Governance and Psychology – 12 The vision for the Future of Tamils all over the World
Posted on February 10th, 2019

Kanthar Balanathan DipEE(UK), GradCert-Rel Eng(Monash), DipBus&Adm-Finance(Massey), CEng. MIEE

This paper is written specifically for the Tamils all over the world to read and understand where they came from and why they left their motherland, and the conspiracy they are subjected to and the Root Cause for the conspiracy.

India is a Tamils country and they spoke Brahmi. Development befalls in all the sphere; economy, technology, language, science etc. If we study the scripts of Brahmi, it took shapes at a different time. If Brahmi was the alphabet of the Tamils, which is more similar to Latin/Greek, then how was the race who used this language called. Were they called Brahmis” or Tamils”? Definitely not Tamil, as there is no literature to address us as Tamils. In the Current era, youngsters are being commanded by political crosiers to follow their version of the story. Aryans who raided India wanted the whole of India under their rule. The Mughals (Turks) who came afterward wanted India under their rule, and so on

First, the Brahmins played their game by splitting the Tamils. The Brahmins formulated the caste system and kept them on the top of the list. Ref: Brahmins nominated Kshatriya as second in the hierarchy. Ref; others were named as Shudras.

What do the Brahmins do? In the ancient era, Brahmins misled the people that they are the only kind who speak to God. Although Sanskrit is the oldest language (older than Brahmi / Tamil), they created hundreds of gods because of the number of races among the Aryans. Ref; (i) (ii)

Politics of Reign

Divide and rule is the policy since mankind was created in this world. Everywhere this concept rules. Workplace, Societies, Clubs, Social groups. Mankind’s vehemence and the group’s intelligence & power makes them form a method to divide the others so that they can be on top. E.g. appointing directors, managers. There is a club from which the decision makers draw people and appoint. Even in politics, to appoint a minister, secretary, a club exists from where the power makers draw people. To be in the club your ability should embrace mendacious, double-dealing rigid decision making, no tolerance etc.

A typical example is the appointment of the Leader of Opposition of Sambanthar who had only 16 MPs in parliament from his political party. This is to fool the Tamils as well as the Sri Lankans, and maybe the UN. The political party UNP somehow planned and made TNA a party that developed the balance of power and made Tamils be the superstars of SL. E.g. election 2015. What UNP did was put the Sri Lankans from the frying pan to the fire

Tamils of Indian Origin

The above Tamils are clever than the Jaffna man. A number of estate Tamils held and are holding portfolios irrespective of which party comes to power in SL. Particularly Mano Ganesan and Thondaman. These are people who are capable of somersaulting when needed regardless of human principles. In years to come maybe on a 30-year horizon the entire upcountry Tamils will call themselves SriLankan. Current atmosphere every estate Tamil talks Sinhalese understands English and Tamil and lives happily with zilch racism in their mind. The Jaffna man oppressed and discriminated the upcountry Tamils and years to come the Jaffna man may serve under the upcountry Tamils. This is nature. Nothing can prevent this.

World Tamils


114500 in Mauritius. Ref;

All Tamils speak French and some can speak Tamil. All were taken from India.

Reunion Island

889,918 of the total Reunion Island population, a third of are Tamils numbering 250,000, who were brought as indentured labor. However today they are the happiest people in the world. Ref;

Approximately 1,800,000 Tamils live in Malaysia.

Approximately 188,591 Tamils live in Singapore.

Briefly please refer the link below to study the Tamil population around the world. The total Tamil in the world is 75,863,177. More than 75 million Tamils definitely need a separate country of their own.

1  India 69,026,881   16   Switzerland 40,000
2  Sri Lanka 3,135,770   17  Italy 25,000
3  Malaysia 1,800,000   18  Netherlands 20,000
4  U.K 300,000   19  Norway 10,000
5  South Africa 250,000   20  Thailand 10,000
6  Canada 200,000   21  United Arab Emirates 10,000
7  United States 190,685   22  Bahamas 7,000
8  Singapore 188,591   23  Denmark 7,000
9  France 125,000   24  China 5,000
10  Réunion 120,000   25  Qatar 4,000
11  Myanmar 100000   26  Seychelles 4,000
12  Fiji 80,000   27  New Zealand 3,000
13  Australia 73,161   28  Vietnam 3,000
14  Mauritius 72,089   29  Sweden 2,000
15 Germany 50,000   30  Cambodia 1,000
  Sub-Total 75,712,177     Sub-Total 151,000
  Exclude India 6,836,296     Total 75,863,177

With 1.8 million Tamils in Malaysia can Tamils fight for a separate country in Malaysia or the USA or Singapore.  


