Sons of Lanka Wake-up, Save Mother LANKA -AN APPEAL TO ALL SRILANKANS
Posted on May 6th, 2019

By Dr. Ranjith Hettiarachi

Undoubtedly, all Srilankans  are shocked and devastated by the unprecedented, widespread acts of terrorism  on the EASTER Sunday (April 21, 2019), inflicted on Srilanka, it’s population, the catholic community and the tourists in particular.  Srilankans, both within and outside Srilanka are much grieved by the death toll and those seriously injured.

Freed of terrorism for nearly a decade, Srilanka had surged ahead with tourism and development in general, becoming one of the topmost attractions to tourists and visitors worldwide. For reasons known and unknown, Srilanka has now become a target of viciously inflicted terrorism, though the exact underlying reasons for the current attacks are only now surfacing through relentless investigations.  .

We have known many countries across the globe, who have been subject to terrorism, ultimately gaining freedom from the coils of this terrorist menace and achieving stability, progress and development. Srilanka  though unlucky to be subjected to terrorism repeatedly within the last few decades, has shown the capacity to recover and surge ahead. Only a few years ago it was nominated by the New York Times as the most attractive tourist destination in the world. 300 % growth in tourism was evident in the 6 years after terrorism ceased in 2009.

Most Srilankans seem exasperated after Easter Sunday’s bombings, many resigning themselves to a period of rapid deterioration economically for many years. Srilankans, tourists and visitors who enjoyed the freedom of travel, accommodation and the resorts are certain to see a decline in standards in the years ahead. Needless to say that immediate and timely remedial measures would slow down and /or prevent the possible down-slide in the economy and in the living standards. Responsible Srilankans both within and outside the country need to contemplate and map out a scheme and implement all urgent measures towards an urgent recovery, without leaving such matters purely in the hands of incompetent Lawmakers in Parliament and POLITICIANS in general, who have mismanaged much of the affairs of the country leading towards a state of utter disorder and chaos.

Even though what happened on Easter Sunday and, what could ensue in the years immediately ahead are likely to be damaging to the well-being of the country, all Srilankans need to summon the required guts, grit and the courage to face up to the disastrous impact on the country, and contribute in every possible way to steer the country towards a state of well-being free of deadly violence. . How could this then be achieved ?

Paths to recovery of the economy

The FIRST step would be the need for a solid commitment on the part of expatriate Srilankans towards their country of birth, even though most of them are residents / citizens in their countries of adoption. To most of us our country of birth provided our education, learning, training and the experience, that paved the way for our well-being and advancement in the countries of adoption. No doubt, most of us achieved and progressed much higher and further, with the subsequent learning and training made available to us in the countries of adoption, by virtue of the levels of expertise we held on arrival in these countries. Yet, our allegiance to our country of birth cannot be disregarded or undermined, regardless of the period of residence overseas.

The Second step would be to convey our condolences to the Srilankan victims, Catholic/Christian devotees, members of our security forces and families of the tourists who have lost their lives due to the vicious bomb attacks. No doubt all Srilankans are deeply grieved by the loss and injuries sustained by the several hundreds of victims.  

The THIRD, but more difficult step is the creation of a large-scale, influential and ‘Resurrect Sri Lanka’ lobby including  Sri-lankans and other well wishers, within and outside the country, that would enhance and promote the  furthering of all possible measures to ensure the welfare/well-being of Srilanka. This is easier said than done. The expatriate Srilankan lobby that sought negotiations with Srilankan Policy-makers in connection with the recent Constitutional Amendments did not seem to have been favourably received by the said Policymakers, and hence their success seemed questionable. However, considering the large numbers of Srilankans who have expressed various views on-line and the social media in response to the Easter Sunday Disaster, we could assume that most of them would be willing to play a greater pro- active role within a Srilanka revival Lobby. All Expatriate service organisations should be invited warmly to play a major role in helping Srilanka, in this hour of crisis.

For a Srilankan lobby to be effective, it must be able to command a membership of at least 100,000 persons. We can confidently say that we are assured of a 100,000 or more strong lobby of competent, committed  persons, within and outside the country. The major challenge we face is the creation of an infra-structure secretariat, required to co-ordinate, manage and liaise with others, first within the lobby and, secondly with Srilanka’s Policymakers.


We need to take our minds back to the establishment of the first-ever World-wide ‘Overseas Sri Lankans’ Organisation for National Unity’ (OSLONU) in Melbourne in July 1983 in the wake of the civil unrest caused by the ambush and killing of 13 Army soldiers while on patrol in Thirunelvely in Jaffna by the LTTE on July 23, 1983. OSLONU was formed using the good offices and active participation of persons of the calibre of the late World Court Judge Christie Weeramantry, Mr. H.L.D. Mahindapala, Mr Senaka Weeraratna and the writer Dr. Ranjith Hettiarachi.  The management of affairs amongst member groups in Australia, New Zealand, Toronto, London, etc, became formidable with the concurrent increase in activities of the Tamil expatriate dis – information and terrorism network.

