Maha Shivaratri message from the Leader of the Opposition
Posted on March 2nd, 2019

Mahinda Rajapaksa Leader of the Opposition

On this annual auspicious day of fasting that venerates Lord Shiva, I would like to convey my greetings to everyone observing this important day that is considered one of the holiest by the Hindu community. The Hindu people worldwide, part take in this festival with acts of veneration, fasting, piety and devotion to Lord Shiva.

Sri Lanka is a peaceful yet intricate society, therefore freedom of beliefs and religion should play a key role in promoting togetherness and inclusivity through respect for each other, in spite of our differences. The rich traditions and festivals that is Hinduism not only have united our communities together, but have also ensured that Hinduism remains effervescent in Sri Lanka.

We are a proud nation of an amalgamation of such great religions and cultures that promotes tolerance and peace, that can be used to bring about greater unity and harmony among people.

Therefore, on this auspicious Maha Shivratri day I wish everyone observing, good fortune and prosperity and hope that the festival will be observed in the spirit of harmony. Let us all pray for an era of peace and goodwill that will strengthen bonds of friendship and love among all communities, thereby enriching the entire country.


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