Wake up! Stop the Islamic terrorist cancer now !
Posted on May 9th, 2019

Ben Silva

The present day Muslims are descendants of Yemani and Arab traders. They married local Sinhala woman. Ancient Sinhala Kings defended the Muslims from the aggression of Portuguese and Dutch invaders,  who would have wiped out the Muslims. In general the Muslims lived in peace with the Sinhalese. However, an aggressive flavour of Islam, known as Wahabism, appear to be keen to rule the world and appear to aim to convert the whole world, including Sri Lanka to wahabi brand of Islam. There are also Jihadists  who do not hesitate to kill innocent people or blow themselves up, in the name of Islam. This is indeed an extremely serious threat to the Sinhalaese and other non believers in Sri Lanka. The aim of this particular brand of Islam appears to be to kill all non believers.

Politicians, terrorism and religious indoctrination

It i`s known that during the LTTE terrorism period, certain powerful people in the Govt.  were agents of LTTE. This resulted in a lot of damage to the country. Now media reports indicate alleged links between Islamic politicians and terrorism.  Sources allege  that one of the governors appointed by the President in January this year, Azath Salley, was the one who intervened in the release of an arrested person. According to some other news item, Eastern Province Governor, M. L. A. M. Hizbullah’s driver and former cook were arrested, few days ago. All these allegations need to be thoroughly investigated to ascertain the truth and safeguard the country. The state security unit should not be manipulated by politicians who may have ulterior motives or a hidden agenda.

Some measures that could reduce the risks of terrorist incidents is given below. Intelligence gathering be given top priority and should be effective. ISIS groups in Sri Lanka  and other extremist Islamic groups should be identified, monitored  and dismantled without delay. We would need collaboration with foreign countries to accomplish this task.   Educational establishments and madrasas should be monitored to ensure that persons are not indoctrinated to be hostile to Sri Lanka. All offensive institutions including the Sharia University should be closed down as soon as possible.  Further religious affairs should be handled by one ministry and all religious activities be monitored and controlled to ensure that  no indoctrination takes place. The work on the Sharia law University should be halted or the University be taken under the control of the Govt.  Students of any ethnicity be allowed to study at the University, if it is taken over by the Govt. Madrasas that indoctrinate persons  to be hostile to Sri Lanka should be closed down as soon as possible. Foreign clerics hostile to Sri Lamka should be expelled. Stop funding from foreign countries that could go into the hands of terrorists. Stop the construction of new mosques. Convert illegally constructed Mosques to public places that can be used by anyone. The essence of all major religions be taught as Religious Education, to Sri Lankans,  so that hostility is minimised. If Islamic countries do not allow the construction of temples, why should we allow uncontrolled growth of Mosques ?

If Sinhala Buddhists remain passive, resist change to meet the challenges of the modern world, ignore external and internal threats, remain non vigilant, ignore the environment  then their days are numbered and may soon follow Nalanda Buddhists to Nirvana. Sinhala Buddhists need to develop critical thinking skills and rely less on ancient Indian myths that even Indians have dumped.

In my view there has to bw an organisation to protect the intetests of the Sinhalese and our heritage, as Sri Lanka is our only homeland.

Politicians who attempt to bribe Muslims to get their votes should be exposed as traitors.

I do not see any useful work done by the Mahanayakes to protect Sri Lanka or the Sinhalese. Certainly there is clear evidence of lack of vigilance and apathy to internal and external threats.  

Certain brands of Islam have the following barbaric practices:

1.      Honour killing, where close relatives are killed by members of the family

2.      Stoning to death.

3.      Cutting of hands.

4.      FGM

Further different brands of Muslims kill each other.  It is clear that there is a violence gene in Islam and it threatens the peaceful way of living in Sri Lanka. The violent nature of Islam was demonstrated by the killing of over  250, entirely innocent group by Islamic militants. Therefore it is entirely justifiable to expel Islamic preachers that threaten the stability of Sri Lanka.