The question needs to be raised as to whether the creation of a Srilankan Lobby is feasible, appropriate and practical with a view to supporting Srilanka to get over its bad periods, since there are no other dependable sources Srilanka can look up to.

The FOURTH step is how exactly an INDIVIDUAL Srilankan could contribute towards the well-being of the country, when it is going through a bad period. Based on the available statistics that Srilankans are the second largest expatriate population in the world (3 million), and that they remit in excess of a 5 billion US dollars per year to Srilanka, if they have the capacity to continue doing so, Srilanka’s foreign exchange earnings would be substantial. Acknowledging a clear loss of earnings from tourism for an unforeseen period, all expatriate Srilankans could make up for some part of the loss by at least making an annual visit to the country. A Srilankan Lobby earlier referred to could promote expatriate travel back to the country on a large scale.

The FIFTH step is to pool all well directed efforts to raise the living standards of the locally resident Srilankan population and contribute to their well-being within the country. 

The SIXTH Step is the replacement of a pre – existing degenerate Political Structure. This is an indispensable priority and challenge for Citizens of Srilanka. Well- wishers need to consider their own balanced, realistic and realisable options/alternatives. Maintenance of an elaborately set-up National Security system seems paramount at all times. There cannot be any lapses or excuses for such lapses by uncaring rulers, solely pre-occupied with their own political and material advancement, hook or by crook.


All well-wishers of Srilanka need to step-in and play a pro – active role in the rescue of the country reeling under a savage blow by terrorists. While it is natural to make recriminations and retaliatory threats, in the initial phase of such crisis due to shock, anger and despair, all sensible Srilankans eventually must roll up their sleeves to work together for the common cause of salvaging the country.

The various steps listed above are only some of those one could envisage at this early stage, but there would be many others that can be envisioned by our intelligentsia. Some of them may seem theoretical, but by strength of sheer commitment to the country, the most relevant and practical measures can be implemented, seeking both immediate and long term benefits for the country including an early recovery.

Finally, Let us all be Reminded not to become victims of our own TOLERANCE.


May 03, 2019   

2 Responses to “Sons of Lanka Wake-up, Save Mother LANKA -AN APPEAL TO ALL SRILANKANS”

  1. Christie Says:

    The attack is somewhat like Bali bombings. Carried out by a small fringe group.
    This is entirely different to the terrorist’s attacks within our country carried out by Indian sponsored terrorist attacks starting from 1958.
    There may be an Indian finger in these attacks as India knew exactly what was going to happen and by the help of Thirupathi the Taj hotel was spared.
    If we the Sinhalese; the majority of the country unite, manage and control our affairs then it will be highly unlikely it will be repeated like the Bali bombings.
    According to a friend of mine going back to the days of early 80s in Melbourne could let some light to the problems in our country.
    There was another small group called Austra-Lanka Inc. They did a few direct lobbying of politicians such as Lewis Kent MP, Andrew Theophanous a Senator as well as organized demonstrations against India to show the world what India is up to.
    I heard some OSLONU members also took part in one demonstration at the Indian Embassy in Canberra.
    There was an Indian man from Mauritius who was married to a girl from Kandy and came to Australia from UK. He was a member of OSLONU as well as Austra-Lanka Inc and he was there as an agent to provide information to Indian Consulate. These Indians from Indian colonies like Yasmin Sooka and Navi Pillayan are like this man.
    India had agents in media like Fairfax and ABC etc. There were academics from Latrobe and Deakin as well as Socialists who supported Tamil terrorists.
    Things have not changed and in fact it is worse as more and more Indians are settling in the West.
    But if we Sinhalese unite locally as well as internationally, we can survive and stand up to the Indian Empire and Indian imperialists.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    For Sri Lanka to have long lasting peace:
    1 Should abolish all race based parties which they use to somersault to the government of the day, get powerful
    ministries then promote the multiplication, their cultures etc. etc. forcibly

    2 aboslish race based schools which promote segregation and use to hide the real numbers by filling them up to
    the rafters in no time. Bada udin of old, under Sirima B, who strated this menace with around 100 mussie output.
    All of them are bursting at the seams with 6,000+ today. While Sinhalese parents struggle to find a place for their kid or two, mussies just add a few more stories to the existing buildings and fill them up to the rafters too, in no time. What’s more, to get the ‘royal seal of approval’ mussies invite ponna ponil, MR or Gota to open them
    donning the skull cap. They oblige of course, without batting an eye lid, to collect mussie bonus points aka votes
    which are manufactured at industrial scales by the baby machines who are staying at home since almost all
    mussies are doing businesses ably supported by the Sinhala modays who shop there thinking lebbe is so nice to
    us unilke our own Singala munia. Sinhalese couples? They have to go work to earn a living, and struggle to raise one/two kids. Automatic birth control for the Sinhalese, baby bonanza for the mussies.

    3 Close down all the mosques found with weapons. These mosques/madrasas used to spread hate/poison minds. Why you need these eye sores in every street corner while not even a Buddha pictures is allowed in middle
    eastern countries? Mussie grand plan was to murder millions in one night, keeping only Sinhalese women (young only) after disabling tv stations, bridges, airport etc. and at the same time mussies arriving from abroad by the
    sea complete the job, one detainee revealed this. Still you want to trust these sub humans? Do you want to step
    into a mussie shop ever again?

