Who wants a Constitution ?
Posted on January 22nd, 2019

By Charles S.Perera

The Maha Sangha Rathnaya of the three Nikaya, the Majority of the Sinhala Buddhists and according to Bishop Rev. Malcolm Ranjith the Catholics of Sri Lanka do not want a new Constitution. Then who is it who wants a Constitution for Sri Lanka ?

Of all things that have to be done in Sri Lanka- Sri Lanka which is on the verge of facing an enormous  economic, social and political calamity which would erupt to blow up the very existence of Sri Lanka, and the worst natural disasters one following the other such as the severe droughts,  several floods that ruined the country and left people dead and homeless,  and today  which it faces the worst of all disasters  the  fall army worm which is spreading fast  destroying all agricultural plants from corn to rice, and perhaps attack the tea plantations as well, why a new Constitution ?

However,  Ranil Wickramasinghe like Nero  who played his violin while Rome was burning, seems to be unaffected  by all the dangers  the country is facing, and averse to opposition raised by the venerable Monks and reverend  Bishop, seems to be  going ahead unconcerned with his effort to realise  his Presidential dream by giving a Federal Constitution written and approved by Sumanthiran and his lawyers  of the Tamil Diaspora.

Abraham Sumanthiran of TNA, who is taking a greater interest in passing the new Constitution for the benefit of the Tamils is  in fact not even a real Hindu Tamil, but a low caste Christian Tamil. It is said that only  the low caste Tamils became Christians as they were not even allowed to go to a Hindu Kovil or recite Sanscrit Slokas.

It is  all these half Tamils that wants Sri Lanka divided.  Chelvanayagam who proposed Federalism was a Christian too.  And the present Governor of Northern Province Suren Raghaven who is against Buddhisisation (as he calls) of North is also a Christian.  Wignesvaran the mad reired Judge is however living with bats in his belfry.  But the Sri Lanka Judges are however seem to be influenced by Christianity and Evangelical Church of America which is behind Ranil Wickramasinghe  and Rosy Senanayake.

Perhaps  even those  judges who denied the people of Sri Lanka their democratic right of using their vote at an election to change the disaster of being ruled by Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe  also belonged, if not influenced by the Evengelical Churches in Colombo , helped Ranil to get re appointed as the Prime Minister.

A new Constitution is not essential for Sri Lanka specially under the Primiership of Ranil Wickramasinghe, who has proved himself to the people of Sri Lanka, as the most unreliable , untrustworthy politician who had thrice  in recent time taken  measures on his own to ruin Sri Lanka.

The first was as the Prime Minister of President Chandrika Kumaratunga when he signed  the CFA with the terrorist leader Prabhakaran, mediated by Solheim of Norway which allowed the terrorists to have  in the  North  areas under their control, allowing them to visit any part of the country, provided they did not carry guns ,  but not allowing any Government Official to enter the territories under the control of the terrorists.

The second betrayal of Sri Lanka was as the Prime Minister under President Maithripala Sirisena when he allowed a non citizen to be appointed as the Governor of the Central Bank and through him robbed Billions of rupees  from the Central Bank under a Bond scam.

The third betrayal is getting the Sri Lanka judiciary to stop the dissolution of Parliament  and got himself reappointed as the Prime Minister now  making all efforts to pass a Constitution prepared by the pro terrorists Tamils selling the rights of the Sinhala Buddhist majority of the Country for ever. Ranil Wickramasinghe as Prime Minister is helping Sumanthiran and Sambandan of  TNA to fulfil the dream of Prabhakaran.

A  Constitution of a Country is written by its indigenous majority population. No country gets its minority Community to write a Constitution for the Nation.

More over in the present exercise of preparing a new Constitution, Ranil’s government is not a popular government of the people elected by them, but a government usurped from the rightful people by a judicial manoeuvre. Therefore it  has no moral or legal right to prepare a Constitution for the Country.

Furthermore, the persons involved in writing the so called Constitution for the country are not trust worthy individuals. They are all in some way or other people with a criminal background. Ranil Wikramasinghe had been accused for maintaining torture camps in Batalanda, Lal Wijenayake  has also an  immoral past  it seems having copied at an examination and expelled from the examination hall, and Abraham Sumanthiran is an imposter, not being  a full fledged Tamil , as he is a Christian and his allegiance is not to the Hindu Religion of the Tamils of Sri Lanka, but to a foreign religion.   

Therefore they are all morally and legally unsuitable  dishonest people to write any document that decides on the future of  Sri Lanka with its long history and  its Sinhala Buddhist Culture, let alone writing a Constitution.

