Finnish education system for Sri Lanka
Posted on February 23rd, 2019

KALANA KRISHANTHA Courtesy Ceylon Today

The education system of the Scandinavian country, Finland, currently considered as the world’s best education system, will be introduced to Sri Lanka through the newly initiated ’compulsory 13-year education for all students’ programme, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said today (21).

While participating in the launching ceremony of the programme, at Temple Trees, he added that the Government of Finland is also supporting the programme.

I am grateful to Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam for initiating this programme after coordinating with the Government of Finland,” he said.

He noted that it would be applied to 800 Government schools in the beginning as a pilot project.

In Sri Lanka, more than half of the students drop out from the Ordinary Level exams, the 11th year of their education, however, in countries like Japan, India, Malaysia, China and South Korea, they have 13 years of compulsory education,” he said.

The Premier emphasized that education should generate academics, scientists, researchers as well as technicians, artists and sportsmen.

Skills of the various people are diverse. Education should give shelter for all. Some are good in academics, while others in music, drama and sports. In Sri Lanka, there are 300,000 job opportunities for technicians, but we only have 100,000 technicians, while 200,000 opportunities remain vacant. Everyone should not try to go to universities, and in the new education system we will try to provide opportunities for students to select the career path of their choice within the school system and follow it.”

According to Wickremesinghe, the new system will be an employment oriented one.

In ancient Sri Lanka, our treasure was paddy, cinnamon and various agricultural products. But, currently, our treasure is human resources. If you empower the children through education, the country will have a better future,” he added

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  1. Christie Says:

    Good luck.

    We had the best foundations laid for industrialization in the South Asian region. Unfortunately Banda and the Gang destroyed it.

    But putting kids through garbage as I see is not going to get anything other than garbage out after 13 years.

    Wait and see.

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