    4 Wipe out the anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka, anti Buddhist Mother Lanka dismembering, minority worshiping traitor
    United National Ponnayingparty aka UNPatrioitic_rats party which divides the Sinhalese and make mussies and
    tamils king makers from the political map of Sri Lanka.

    5 Arrest all tamil and mussie deshapaluwan who abuse our hospitality and say Sinhalese shouldn’t live in N&E
    while living in all parts of the country comfortably and who demand separate exclusively tamils only tamil drealam and exclusivley mussies only mussisthan while pointing the finger at Sinhalese saying we are racists to divert attention. Traitor Tamil Nadu Alliance aka TNA’s pigneshwaran, sivajipodilngam, church acolyte sumanthiran,
    Sri Lanka Multiplying Community aka SLMC’s bada udin, a sad ali (not enough children to be sad?), empty dog
    aka his bxlla, mujibxlla raha bxlla, kabir hashish, slimy SM marakal, fowize the owl etc. etc. too many to mention!

    4 Make Sinhalese official language (Frace – French, England – English, Germany -German, Spain – Spanish etc.).
    Sri Lanka is the only fools paradise on the planet to have 3 official languages. Teach Buddhism and history in
    every school to teach them how to live in harmony and be Sri Lankan by studying our colourful history.

    5 Limit 2 children to a family and no FREE education and no FREE hospitals after two children. You don’t need to
    nurture more of these untrustworthy, ungrateful, never Sri Lankan, never happy, never content foreigners we
    never brought here. After all the planet is already full! Who is going to provide food, housing, hospitals, schools,
    roads to travel on, etc. etc. etc. etc. This is the problem all over the world, too many mouths and it already is a
    struggle for the poor planet. Still mussies keep breeding. Brain washed or brain dead?

    6 Teach all Sri Lankans to adhere to Buddhism’s Five Precepts. Buddhism is the only true religion in the world and
    it has been proven again and again by science. People used to worship trees, rivers, mountains, gods in the olden
    days in the absence of science. Charles Darwin showed the world how we all came to be being with his Theory of Evolution (just like Buddha explained). What’s more, his book, The Tree of Life, explained how all the speicies,
    including flies, mosquitoes etc. etc came to be being. Today, all the people (honest only) on the planet accept
    them to be true.

    Then NASA’s missions have shown that the size of the earth is a ‘grain of sand’ in the vast vast vast universe
    where distances are measured in light years and no scientist know where the edges are to date. That’s again just like Buddha explained. Buddhism disappeared from India since it didn’t fit the society with caste system, animal
    sacrifices etc. etc. and they quickly revert back to a religion of convenience which don’t regard killing, stealing,
    sexual misconduct, lying, drug/alcohol abuse (Buddhism’s Five Precepts) to cheat themselves in this life and pay
    for them in the next 100s of 1000s of life times. Then invading mussies killed all the Buddhist monks and burnt
    down Buddhist universities (a world first) and got rid of the noble religion completely.

    7 Ban the fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence which doesn’t make any sense in the 21st century
    which is more suited for pre-historic times. After all no mussie country allow even Buddha picture in their
    countries when we have the only true religion in the world. Don’t forget iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, maldives,
    bangladesh, malaysia and indonesia used to be Buddhist countries before the mussies arrived in those countries
    with their baby machines who quickly multiplied, multiplied and outnumbered the natives.

    Mussies go to other people’s countries in all four (never to a mussie country funnily enough since they are all
    hell holes already) multiply, multiply and when the numbers are right start killing the natives thinking they can
    get the country. The dirty, disgusting, sub human trick worked in the olden days since people didn’t know until the mence turned up at their doorsteps. Today, in this tv, phone, internet age it won’t work as we saw in Buddhist Myanmar recently.

    Tamils (who were brought by the Dutch and British) to work in tobacco/tea plantations have the audacity to claim
    they had ancient kingdoms knowing Sinhalese are divided and without an ancient brick to substantiate their bogus
    claim while mussies who used our compassionate nature to destroy us. Sinhalese have been very very
    unfortunate to have these ungrateful, hate-filled, untrustworthy, selfish people on their soil and their religions
    of conveniences have contributed mainly for this behaviour aided and abetted by the traitor anti Sinhalese, anti
    Sri Lanka, anit Buddhist United Nationalponnayingparty aka UNPatriotic_rats party who lick the backsides of these people for their votes.

    If we can have a bold leader, Sri Lanka can avoid long protracted blood baths again and again and teach these
    foreigners to share, be grateful, be unselfish and be Sri Lankans. First step will be to get rid of traitor anti
    Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka, anti Buddhist United National Ponnyainparty aka UNPatriotic_rats Party (along with jaathidhrohee vermins’ party aka jvp) who divide us to give Sinhalese a voice in their own country.

    One more thing, it’s Sri Lanka, not Srilanka as all tamils use since they don’t like the name.

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