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Posted on January 20th, 2019

SENA MAHAWATTE Colombo 5 Courtesy The Island

President Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR) made it possible for all Sri Lankans to live in safety and peace by totally defeating a ruthless terrorist organization by our valiant security forces a decade ago, in spite of these mighty powers who warned that these ruthless terrorists cannot be defeated, but banned them from their own countries and introduced a Resolution accusing our security forces of all manner of imaginary charges based on a Darusman Report and Channel 4 who never even stepped into Sri Lanka and also cannot be question their findings for 30 years!

During President MR’s government, at a meeting of the UNHRC, where a vote was taken India voting against this US resolution in Geneva said “AN INTRUSIVE APPROACH THAT UNDERMINES NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY IS COUNTER PRODUCTIVE”. But unfortunately, I feel that we did not have the trained minds to make use of the opportunity to get this vengeful resolution based on imaginary assumptions removed from further discussion.


Now that MR is the Leader of the Opposition which in a democracy is a highly recognized Office, I like to suggest that he now uses his Office to save our security forces from this vindictive UNHRC resolution, even though it has been cosponsored by our slavish government.

The sponsor of this vindictive resolution the US has now pulled out from the UNHRC and US Ambassador Nicky Hayley described it as “a Cesspool of political bias and as a hypocritical and self-serving body”. Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapakse, who was deprived in his effort to get a general election, could now devote his efforts to get this damning UNHRC Resolution withdrawn by the sponsors. To successfully achieve this task he will need to get together an effective committee.

The foremost action is to invite Lord Naseby to Chair this committee, who has already” asked the UK and the US to withdraw UN resolution against Lanka” as he has unearthed valuable relevant facts. ( The Island of 10th July 2018).

Wishing you the support of all Sri Lankans that you will succeed in saving the honour of our security forces and also bring about reconciliation of all communities living in Sri Lanka as we have lived for centuries together. But as long as this Resolution remains in the UNHRC, it will be difficult to achieve reconciliation. Then the only way is to leave this stinking cesspool as the sponsor the US has already done calling it a biased cesspool.


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