Assange arrest reveals British justice is just a ‘plaything’ of Washington
Posted on April 11th, 2019
Assange arrest reveals British justice is just a ‘plaything’ of Washington

US President Donald Trump and Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina last year. © Reuters / Kevin Lamarque

The arrest of Julian Assange in London after an extradition request from the US, and the way the WikiLeaks founder was treated by a British judge, made Thursday a shameful day” for UK justice, commentators told RT.

The UK’s legal system is but a plaything of the US legal system. Britain is a vassal of Washington as it’s been confirmed by today’s events,” political commentator John Wight said.

Earlier in the day, UK police forcibly removed Assange out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. The 47-year-old was then delivered to the Westminster Magistrates Court where a judge labeled him a narcissist, who can’t get beyond his own selfish interests” and found him guilty of failing to surrender to bail in 2012.

As for Assange’s extradition request by the US, the judge said the American side must produce its case by June 12. Assange is wanted in the US on charges of conspiring with US Army soldier Chelsea Manning, who leaked thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks back in 2010.ALSO ON RT.COM‘Supine MSM’ won’t sound alarm over Assange arrest despite earlier profiting from his work

Assange will disappear in to the void of the US prison system” if he’s extradited, Wight warned. He advised against trusting the Department of Justice, which insisted that the publisher will get the maximum term of five years if convicted in America.

We have to focus on the precedent, but not the words emanating from the US. And the precedent it that Chelsea Manning was imprisoned for over 35 years for her role in uncovering the crimes of the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Manning was pardoned after serving seven years, but was returned behind bars this March for refusing to testify against WikiLeaks.

They’re saying that it’s only five years, but five years in a US prison is unlike five years in any other country’s prison, with few exceptions. It’s a notoriously cruel, barbarous and vindictive system,” Wight said.ALSO ON RT.COMImpartial trial? UK judge brands Julian Assange ‘narcissist’ in courtroom

The personal characterization of Julian Assange by Judge Michael Snow was highly improper,” Mads Andenas, former UN special rapporteur on arbitrary detention, told RT.

The world is following this case” and Snow’s words made people doubt the fairness of the judicial process,” he said.

Prime Minister Theresa May announcing Assange’s arrest to the cheers of Parliament was also not the right thing to do in a case where it’s very important for the UK to leave the impression that it’s a judicial process that’s deal with absolutely fairly,” the legal expert added.ALSO ON RT.COM‘This is about human rights’: Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood slams UK over Assange arrest

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3 Responses to “Assange arrest reveals British justice is just a ‘plaything’ of Washington”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    I always considered him as a hero but after hearing how he had ill-treated Ecuadorian embassy staff as 3rd grade humans and smeared the embassy walls with poo, it seems he is just another wastage suffering from white supremacy decease trying to spill shit over his care taker.

    They were tolerating his bad behaviour for 7 years. I don’t think that the good work he did in Wikileaks were done with any love towards the humanity.

    He may be a person who suffers with a huge ego who wanted to challenge the bad governments for his own glory, but not with a feeling and love towards the victim.

    Countries like us, who are at the receiving end of the selfish policies of the West usually misunderstand such people to later realise that they are of the same lot.

    Lesson to learn is:

    Never let a rape victim to be under care and custody of a lawyer who tried to defend the victim in the court, without charging any fees, assuming he is a saint. He could be the worst rapist ever.

  2. Nimal Says:

    Shame on UK for punishing this hero who exposed the criminal acts of USA and we shall lobby our MP over this.No one should be above the law and this a real case of breaking an egg to make an omelet.UK’s justice system and the politicians are on trial.UK is not fit to lead the Commonwealth that sets a bad precedence by shooting the messenger.
    Lets hope the judiciary stand up and safeguard the civility and decency in the country. How on earth any one could condone the brutality of US murdering innocent people in another country and they got away in Vietnam and they can’t be immuned from scrutiny and accountability otherwise it will be an open season for murderous Jihadists and other tyrants in the world.
    Where are our para politicians in sl, should summon the British High Commissioner to express our displeasure.

  3. Christie Says:

    Assange is an interesting legal mess for the world.

    He is an Australian and we have to wait and see what Australia does with him.

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