Posted on January 24th, 2019

Dr Sarah Obeysekera Meditator

Whole Sri Lanka should start practicing meditation like Maithree and Ranil and develop Metta and Karuna.

We see MAITHREE following principles of Buddha , foster compassion by taking opposition members to Thailand and try to show that he has no hatred and ill will.

Today we saw him accompanying SB and DJ to Singapore who hated him for dumping MR after a sumptuous  hopper breakfast .

Then again we see  that RW visiting.  Weerakatiya to be with his arch enemy ,none other than MR in his son’s matromonial ceremony who tried to send a rocket and end up in Kilimanjaro  in Tanzania to propose to his fiancee

We were wonderiing whether lack of oxygen in the air was affected his rational thinking  when he proposed ( I am joking as men get married without thinking what lies ahead)

One day Rohitha ‘s newly wedded wife may say “leave me alone ,I need space ”

Then  he can say OK ,

I will send a rocket for you to go to space!

Our farmers are lamenting about FALL ARMY WORM destroying the crop when WW claim that it is a CIA plot.

One leader is having fun in SANTOSA island and the other “not so leader” in WEERAKAIYA dancing Baila ,and we citizens are fighting with Fall Army pest and Diaspora in two fronts to save our Brigadier from going  to guillotine for a mere gesture of cutting throat ( with his index finger )  of the head of a poor Tamil freedom fighter in front  of Sri Lankan Embassy in UK.

This is not only a resplendent Island but also a country full of surprises called “SO !  SRILANKA”which is our new moto of Ministry of Tourism

Dr Sarah Obeysekera



  1. Randeniyage Says:

    “end up in Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to propose to his fiancee”
    But they got married like TRUE VILLAGE SINHALA BHAUDDHA kolla and kella getting married.

    Moto should be “Sri Lanka ! Cheat Yourself to Nirvana”

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