Rise-up Sri Lanka Rise-up! Destroy the Enemy as It Pivots-to-Lanka to Build An Electrified Eelam ‘Border-Wall’ and Make the Island Its Military-Hub in the Indo-Pacific (Part 1)
Posted on February 26th, 2019

By ‘Che’

Children of Lanka, behold thy Mother in the year 2050, penetrated and abused! Mother Lanka behold thy Children of 2050, bereft of mother, dignity and enslaved!

The above map of Sri Lanka, in the year 2050, is taken from the Gospel according to ‘Born Again’ America, printed by courtesy of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

This Map is a visual representation of some key elements of an Agreement reached between Wickramasinghe and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), after two years of very secretive discussions.

The Agreement (the Americans prefer to call it a ‘Compact’) was to have been signed in November 2018 between the Americans and Wickramasinghe.

Had the Agreement been signed as planned, the Island by 2050, as depicted in the Map, would have been splintered and the entire Country whored into being an American Military-Base.

Sri Lanka’s recent history records how three European nations, successfully invaded the Country by stoking in-fighting amongst the native population. The Sri Lankans of that time did not realise they were being set-up. Consequently, Sri Lanka was conquered and the Europeans ruled the Island for nearly 400 years.

It appears that we have yet not learned this vital lesson of history. The threat of the country being subjugated by a new Imperial power is imminent. Sri Lanka is on the edge of an abyss with the Enemy now at our door.

And pray, what are we Sri Lankans doing? We are squabbling with each other gazing at the other’s navel.

Make no mistake, the Americans are going full throttle to take over Sri Lanka. No apologies are needed, no need to couch our language.  Sri Lanka’s Enemy Number One, right now, is America. FULL STOP.

With the MCC Agreement, only awaiting Wickramasinghe’s signature, the Americans are on the verge of taking over our Country; Wickramasinghe and his cohorts are handing it over to them on a platter.

Sri Lankans, we do not have much time left; now is the time to comprehend and unite to defend our Motherland. Shed Party, Ethnic and Religious affiliations and differences to drive this accursed Enemy from our shores.

Harbour no illusions, it is a hard fight like what David experienced when he squared off with bullyboy Goliath. 

But united, we have the strength, the cunning and the wisdom to drive this Enemy out from our shores. And this we shall!

Vide America’s map of Sri Lanka featured above, a prominent feature of the map is the Land-Corridor running the length of Trincomalee to Colombo via Dambulla.

Under cover of ‘Megapolis’ development, the Americans demanded from Sri Lanka an ‘Economic’ Corridor of 1.2 Million Acres of land from Trincomalee to Colombo for a lease period of 200 years; the Americans insisted that the law inside this Corridor must perforce be US law.

This Corridor literally divides Sri Lanka into two – the North and the South – like in the Eelam Map of the defeated terrorists or the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) on the 38th parallel in the Korean peninsula separating North Korea from the South.

For the lease of this Corridor, in Sri Lanka, the Americans have offered 400 Million US Dollars, which works out to a meagre Rupees Twenty-Four (Rs. 24/=) per Acre per Month!

To boot, this Corridor has the ‘Eppawela’ phosphates (one of the world’s largest deposits which the Americans were trying to snatch in the 1980’s and were prevented by a brilliant landmark judgement of the Supreme Court), ilmenite, thorium (a nuclear fuel used as a substitute for uranium), Monazite, and rare-earth metals Cerium and Lanthanum. All this for Rs. 24/= per month!

The MCC did a ‘Constraints to Investment’ analysis of Sri Lanka. Consequently, the Americans threatened that if Sri Lanka wanted the Americans to go ahead with their ‘Rupees 24/= per acre per month’ investment for 200 years, Sri Lanka should abrogate her land laws which had protected her Sovereignty and National Security; Sri Lanka was instructed to pass new Land Laws that would legalise State Land to be brought under the hammer (viz Privatised) and laws which would permit the Americans to buy outright any extent of Land in any part of the Island.

Wickramasinghe agreed to oblige and these new Bills – the ‘State Land Bank’ Bill and the ‘Land (Special Provision)’ Bill – were drafted.

These two Bills and the ‘Constraints to Investment’ Report were drafted at Harvard in Massachusetts and subsequently sent to Sri Lanka’s Attorney General and the Legal Draftsman for their signatures. 

To give the readers a sneak view of the draft Bills, some highlights are excerpted from the respective preambles to the Bills.

State Land Bank Bill: a. Provides for the establishment of a State Land Bank: b. Requires the compilation of a register of all State Lands belonging to Public Institutions: c. Makes provision for these Public institutions to lease such lands to persons making a request for same: d. Repeals Part 1v, Part v and Part v1 of the Land Reform Act No:1 of 1972 (this repeal includes the restriction in place on ownership of property by a single individual to a maximum of 50-acres): e. Vests the powers of the Land reform Commission in the State Land Bank: f. (Sec 17) – Enables any person, including foreigners, to lease out State Land.

Land (Special Provisions) Bill: a.  Grants absolute Title to citizens who presently, by ‘Government Grant’, have regulated usage of State Lands: b. Permits citizens, who hold Title to State Lands, to mortgage such land to banks: c. Permits banks to sell off such State Lands, mortgaged to the banks, to private individuals including foreigners:  d. This Act shall be in operation for only seven years.

