Explosives and weapons found in MP’s land in Sammanthurai
Posted on May 1st, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

Sri Lanka Army has uncovered explosives and weapons during an operation conducted in the Mallar area in Samanthurai this morning (01), stated Ada Derana reporter.

Explosives and weapons found in MP’s land in Sammanthurai

When inspecting an abandoned land plot in Mallar, 20 pistol ammunition, 08 bullets, an Army uniform, and a belt have been discovered by the Army.

The forces had then inspected the house next to the land and had found 200 Gelignite sticks, 200 detonators, 46 wire cords, and 100 kg of Ammonia.

Subsequently, the Army had carried out a search operation in the whole area with the assistance of Police canines.

One of the canines led the officials to the house the driver of an MP from Digamadulla district where they discovered a pistol.

It has been revealed that the owner of the land plot which contained the explosives and weapons was also the said parliamentarian.

Security forces searched many houses in Sammanthurai area. They had found 02 guns, 5 bullets, and a motorbike without number plates in the search operations.

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