Fly smiles club Ripping off customers
Posted on February 4th, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Sri Lankan airline promotes Flysmiles to promote for customers to score sky smile points and offer them upgrading of lower class tickets to an upper class by using sky smiles.

Dialog etc also ganged up with Sri Lankan’s

Myself being a corporate frequent flyer have been using Sri Lankan for few years patronising Sri Lankan Airlines being a local airline.

My wife and I have reached Gold Card status and enjoy privileges even if we use a lower class to fly 

My wife had to travel to the UK on the urgent family matter today on 4th February and booked an economy class ticket due to urgency.

The airline promises to upgrade to business class using Flysmiles

Called them to upgrade but airline keeps seats to sell at a much higher price though I am entitled to upgrade.

Tried several days to upgrade, but failed.

My wife Had to fly today

I called Flysmile telephone number 0197333333 and requested an upgrade and they refused to claim that there are No upgradable seats

If I have to upgrade I had to pay over 186000 rs rather than using my sky smile points

I requested the Flysmile club to allow my wife to use sky route checking point which is the only business class checking point for Sri Lankan in Colombo which is run by Airport and Aviation Authority.

Over the phone twice they confirmed that my wife can use the Business Class checking counter

Arrived at the airport and walked to sky route counter.

Ladies of Airport and Aviation who man the counter checked the list and refused to check in

They directed us to Sri Lankan airline counter and requested them to confirm that my wife is allowed to be checked in though she was a economy class passenger

The man with a name tag T N Arrachi was rude and refused to check in

Airport and Aviation authority representatives told us to pay 9100 rs to upgrade

I was furious of the attitude of the Sri Lankan brat and immediately paid 9100 rs and checked my wife in

On the way home I called Fy Smiles using the number  above to verify again whether I was told about the fact that my wife could  use the Silk Route counter

They checked the voice record of my conversation and confirmed that The operator  has in fact confirmed so

I wrote and emailed to FlySmiles and complained

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