Another Kekille Rajjuruwange Naduteenduwak added to history.
Posted on February 27th, 2019

Sudath Gunasekara 

27. 2. 2019.

The decision of the committee on the parliamentary squabble conveyed to the House by the Speaker reminds me of the proverbial Kekille Rajjuruwanage nadu teenduwa. I read Udaya Gammanpila has said it is politically biased. Any pottaya who has seen how the brawl flared and ended up will, I have no doubt, will agree with his comments.

As for me I see a bigger blunder in this whole episode as the inquiring committee has completely failed,   forgotten or deliberately neglected to look in to the main cause behind this incident. In my opinion the main cause of the whole tragedy lies in the hands of the speaker who mismanaged the whole situation right from the beginning to end, as the man in the Chair. Had he acted impartially as the Speaker of the House ‘as a Judge sitting on the bench ’this unfortunate incident would never have happened or at least could have been avoided

Looking at how things have been mismanaged at the Parliament by the Speaker in the past few months openly taking the side of Ranil to protect him and their Government as he thinks, even an uneducated   ordinary person with common sense will know that he is not impartial. And he is compelled to conclude that the main reason behind this sad episode was the dictatorial and biased attitude of the Chair. In spite of this obvious situation the committee decision appears to have completely forgotten the basic principle of cause and effect theory and decided to punish the wrong party. Having seen the episode on the screen many times I don’t for a moment say all what the members involved did were correct. But my observation is that it has exonerated the main culprit, the Speaker. Obviously the main cause of this indecent and uncivilized brawl inside the nation’s lawmaking body which is supposed to be the most august Assembly of the country is the fault of the Speaker, the King in the thrown. When the King paraded the streets naked on the elephant thinking that he is wearing the most valuable clothe in the world woven by his royal weaves in the past(Setambara patasaluwa) only a tiny tot standing naked by the road  side hanging on to his mother’s hand saw the nakedness, but never the King. So it is even true of today, when it comes to power and Kings. On that day the House went down to the level of a fish market or even worse than that, a disgrace to the country as it was televised all over the world. Even that these Kings didn’t notice.

Justice must not only be done but it must also seem to be done. It is only then the ordinary but prudent masses will see it as justice and respect and accept it as true justice. Therefore I think the present decision should be varied. Either punish all from top to bottom including the man who created this scene or decide it inside the House, with an open apology by all responsible and an undertaking to not to repeat this kind of ugly incidents inside the house in future, without leaving it to go down in history as another black mark for this Parliament that has already gone down in books as the most disgraceful one   we ever had in this country.  That is how an ordinary Head Master of a village school would decide, I think.

2 Responses to “Another Kekille Rajjuruwange Naduteenduwak added to history.”

  1. Randeniyage Says:

    What happened to you ? You are also taking sides here.

    A group of hooligans take chairs, books and throw and pour water to speaker’s chair and throw miriskudu water. You are saying Speaker is responsible.
    Are you approving violence in our society ? (Regardless of the cause) If people are hungry it si partly due to some rich businessmen and politicians who steal the country. So they go and steal must be innocent.

  2. Charles Says:

    Karu Jayasuriya did nothing correct. The whole UNP cronies are there to ruin Sri Lanka and feather their nests. It is same from Buddhika to Ranil. They have pathetic cases like Ranjan, Appuhamy , Sajith etc. who are doing politics to serve themselves….watch Balaya debate the UNP participants have nothing to say therefore they will put on their ridiculous smiles and shout to drown the arguments of the opposing debators. That is their means of facing debates and the fool the viewers sith their dead joke.

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