Islamic Terrorism, mosques and the Sharia University
Posted on April 30th, 2019

Ben Silva

The brutal act of terrorism that killed over 250 innocent civilians, by an Islamic terror group is beyond comprehension. During the attack a man lost his wife and two children. Another man lost his three children. The victims were doing peaceful things attending a church or having a meal in a  luxury hotel in our beautiful  island. The victims of the terrorist act were innocent people.  They have done nothing wrong to deserve this barbaric treatment in the hands of Islamic extremists.  It is important to find out the root cause that produced the terrorism. Is it the belief by terrorists  that they should  kill non believers? In my view, all religions are mind viruses that distort the thinking of the believers.

Religions produce NLP processes that affect the minds of persons. Some processes are therapeutic and produce a peaceful mind whilst others produce a hateful mind that produces violence. Media reports allege that 400 NTJ mosques have been allowed to be built in Sri Lanka; when not even 1 temple is allowed to be built in Arab countries. These mosque constructions would bring about serious instability to Sri Lanka. The policies of this Govt.  could destroy  Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka.


 Why is so much apathy amongst the Sinhalese?

There may be a need to integrate Muslims to the mainstream Sri Lankan society. Further, isolated Muslim educational establishments should not be allowed due to the potential for brainwashing of children.

In my view no innocent human, whatever the ethnicity or religion should be  harmed or killed.

If we look at the situation around the world, we can see Islam followers of various flavors, kill each other and treat others in an uncivilized brutal manner. Around the world, Muslims have killed non Muslims including Hindus, Buddhists and Christians. I do not think this sort of violence and uncivilised conduct should be allowed in the modern world.

The Yahapalanaya comedians have produced the biggest banking scan known and one of the biggest terrorist attacks during their watch. How did the people manage to appoint the alleged Batalanda mass  killer of brave Sinhala youth as the PM ? The damage done to the economy by the terrorists  is so huge that the government should have resigned.

 In the past, Muslim invaders from Turkey invaded countries from Afghanistan to Indonesia, killed non Muslims, mainly Buddhists and converted people to followers of Islam. Famous merciless killing of Buddhists took place at Nalanda, India. Buddhism did not recover in India, after the Nalanda debacle. Note that countries from Afghanistan to India and even Maldives were formerly Buddhist countries. It appears that there is a violent gene in Islam. Further it appears that there is no hope for passive Nirvana seeking Buddhists unless they become aware of internal and external threats. There should be an organization to  protect the  interests of the Sinhala people.

There are certain groups in Sri Lanka that follow Islam, an ancient foreign medieval religion that has teachings of violence.   I am not sure if those that believe  in non violence, Buddhists,  can survive, specially if the Buddhists  want to live in the past and are not prepared to change according to the present day conditions. The evidence is that, being a passive Buddhist, seeking Nirvana, does not help in the survival process.

It is generally known that some madrases in various countries are breeding grounds for Islamic extremists. It is reported that the biggest Sharia University, in East Asia, is to be constructed in the East of Sri Lanka. What is the reason for this ? Why can’t the University be based in Bangladesh or Malaysia? Could it be that the aim is to destabilize Sri Lanka and convert Sri Lanka to a Muslim country ?  Buddhist leaders such as the Mahanayakes appear to be in the dark and inactive related to this proposed Sharia University in the East, Is it due to an intelligence failure?

If Sinhala Buddhists are to survive in a hostile environment, then they need to learn business and other skills needed to survive in a highly competitive, materialistic global world.

It is reported that the mastermind of the recent terror attacks studied at a local Arabic College. I believe all religious educational establishments must be monitored to ensure that dangerous material is not taught. The potential Wahabi Sharia University is a serious threat to Sri Lanka and it’s construction should be halted. Sinhala people should stand up and be counted.

For the stability of Sri Lanka population growth amongst various groups need to be monitored

Most Muslim countries do not allow temples to be constructed in their countries. Muslim countries usually do not even allow Buddhist statues into their countries. The construction of an Islamic   University is extremely dangerous as it could breed Islamic fundamentalists. Why do we allow hostile foreign bases to be established in Sri Lanka, when Buddhists are not even allowed to construct a peaceful temple in Muslim countries ?

Islamists also practice stoning people to death and cutting people’s arms. These are  barbaric practices and  are not suitable for a civilized Buddhist country such as Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan’s also need to be aware of serious problems related to climate change, deforestation and  uncontrolled population growth.

I repeat hate crimes should not take place and not a single  peace loving Muslim be harmed or killed. Any disputes should be settled through dialogue, discussion and debate and not using violence.

Ben Silva

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