What is the reason?

Tamils origin is India, Tamil Nadu. India is the Uterus / Womb of Tamil humans. These 6,836,296 Tamils left their motherland or womb in search of greener pasture, like flying termites / Hunkers, which include SriLanka. Most were taken as indentured labor by the British, French, Dutch, North Indians etc. Even those who came to SL came as forced labor by Magha. Today Tamils are everywhere holding TIGER flag and protesting. For What? Tamil Diaspora in the UK was holding black flags and Tiger flags in the streets of London on the 2019 Independence Day celebrations. Can the world conclude that these Tamils are suffering from mental disorder and cognitive failure? It is a disgrace to the 75.863 million Tamils around the world to watch such act by some barbarians.


Tamils should comprehend why they left their own country which is India (Tamil Nadu). If Tamils want to regain back their own country then they should fight for their own land, Tamil Nadu and either acquire more power like Kashmir or seek a division from India. Tamil Nadu can accommodate more than 75 million Tamils.

Tamil Nadu is infected with all garbage language like Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Karnataka etc. Every Tamil movie has sentences of Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam. TV announcers cannot even pronounce Tamil properly. It is a damn ignominy for the government of Tamil Nadu. Well, Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers have always been non-Tamils anyway. Why not the Tamils on the streets on London holding tiger and black flags take up this shortfall with the Indian authorities unless they are short of perception and intelligence. In a few years, Tamils in Tamil Nadu will be dissociated with their culture, language, and heritage. The divide and rule Indians were practiced by the Aryan invaders in India and even now it is continued by some group to eliminate Tamils from the world/India. There is no future for the Tamils to talk about rights when they have lost all the rights in Tamil Nadu.

Today we can see that SriLankan Tamil kids are getting married to kids from the various ethnic group. Their children are to be known as HALF CASTE” children. Are these children interested in the history of Tamils or Tamils culture? They are interested in IPADS, Sports etc. True fully, a question to all Tamil Diaspora: Do you think your children will practice Tamil culture and eat Tamil food? Do you think that they will marry kids from SriLanka or will like to settle in SriLanka? Only liking you all have is to go for a holiday and some want to maintain a house to spend their holiday in SL. Another advantage is that their kid’s intelligence will be higher than that of SriLankan children. Quote;

It is an appeal, please read an article in, use your genetically transmitted brain intelligence, if any, to understand and take necessary action about Tamils. Please do not be on the road and behave like rowdies. You all went abroad to lead a good life and not to govern that country.

People like Rudrakumaran, Father Emanuel and the British and Canadian Tamil Forum enjoy the power and cheap popularity. They may not be interested in the sufferings of the common man in SL, but get popularity and accrue more wealth. No point in boasting from the streets of London and Swiss.

Tamils: Please think as to how much funds are wasted through corrupt practice and such false propaganda

In today’s world, an ethnic group’s future vision is impacted by a multitude of factors; leadership, risk, technology, disruption, and in-house knowledge. Think of the future vision for the Tamils. Ref;

Your research & analysis should lead to making a decision to regain your country in India, which is Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu does not belong to the Hindustanis, or the Nayaks, or the people from Gujarat. They are Nomads who invaded the Indian continent, more than 2000 years ago. I am not telling this, but history proves it. Ref;

Root Cause; There was absolutely no unity among Tamils, as their neurophysiological function does not allow for unity. Introduction of the caste system assisted this cause.

The conspiracy was by the Aryan Hindis, European & British to rule India. Originally by the Aryans to displace Tamils and take over India which they accomplished. This led Tamils to leave India to liberate themselves from sufferings, oppression, and discrimination.

End Result; Tamils have lost their country which is Tamil Nadu. Today Tamils are on the streets of London and most are on dole (beggars’ salary)

Appeal to the West & UN: It is Tamil Nadu (India) that you all must plan to liberate and divide as Tamil Nadu republic and settle all Tamils in that country. NOT SRILANKA. India can be broken into more than 20 republics and handed back to the original inhabitants.

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