Governance and Psychology – 9 The Democratic Socialist Republic of SriLanka Concealed Risk of Federalism in SriLanka
Posted on January 22nd, 2019

Kanthar Balanathan

 Psychological Profiling of Muslims

Just in a few words, would like to draw attention to the psychological profiling of Muslims and its impact on other people. Muslims are religious fanatics and have a belief that Allah is the greatest of all and time, however, they have their own grave differences, e.g. Sunnies, Shiites and the recent Wahabis given birth in Saudi Arabia strategically prearranged by the British to divide and rule. Of course, they are a good corporative united race as far as they are concerned as Muslims like a family. However, they hate other religious groups and have the principal concept of JIHAD”, to fight against Islam (holy war). In their mind, any other religious group is an enemy of Islam. This is a psychological issue in the minds of the Muslims. Saudis have targeted a few people in SL to promote Wahhabism and populate SL with Wahhabis Muslims.

Muslims, wherever they are, will learn the local language only to integrate and capture power. In SriLanka, Muslims can talk Sinhale in Akuressa, Tamil in Jaffna, Hindi in Delhi, Urdu in Karachi and love to watch Urdu movies. However, internally they have the hatred against all other races. No other religious groups can build their own worship places in the Middle East. However, they think they have the right to build Mosques anywhere, which is the belief of the damn Tamils. Therefore, psychologically the Tamils and the Muslims run parallel with the same mental deficit. Muslims think they have the right to shout via speakers at 5 am about Allah” disturbing everyone. These are a mental weakness of Muslims. If we ask a Muslim scientist or a professional, will he/she agree on these issues?

Muslims have targeted the East as their own state and will be determined to get it. Why are countries like SL afraid of Muslim countries? It’s all because of the petroleum. Wherever Muslims are they have the petroleum under their feet. Of course, that’s why the US is destroying Muslim countries because of Muslims’ rigid concepts and the megalomaniac attitude. Muslims are NOT flexible and it is not a word with meaning in their dictionary. Now the East (Ampara republic), in a few years, Akuressa republic, then Wilpattu republic, then carve out a portion for Oattumadam republic, Mannar republic, and so on. On fifty years or more year horizon, this will happen if SL will not correct their vision through the smart mission.

Whose fault is that?

It is the fault of the Ceylon government, to have allowed differential laws in Ceylon. Muslim Law, Desavalamai, Kandyan, etc. Any country should have one law for the country. For political reasons and cheap votes, the politicians allowed Muslims to marry four wives, which will allow Muslims to proliferate in numbers. How is that polygamy is allowed in Islam? Isn’t that animalism? Only in the jungle animals’ mate with several females. Men or women with the sixth sense should think of the concept. Animals have only five senses and maybe 1% of the sixth sense. Most uneducated or rich Muslims run parallel to animals or possess animal instinct?

The main issue here is that they coagulate in one place and displace all others. Once they settle, they get other Muslims to join them. The village grows and becomes a town, then a city and finally a state/country. This is exactly is happening in France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, and Sydney in Australia. Some European countries will be taken over by Muslims on a twenty-five-year horizon.

Its high time GOSL stand up straight and tell all that SriLanka is a Sinhale Buddhist country and people who want to live must integrate. Democracy applies to all. Some groups cannot destroy the majority of a country. In SriLanka democracy seems to be reversible. A minority party leader becomes the Leader of Opposition (an old folk who cannot stand straight), Muslims holding several portfolios etc.

Let the Muslims and Tamils not hate SriLanka, because SriLanka and the Sinhale people gave life and growth to the damn Muslims and Tamils. Let them realize this fact. We should be grateful not become inimical. Some should know that they cannot hold portfolios if they were in the Middle East.


To be continued in 10

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