Governance and Psychology – 10 Republic of SriLanka Concealed Risk of Federalism – Focus on Tamil Diaspora
Posted on January 25th, 2019

Kanthar Balanathan DipEE(UK), GradCert-Rel Eng(Monash), DipBus&Adm-Finance(Massey), CEng. MIEE

Tamils both in SriLanka and Overseas are requested to read and digest this article, please. Tamil diaspora of the current generation, even their children are married to local mixed or half-caste race, are not prepared to give up their Tamil Eelam demand. People like Rudrakumaran and the Diaspora in the UK and Europe are not prepared to give up their hardcore deep-rooted mindset of Tamil Eelam. The Root Cause is the money accrued from the collection and also funds flowing from Charity organizations and/or foreign governments with the intelligent motive of their political strategical plans. Practically Tamil Diaspora leaders in Europe, UK, US, Canada, and Europe are slaves trying to siphon money by their blabbermouth about Discrimination, oppression etc.

In Australia, a refugee who came at the age of 13, who is grown up now is dishonest to a radio that even now Tamils are harassed and killed. Quote: In the said program it was mentioned that ‘still the disappearances of Tamils take place and harassment of Tamils continue’ in Sri Lanka which
is an absolute lie.”

This guy promotes multiculturalism in Australia which is detrimental on a horizon of 25 years. Refer

It is obvious that the said refugee cum Australian citizen (hope so) who campaigns for multi-culturalism may lack in perception, intelligence, and a total misunderstanding of living in cohesion. He has no business to propagate lies. He participates in Martyr’s day an every protesting gallery, talks sociology etc. Some may infer that he may be suffering from a neurological disorder like the LTTE leader Prabakaran. He should show appreciation to Australia and shall not crawl in to disturb the peace and prosperity of the people living in Australia. Australia is a peace-loving country which provides the need for all citizens. Refugees shall not contemplate and cogitate Australia is a Refugee Social Welfare Country here to absorb all crawling refugees to Australia.

Aran Mylvaganam without going to SL is amazement how he could create such stories.  It is recommended that Aran Mylvaganam do some constructive and productive job and live in peace in Australia.


Persecution fears

According to Home Affairs Office statistics, the couple was two of almost 6,000 illegal maritime arrivals (I MAs) of Sri Lankan background, who were granted bridging visas between 2011 and 2013. Of the 10,600 I MAs currently having their asylum status reviewed, 10 percent are from Sri Lanka.

Aran Mylvaganam from the Tamil Refugee Council says many Tamils, an ethnic minority in Sri Lanka, have fled persecution in the war-ravaged country (Absolutely untrue and cooked up stories). He believes Priya and Nades, both Tamils, will face a bleak fate if deported.

You know the family is not doing well. They are facing irreversible damages to their health as a result of this indefinite detention. The current situation for Tamils in Sri Lanka is very bad,” Mr. Mylvaganam told SBS News.

“Disappearances are still going. Torture is still being used on Tamil people … under these circumstances, no Tamils should be sent back to Sri Lanka.

We highly appreciate Hon Minister Peter Dutton to have confirmed Australian citizens concept of returning the refugees back home to SL.

There is no reason for SriLankan to take high risk and scud into Australia. If they are patriotic they should live in SL and develop the country.

This act is considered intoxication and the outcome will be a mental disturbance of Tamil Eelam Fanatics in Australia and may engage in other activities. The social cohesion and racial synchronization in Australia will be distraught by this action.

There is another man, son of a politician from Batticaloa who voted to disfranchise one million Tamils of Indian origin in 1948, is on a multiculturalism and anti-Sinhala campaign in Australia. Such people have a mental disability to understand, analyze and maintain peace in the country they are domiciled.

I being a Tamil have observed so many Tamils in Australia, UK & USA propagate lies inventing from their chaotic neural system (brain). In my view, these people may be suffering from neurological disorder due to mental weakness and/or mindset.

Quote; Imbecilic Tamils from UK, USA, and Europe are always claiming to about Kumari Kandam” that is sunk in the Indian Ocean. Do these people do not do any work, but live on the dole. The only place that is sunk is Vrindavan near Bombay coast. I politely appeal to those imbecilic Tamils to show where the Kandam is sunk with proof. It is scientific that the plates keep moving and cause an earthquake. The earth revolves around the sun and the speed of the movement is 107,000 km per hour.

A few radios in Australia are only interested in keeping the Tamil Eelam active in the minds of the Diaspora Tamils. Their act is to intoxicate and brainwash the minds of the Tamils. Even Professionals and doctors have been brainwashed.

A Tamil guy’s sexual assault and conviction. This guy was a security guard with SERCO. These are the practices of Tamils overseas and in SriLanka.

What makes them lie and be at the forefront of dishonest forums: –

They have no Core Values, no vision. The only vision they have is to lie and be in the forefront so that they can be seen and praised by the Imbecilic Tamils in Australia. They lack intelligence and perception and lack of understanding. They have no professional or technical ability, very poor in the English language. A person like Aran in the Refugee Council cannot contribute to Australia, and is not an asset but may be a liability. He may be wasting Australian tax payer’s money for his ambitious work on refugees. People like him should be grateful and loyal to Australia, not become active troublemakers but troubleshooters.

What happens in SriLanka Tamil Areas; The Truth

Drug trafficking, drug dealing, drug consumption, alcohol consumption (high in Northern Province), students on alcohol, drugs, students have sex with teachers and vice versa, bribery and corruption of Council ministers, restaurants selling unhealthy meals, unprofessional unethical hospital practice, incompetent  doctors practice in private hospitals in the North, public toilets; very bad condition with no maintenance, dumping of hospital and human waste in Kallundai near liveable places, killing of people with swords, high rate of robbery, dirtiness in restaurants and eating houses, high degree of caste differentiation and high level of wastage dominates the North, No hygiene practice in eating houses; no gloves are worn while packing. These are all done by the Tamils in the North.

To be continued.

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