Cannot be satisfied with search missions – Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith (English)
Posted on May 9th, 2019

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    The Security Forces are doing their job, apprehending terrorists and their armaments. The government is busy releasing them on bail. Already suspected terrorists at the Wellampitiya Copper Factory are released on bail. The government did not take sufficient precautions to seal and guard a crime scene. The terrorists have broken a wall and removed container loads of valuable evidence. People around the area have complained and all that have fallen on deaf ears. No wonder Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith is not satisfied with the search missions and much more so of the aftermath of these investigations. All what we have are now – investigations on investigations.

    The President appointed a Commission of Inquiry on the very day the Easter Sunday massacre took place. President mentioned that he will publicise these findings. This has not happened so far. We know very well what ‘commisions of inquiry’ are. They are simple means of delaying and expecting the people to forget what happened.

    What happened on Easter Sunday will not be forgotten for another thousand years. This attempt by Islamists on an unsuspecting population must never be forgotten. Although it is only a few extremists Islamists who have been involved it is quite clear from their preparations and arms caches discovered it is now clear what happened on Easter Sunday is just the tip of an iceberg – of a much larger readiness for mass scale murder and mayhem.

    Let us forgive the idiots who blew themselves – for they knew not what they were doing – but let us remember all the names of those who are now busy trying to give a different coloration to all that is unfolding. Let us also remember all those who are celebrating the Easter Massacres with weddings and other celebrations at the highest level. Let us remember all those who stayed behind to work from home and all those who kept their children at home while asking the rest of the country to send their children to school with a promise of Rs 100, 000 for every prospective dead child.

    President Kennedy famously said – “Let us forgive our enemies, but remember their names”

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Even the army and police are part of the cover up.

    They arrest most suspects on lesser charges, not on terrorism (PTA) charges. That is why they are released on bail.

    There is nothing called forgivance in law or national security.

  3. Randeniyage Says:

    It is the President who directed authorities to sell tons of metal to Wellampitiya Copper Factory. This was discussed yesterday in the parliament and the SLFP MP who signed the letter agreed.

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