The Americans further instructed Wickramasinghe to ‘replicate’ in Sri Lanka’s rural areas, the ‘40-Acres and a Mule’ concept that had been enforced in America in 1865; the former slave owners were required to give each of the emancipated slave-families, 40- acres of land and a mule.

Without wherewithal, the black families survived the first month on the flesh of the Mule; thereafter, to survive, they sold their property back to the former slave owners for a pittance and the black families, in droves, trekked and trekked and trekked to the industrial cities like Detroit, Michigan and Chicago in search of employment.

The ‘40-acre and a mule’ concept drove out the black community from their Lands in the South, pauperised and bonded the former slaves from the inception of their emancipation, created mass urban migration to the industrial centres, was responsible for the creation of black ghettos in American cities, created the foundation for a large number of the black community to be sent to prison for drug offences and be deprived of their voting-rights, created a bank of surplus labour which the American private sector exploited by paying them less than subsistent wages.

In an ‘everywhere-Mary-went-the-lamb -was-sure-to-go’ attitude, Wickramasinghe publicly complied with American directives and announced his intentions of giving each rural farmer family 2-acres of land.

With the proviso in the ‘Land (Special Provisions) Bill that this law applies only for seven years, the problems the American black community are burdened with, would be compounded and accelerated; it could be anticipated that the rural poor would hurriedly sell off or mortgage their Lands.

When the rural poor are compelled and encouraged to mortgage their lands and trek to the cities, the land (devoid of any one occupying it), becomes available for companies like Monsanto to initiate their assault on our land. 

This is Ranawaka-Wickramasinghe ‘Megapolis’ development, if you may.

It is pertinent that over 80% of Sri Lanka is State Land.

Does it behove an Imperial Power to invade an island and capture her territory by force of arms when it can simply buy up the entire country with the aid of collaborators from within?

As can be deduced from the Map, the country has been perforated into several parts with provision to make further divisions in the future.

An ‘Electrified’ Railway Line from Trincomalee to Colombo (Vide the Electrified Railway Line featured as little rectangles in the legend to the Sri Lanka Map above) makes a distinct physical separation of the North of the Island from the South.

The electric ‘protective’ fences on either side of the electrified railway line to protect humans and animals from being electrocuted, would make this ‘Eelam Wall’ the World’s first electrified ‘Border-Wall’!

As can be evinced from the Map, Sri Lanka has been metamorphosed into a large ‘aircraft carrier with several runways, plum in the centre of the Indian Ocean. 

There is an International Airport in Polonnaruwa too!

There is cause for even greater concern. Some researchers claim that MCC has put out another Map, portraying Sri Lanka in the year 2100, a hundred years from hence; as per that map it is arguable whether Sri Lanka is one Island or two Islands.

These researchers have reportedly challenged the MCC and Alaina Teplitz to put out into the public domain the map of Sri Lanka in the Year 2100.

According to the emerging reports, in the American Map of Sri Lanka in the Year ‘2100’, a Canal like the Suez Canal, has been dredged along the length of the Economic Corridor from Trincomalee to Colombo; this Canal has opened up the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian Sea via the Laccadive Sea, affording the INDOPACOM and its RIMPAC military alliance a tremendous strategic advantage over Powers like India, China and Russia.

For Sri Lanka such an ‘Eelam Canal’ would sound the death knell for her; this Canal would permanently slice the Island into two.

The Megapolis Minister reportedly is the mid-wife for the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) baby, delivering a Frankenstein mutation of Sri Lanka.

Who or what is this MCC which can commit America to Agreements with Sovereign Nation States?

The MCC is a bi partisan American organisation (approved by both the Democrats and the Republicans) set up and funded by the US Government, to do what the CIA, the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) and USAID, have been trained to do.

The Chairman of the MCC Board is the US Secretary of State and its Vice- Chairman, the US Secretary of the Treasury; the rest of the MCC Board are the US Trade Representative, Administrator of USAID, the CEO of the MCC and four private sector members appointed by the US President on the advice and consent of the US Senate.
MCC CEO Jonathan Nash and Chargé d’affaires ad interim Robert Hilton meeting Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe at Temple 
Trees on 20 Sep 18

​/to be Contd

2 Responses to “Rise-up Sri Lanka Rise-up! Destroy the Enemy as It Pivots-to-Lanka to Build An Electrified Eelam ‘Border-Wall’ and Make the Island Its Military-Hub in the Indo-Pacific (Part 1)”

  1. Christie Says:

    Where is Malay Nadu (Hill Country) occupied by the rest of the Indian Colonial Parasites?

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    What is the so-called United Opposition doing about this? What right has Ranil Wickramasinghe to discuss this type of traitorous agreements with the US? Who has given him such powers? They debate minor issues in the parliament going at each other’s throats. However, when it comes to matters of National Importance, they are all done backstage and brought to the Parliament to be passed in the wee hours of the day and the United Opposition gayly give assent. Shame on the whole lot!

    Come next election none of those who allowed disempowering Sri Lanka either wittingly or unwittingly should be brought back into power.

    Christie, don’t be a poodle for the US. The harm the US had done to the entire world in their greedy grab for resources and land for geopolitical dominance is beyond description. So please don’t try to whitewash the US. There is much we can do with India and we depend on India for much more than you can ever imagine. Even in this last hour it is India who helped us by giving the necessary intelligence on the Islamic Terrorists.

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