Exploring quantum mechanics and confirming the true meaning of Buddhism–Mr. Zhiyu: the change of birth and death of electronic mechanics, echoing the scriptures of the Diamond Sutra
Posted on March 14th, 2019

Courtesy Buddhistdoor

On the 9th of March, Fo Guang Shan Jin Guangming Temple held a lucky lecture on the eight-pass fasting and human Buddhism, and invited the Master of the Faculty of the Faculty of Buddhism and the Ministry of Education to teach “quantum mechanics and emptiness.” Despite the continuous rain and cold weather, the scene attracted nearly 350 people to listen to the scientific perspective of the Dharma and explore the truth of the universe.

Master of Knowledge, Faculty of Public Affairs, Fo Guang Shan Jungle College (Photo: International Fo Guanghui World Federation)
Master of Knowledge, Faculty of Public Affairs, Fo Guang Shan Jungle College (Photo: International Fo Guanghui World Federation)

Growing up in a Buddhist family, he has a Master of Science in Systems Science and Mathematics from the University of Washington, USA. He has verified the true meaning of the Dharma from the perspective of quantum mechanics and talked about the truth. “Newton found gravity under the apple tree because of the apple falling, but the Buddha under the Bodhi tree realized the law.” The Master Yu said that the Buddha had said that the earthly beings had the wisdom and virtue, but because of the desire to be persistent It is proved that while participating in the eight-level fast and practicing six degrees, washing the mind, you can get as deep as wisdom.

“The wave-particle two-phase of quantum mechanics can be said to be empty and unique in Buddhism. It is expressed mathematically.” Masters use the changing things of the world to describe the “law of energy immortality”, and the flow of mind energy, Corresponding to the “Heart Sutra”, “the law of the air is not born,” and understands this emptiness so that he does not cling to it. In the sea, “a drop of water” becomes a vapor, a cloud, and finally becomes a raindrop. The law of “mass energy exchange” is explained. The essence of water is unchanged. Because of the background of time and space, the quality constantly changes, showing a different state.

Diamonds and graphite are also composed of carbon molecules. However, because of the different combinations of chemical elements, different elements are produced under different karma. Therefore, because of the empty space, different “yes” can be created, so lay down. Perseverance, return to the original face, create the air is wonderful.

The Master said that all matter has wave-particle two-phase, the change of electron mechanics and the “Diamond Sutra” “all the law, such as the dream bubble, such as the dew is like electricity” echoes, science can not understand the phenomenon, and Human consciousness is the main part of the universe. The “uncertainty principle” proves that “the three realms are ideal, and the law is universal.”

Fo Guang Shan Master Hsing Yun mountains promote Humanistic Buddhism, we encourage the achievements of “Pure Land”; abbot of Fo Guang Shan heart Paul Monk said: “The heart is our world, the beauty in life, communicated to more people.”

Know Jade Master stressed Science and Buddhism complement each other; to explore the truth of the universe, to confuse the heart, to obtain free liberation, to rationally pursue the truth behind all phenomena, to control materials, and to seek life progress. According to the master, with confidence, suspicion, enlightenment, and unintentionality into the Dharma, “unintentional” means “empty and omnipotent.” There is no attachment, no difference.

All roads lead to Rome. From the perspectives of philosophy, science, literature, medicine, etc., only the existing phenomena can be observed. The Buddha has already enlightened the truth 2,600 years ago. Therefore, the Buddhist outlook on life can guide humanity. Peace brings happiness and happiness.

The Jinguangming Temple deputy lived with the fruit mage, and the positive energy generated by the pendulum resonance experiment encouraged everyone to return to the positive energy environment. As a result, it always corresponds to the Dharma, and the happiness grows in joy.

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