What the government should do
Posted on April 25th, 2019

Sunil Vijaya

Dear Editor,   

We are no experts on security however common sense would suggest the following.

  1.  Declare a 24-hour curfew and round up all Wahaabis (Saudi influenced radical islamists). both men and women and politicians and incarcerate them indefinitely, under emergency laws.  If Human Right lobby such as AI cry foul, request them to keep the terrorists in their homes. 
  • Negligence by even former government led to this catastrophe.  Begin clean up from MUHUDU MAHA VIHARA precincts in Pottuvil.  Drive out all wahabis from the temple land they encroached with the help of wahabi politicians.re is There is an undeclared protection of wahabis by some ministers in the cabinet and that has to be investigated.
  • All wahabis in Eastern province and Colombo and other provinces should come under the microscope from this day onwards. Pottuvil is the equivalent of Velveteturai where during 70s no police could enter that area without being shot at. The same situation now in Pottuvil – no law and order.
  • Ban the burka dress asap as suggested by an MP.
  • Take even the minor things seriously and be PROACTIVE not just REACTIVE.  A person who made an offensive remark on linking IS to a person was questioned by Police in Kandy and every one, not confined to security personnel, should be vigilant like the LTTE days.
  • There could be cyber-attack on government websites initiated by a foreign country with links to IS, to cripple the country.  So let the internet security beefed up to meet this challenge.

Thank you

Sunil Vijaya

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