At this point, it is better to have a look at history and learn from history. In the past, Muslim invaders from Turkey invaded countries from Afghanistan to Indonesia, killed non Muslims, mainly Buddhists and converted people to followers of Islam. Famous merciless killing of Buddhists took place at Nalanda, India. Buddhism did not recover in India, after the Nalanda debacle. Note that countries from Afghanistan to India and even Maldives were formerly Buddhist countries If we do not learn from the Nalanda debacle and take preventative measures, then we are guaranteed to suffer the same fate as Nalanda Buddhists.  Buddhism has a serious flaw.  It is too passive.  Buddhists seek extinction and seek  giving up  of desires. It is  not the way to survive in a highly  competitive dangerous world. It is worthwhile mentioning that every living organism from a a  virus to a multi cellular organism will want to survive and adapt.   It is strange that Buddhists want to seek extinction (Nirvana)  and give up desires, when every other group in Sri Lanka want to acquire wealth and pass on wealth to the next generation.  If we do not get our thinking straight; we may be wiped out, as happened to Nalanda Buddhists, and achieve Nirvana before long.

Learning of skills such as business skills would be essential for our survival, rather than depend  on ancient Indian myths.

It appears that whilst the incompetent, Yahapalanaya jokers were sleeping, the Muslim terrorists have taken root in Lanka, establishing brain washing educational establishments and bomb factories and training establishments. As an immediate measure foreign clerics that preach things that could harm Sri Lanka should be expelled. Islamic teaching establishments should be closely monitored to see if they teach material hostile to Sri Lanka. Further there should be only one law in Sri Lanka, ie the Sri Lankan Law and all should be treated in the same manner. Sharia law should not be taught in Sri Lanka and any establishment teaching Sharia law, such as the Sharia University  should be closed down.  As some flavours of Islam is dangerous, we should monitor the number, distribution and population growth of followers of Islam. Steps should be taken to integrate Muslims to Sri Lankan culture. There should be no mono ethnic or single religion schools.

It appears that some Muslim clerics use Neuro Linguist  Programmig  (NLP) techniques to control people’s mind with various strategies. It appears that this process has been going on for some time under the nose of foolish and right Royal incompetent yahapalanaya rulers. Serious consideration has to be given to expelling unsuitable clerics who would bring about instability in Sri Lanka.

There is also an urgent need to reskill our women to higher level skills so that they do not have to rely on domestic work.

I repeat, hate crimes should not take place and not a single  peace loving Muslim be harmed or killed. Any disputes should be settled through dialogue, discussion and debate and not using violence

My hope is that people will get  rid of this incompetent Govt. and get Gota in.

I repeat, hate crimes should not take place and not a single  peace loving Muslim be harmed or killed. Any disputes should be settled through dialogue, discussion and debate and not using violence.


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5 Responses to “Wake up! Stop the Islamic terrorist cancer now !”

  1. aloy Says:

    The gist of this write is bring Gota in. Some say bring SF in. Both are the same. Given the chance SF will try to keep UNP in power for ever. And Gota will bring a baggage of corrupt fellows. One is still in death row for killing someone in broad day light. If you want more, bring him in.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    මුස්ලිම් අන්තවාදීන් මාව මරන්න හදනවා | පූජ්‍ය අම්පිටියේ සුමනරතන නා හිමි

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    All this is traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) die hard catholic token
    Buddhist bay gal karaya mega thief mega thakkadiya walking crime bomb (against Sinhalese Buddhsts, Sri Lanka
    and Buddhism only) Batalande wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot r@ni_leech wickrama Sinhala killer’s work. As soon as it got
    the Pathala Man (PM) job through the back door putting puppet the vairapala sorry sena (since wa(n)dakaya can
    never win any anything), it planned a mussie riot to stay in the job for 10/20/30 years and die on the job. Has to
    die on the job since it has committed so many murders, robberies, treacheries etc. etc. etc. and cannot live a
    normal life once the Pathala Man (PM) job goes.

    Traitor alugosuwa tried it in Theldeniya, didn’t take off, tried it in Mawanella, it didn’t take off (this explains why
    these thieves kept quiet after being tipped off so many times). It worked finally for the traitor low lives,
    destroying over 300 lives, now to carry on just like the last time turning a blind eye to atrocities while sacrificing lives of army, navy, air force, police, Buddhist monks, men, women and children. Being a crafty traitor it doesn’t understand people won’t make the same mistake twice normally, and army etc. etc. won’t be prepared to go
    home in coffins again getting blown into pieces so soon after MR gave a SAFE, clean country on a plate to these thieving, lying, corrupt, minority worshiping, Mother Lanka dismembering bunch of @s.