The 1978 Constitution lasted through out the worst period of terrorism in Sri Lanka and as the fear of a resurgence of terrorism is still not over, it is important to keep the Executive powers of the President,  though the fear of such powers in the hands of a man like Ranil Wickramasinghe  would be catastrophic. But the chances of his becoming a President of Sri Lanka is very little indeed.

Even the Government of the Prime Minister Ranil W is not  from recently elected MPs by the people, and the popularity of RanilW is reduced to a very small percentage of Colombians, the Muslims and Tamils. The  greater majority of the Sinhala Buddhists, and the Venerable Buddhist Monks are definitely against Ranil Wickramasinghe’s political leadership.

Therefore there attempt to present a Constitution in any form to the Parliament is questionable, and should be rejected by the Parliamentarians of all sides. The TNA the JVP and people like Champika, Kiriella, Muhabir Rahuman, Marikkar, and other UNP seniors and back benchers will want a new Constitution  but that is comparatively a small percentage of the population.

It is strange that,  it is the  political parties unpopular with the people at the moment that is presenting  a Constitutional to the Parliament . The TNA is not representative of the greater part of the country.  The JVP which has no popular following in the country and cannot get more than three or four MPs elected at a General election. They want  drastic changes to the present Constitution by introducing a 20th Amendment.

These must be rejected as efforts by  unpopular political parties to create anarchy and through that to seize power if possible. The Parliamentarians of the left  and other well wishers of Sri Lanka should be alert  not to keep these trouble shooter of the UNP, TNA and JVP from engaging  foreign forces  to  intervene to divide the country. That seems to be the aim of the reactionary forces lead by UNP, TNA and JVP.

Prime Minister Ranil W, keeps lying to the public. Even after having presented a document which is apparently a Draft Constitution, RanilW says it is not a Constitution. But Sumanthiran says that the Constitution could be passed within a month as there is nothing to write as the document presented to the Parliament is in a Constitution format and it could be passed as it is (Hiru TV Salakuna 21 January,2019). Now who tells lies Ranil or Sumanthiran.

A new Constitution if ever to be written again should be written by the Sinhala Buddhists. The Tamil politicians should not have a say in the writing of it. Even the British when they wrote Constitutions for Sri Lanka gave the rightful place to Buddhism and foresaw to keep  unitary status of the Island.

The Tamils are not intelligent like the Black American minority in America or the Algerian , Vietnamien, and African minorities  in France. The Tamils have a savage Dravidian back ground ( with their traditional  worship of their Gods by hanging themselves in hooks  or rolling on the ground , and walk on fire ),  therefore more civilised rituals and Communal relationships cannot even be imagined by Sumanthirams, Sambandans, Senathirajans, Wigneswarans,  or Raghavans.  They will never create peace and harmony in Sri Lanka always wanting to be different.

Far too many concessions have been given to the Tamil by way of reconciliation, while the Tamil politicians have given nothing in return by way of appreciation  for the concessions that had been extended to them. Is it to satisfy such an ungrateful Community represented by these monstrous  Sumanthiran, Sambanthan, Senathirajans, Wigneswaran etc. that a new Constitution has to be passed  ?

The Secretary of Defence Hemasiri Fernando says that 11 Military Personnel are to be tried for war crimes  to please the Diaspora who would not thereafter  complain any more that no action had been taken against Military personal who had been accused for criminal offences.

This has to stop.  In Afghanistan a group of American Soldiers killed Afghan Civilians just to cut off their fingers which they were collecting as souvenirs. No action were known to have been taken against these soldiers to please any one. The terrorists war is over , during terrorism many atrocities were committed  by the terrorists.

The armed forces did not commit any murder,  outside the military operations for the elimination of terrorism, there may have been killings which had not been accounted for. But it is time to forget that dark period of our history, and continue to live.  The Tamils can never be satisfied they will cry foul for ever, handing over their lamentations to the generations that follow.

The Tamils have made a profession of crying. In Kandyan homes I have heard that  they employed Tamil women to cry in homes when there was a death in the family, the Tamil women wail when ever people come  to pay their respect to the dead.

The Members of the Parliament if they have any patriotism towards Sri Lanka should reject the presentation of a Constitution or any thing that has any relation to a Constitution as a Draft, or a document in the initial stage of preparation of a Constitution.  The right thinking Parliamentarians with any intelligence should fall in line with the Parliamentary Opposition to get rid of  the government led by Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe supported by the TNA,JVP etc.

Sri Lanka does not want Ranil Wickramasinghe or any likes of him forming a Government to rule this Country.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Tamils are Indian colonial parasites like other Indians in former some called British Colonies. I have come across such people in those colonies.

    A Tamil from Ceylon, Fiji, Malaya, Burma, Africa or West Indies are the same.

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