towards the shining waterfall and I heard a scream ‘chandals’. The bathers moved out but mum ushered us back and we had our bath later at the waterfall.

    British talk about divide and rule as their own but Indians divide you from birth. If you are a subject of an Indian colony you are an untouchable that is you are not a human being.

    British left Andaman and Nicobar Islands without interfering with the ecology or people there. British Partner gave them to India and today the local Bo and Jarawa people are museum pieces.

    Our back side (Australia) is in the Indian Ocean and in the South; not South China Sea. India is arming itself with ICBMs, Peace Bombs (Nukes), Aircraft Careers, Nuke Subs, Stealth Aircrafts and other modern weapons. They are already testing some of their weapons in local and foreign conflicts. Third Eye; the most secretive and ruthless intelligence service in the world was formed long before the WWII. It is active in the Indian colonies of the Empire and in other countries, particularly in the West.

    Thanks for reading; this is an attempt to look at the colonial and postcolonial from my stand. The wounds of nonviolent aggression and oppression are not visible but the suffering is worse. The subjects of the Indian Empire, the untouchables of the Indian colonies will die away like my sugary plants. Contact: xyceliao@gmail.com

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Don’t know if these bogus human rights champions heard about syria, yemen etc. Sorry, our hands are tied, since
    we can’t upset rich and powerful. Saudis? Oh no, defence contracts. Russians? Oh no, Putin is a tough guy and they
    got nukes. Sri Lanka? Of course full force our might.

    We get diasporats’ support, they get diasporats’ votes and at the same time keeping the
    Chinese away from Sri Lanka and the indian ocean. In front of Sri Lanka, these bogus human rights champions
    are like john the leopard (minister of erection – permanent-) while in front of Russia and suadis etc. etc. the
    rogues are eunuchs. Don’t take my word for it, ask them about syria or yemen, these bogus human rights
    champions will just disappear.

  6. Hiranthe Says:


    Things may be worst. We don’t know what is going on under cover. I know a few Tamil diaspora members who were very upset after 26th October 2018 are now very happy and always smiling within themselves as if their dream Ealam has realised.

    Something serious in favour of the Ealam must be going on and we should be very vigilant. We should warn the relevant people.

  7. Christie Says:

    These Indian Parasites come out when it is time to attack the Sinhalese and support the Indian terrorist arm the LTTE.

    Meenakshika Gunguly an Indian woman like Yasmin Sooka has come out saying that there is no Justice in Ceylon. She I the India’s Ocean area director of Human Rights Watch.

    Another human rights business mainly financed by India and Indians and operating from New York.

    This woman like Yasmin Sooka are there to cover up Human Rights abuses in India.

    Soon we will see Amnasty International headed by another Indian Parasite coming out to attack Sri Lanka and Myayamar.

  8. Hiranthe Says:

    These Indian Parasites are not allowing us to move forward.

    Please read the article in the Daily Island today by Professor PAD Silva, whom I respect so much;

    He is referring to these parasites as “descendants of the Chola invaders” which goes beyond Colonial invaders time!!!


    I wish LankaWeb editor could publish this article here!!

  9. Dilrook Says:

    Mahinda supports abolishing EP.


  10. Dilrook Says:

    Thank you Hiranthe for sharing. A good article.

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