    Wa(n)dakaya and its puppet vairapala sorry sena have been licking backsides of the mussies’ for their votes thinking the low lives can win with their support forgetting there are Sinhalese and Tamils also live here. There
    isn’t going to be many Sinhalese voting for these traitor low lives this time round. Same goes with Tamils who
    are now really scared of Fastest Breeding Religion aka The Religion of Violence since after multiplying like @s,
    mussies now have started the old disgusting, dirty, sub human trick which was used to turn old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, maldives, bangladesh, malaysia and indonesia to mussie countries after arriving in countries with their baby machine wives! within a few hundred years! Most of them now are hell holes of course!

    Mussies go to other people’s countries in all four (funnily enough never go to another mussie country since they
    are already hell holes) and start multiplying like xxxx. Once the numbers are right, the menace starts to kill
    the natives thinking they will surrender the country after a few thousand murders (brutally of course). Dirty,
    disgusting, sub human trick worked in the olden days, since people didn’t know until the menace came to their
    doorsteps. Today in this tv, internet, phone era, people get to know and fight back to save their countries. This is
    what exactly happened in Buddhist Myanmar. Luckily for them they had a patriotic (a woman at that) leader
    and got rid of the menace in no time and the country was saved.

    Sri Lanka? We have a chief ponnayek ready to do anything to save its pathetic life from public hanging after 40 years of murders (Sinhalese Buddhists only), treacheries, lies, Buddhism destruction, robberies etc. etc. A life of crimes! Hope lightning will strike the mass murderer soon and its grave once it leaves this blessed land for good
    never to return in any form! This time the traitor chief won’t be able to hang on to the job for 10/20/30 years dragging on a war since people know these low lives pretended to fight and sacrificed 100,000+, mainly
    Sinhalese Buddhists. That’s why the traitor low life trying so hard to get international force when everyone else,
    apart from the wa(n)dakaya, knows our armed forces are more than capable of putting down these multiplying
    xxxx menace. Menace locally, menace nationally, menace internationally.

    Why you need this barbaric fastest breeding aka religion of violence which doesn’t make any sense in the 21st century! Ban it now! Spain banned it in 1478 from the fast breeders and saved the country.
    Angola recently banned it. After all, even a Buddha pictures isn’t allowed in the middle east. Do we need it where
    the only true religion in the world, Buddhism, exist. True why? Charles Darwin’ Theory of Evolution is what
    exactly Buddha preached about the two legged creatures, in fact all living things. Then NASA’s missions showed
    the earth’s size is a grain of sand in the vast vast vast universe where distance are measured in light years and
    no scientist knows where the edges are to date. Just like Buddha preached over 2,500 years ago. No cod’s work
    at all. All honest people on the planet (apart from brainwashed/brain dead) accept the Theory to be 100% true. Then Buddhism’s Five Precepts are used as the criterion as the penal code in every country under the sun. No honest person can dispute these facts.

    Ban the fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence which doesn’t make any sense in this scientific era.
    The year is 2018, not 0000 or 600 when people used to worship rivers, mountains, trees, gods etc. etc. in the
    absence of science. Ban it and it will give these brain dead/brain washed the opportunity to be a two legged creature in their next lives! following a true religion if they want to Murder/kill will only give the murderer 100s
    of 1000s of life times in the animal kingdom before it gets ‘a promotion’ to be two legged creature once again,
    let alone 72 virgins. It tops the worst crime in any court of law under the sun (Buddhism’s First Precept) and give the murderer the most severe punishment! Virgins? Of course if you are brain dead/brain washed!

  4. dingiri bandara Says:

    The proposed Sharia University building should be taken over by the government and made into an army camp.
    If the suicide bombers kill themselves in hope of getting 72 virgins in paradise, is it not that their actions are based on sex and nothing else. Do the he Muslim women on this earth who support these maniacs think that they are inferior. They should ask these men as to what is wrong with the women here.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    As long as executive presidency is there, no one will take firm action.

    Extermination of all terrorists and potential terrorists is the only way. It is not done. That means the possibility of more terror attacks remains.

    Intention is not relevant to the country and the community. It matters only to the self. Useless for others.
    What matters is the impact (outcome).

    Outcome is driven by many factors. Sadly most Sri Lankans are misled on this.

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