EASTER SUNDAY BOMBINGS – ISLAMIC TERROR and R2P – Clash of the Barbarians!
Posted on May 13th, 2019


13 May 2019

On 21 April 2019 Easter Sunday – on the holiest day in the Christian Calendar, suicide bombers simultaneously attacked three Catholic Churches and three 5 – Star Hotels in Sri Lanka killing over 250 including nearly 40 foreigners visiting the island. The reason for attacking the Catholics and White Foreigners can be adduced to ISIS losing territory in the Middle-east to Christchurch massacre of Muslims by a white nationalist in New Zealand. This is all beside the point for now the population of Muslims in Sri Lanka is nearing 10% – they are now transitioning from ‘peaceful to more belligerent and later to more militaristic. Their readiness for much more sinister ‘happenings’ is clearly seeing from what is being unearthed during the recent investigations by the security forces. If they did not attack the Christians certainly they were ready to carryout a much more large scale and much more wide spread attack on the Sinhala Buddhists is now clear as daylight.

However, from happenings around the world there is no denying that militant Islam is on the march towards word domination. This, they mean to achieve by population growth – also called the Womb Bomb, and through the spread of Wahabbi militaristic intimidation, occupation of land and conversion to Islam and Sharia. The Eelamists wanted only a part of the island, the Islamists want the whole! One needs to see the spread of Muslims throughout the Island from villages to towns to cities to understand this phenomenon! Slowly and very strategically they now occupy most of the economic heartland of Sri Lanka and exclusively Muslim enclaves spread around the island!

In the Fifteen Hundreds, the Catholic Portuguese started killing the Muslims – their enemies in trade in the low lands of Sri Lanka controlled by them. These Muslims mainly males sought refuge among the Sinhalese in the Up Country where they were given land and even women and re-settled. Some of them were settled in the now Eastern Province. Of the present population majority cannot be of great and distant antiquity as even up to 50 years ago they could not speak Sinhala properly. If they have lived in the island for over a 1000 years ago, they should have been speaking Sinhala fluently. This Goebbelesian lie is now being repeated ad-nauseam by Muslims and later even by politicians of all hues who go salivating after the Muslim vote!

In early 2017 I tried to show the spread of Muslims in Sri Lanka. Historically a tiny trading minority the Muslims, now has taken a wow to make Sri Lanka a Muslim country in the near future, the same as they did in the Maldives. This is no longer mere rhetoric as they have done the same against much more powerful countries elsewhere in the world. They are today threatening the UK and many countries in the EU including France, Germany and Nordic Countries to make them majority Muslim / Islamic countries by the middle of this century.

Historically this has already happened for countries in South Asia from Afghanistan, Pakistan to Bangladesh and South-East Asia from Malaysia to Indonesia. They are now threatening Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, the Philippines and even Australia.  It is time to take serious note of the Islamic juggernaut and take practical measures to stop it in its track!

What is to be feared is the present calamity metamorphosing into urban guerrilla warfare a war tactic much more sinister and much more difficult to contain than that of the LTTE and a thousand fold more bloodier. This will take Sri Lanka towards another Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Yemen.

In the melee, the intervention by the International Community led by US with R2P to fulfil their agenda of containing China is the bigger picture of it all!

Sri Lankans has much to lose if they do not act wisely, prudently and decisively!

I append below what I wrote in 2017 slightly amended.

What Can the Sinhalese do about the Muslim population explosion and land grab?

Posted on March 5th, 2017


5 Mar 2017

In the aftermath of the 1976 Non Aligned Nations Conference in Colombo, one of the ‘distinguished’ attendees Col Gadhafi, gave a radio interview to the local Muslims. (See Radio Ceylon Transcripts of 1976) On this occasion he inquired from them about their demographics in Sri Lanka and gave them the following advice and guide lines:

  1. To increase their population from what was around 7% at that time
  2. To buy land alongside major roads – Economic arteries that emanate from major economic centres
  3. To construct mosques so that the call to prayer ( Azan) can be heard from the next mosque

It is in this background and context we have to understand how far the Muslims have come since 1976.

Population has increased from around 5% to now near 10%! They have been on a rush to multiply with polygamy, indiscriminate and runaway breeding. This increase is facilitated by funding for such practices from the Middle East. Increase in numbers has also brought about a new militancy in challenging the indigenous Buddhist Culture, Buddhism and the Sinhalese.

As for the purchase of land they have over achieved what Col Gadhafi wanted them to realize. One only has to go along the major road arteries that emanate from Colombo or other major cities to understand this creepy crawly encroachment – on either side of these roads to find out who owns these trading establishments. Over and above these one has to look at what is happening to the suburbs of Colombo – all prime land is being bought over by Muslims to make a clean sweep of Colombo and her environs. Then it goes to other areas down the southern coast line – Wadduwa, Kaluthara Beruwala Aluthgama. Even 30 years ago in some areas it was only the village temple that was left after Muslim encroachment.  Today I believe after the demise of the temple priest the temple land too is in their hands.

Mosques are mushrooming all over the island, apparently there is a mosque for every 40 Muslim families in the island. In total, they now outnumber all the Buddhist Temples and Hindu Kovils.

In Colombo the most tax money invested city in the island, Sinhalese are losing ownership to Muslims who did not even have a right to own land in Sri Lanka prior to 1815! A city and all its modern infrastructure that is built with tax payer funds are passing slowly into the hands of an exclusive and predatory community – the Muslims. One needs only venture out into the city public spaces to see who really ‘enjoys’ the high standard of living that Colombo has over the rest of the country! They are there in the hotels, restaurants, other eateries, high end shops, other places of entertainment and in the parks, because they are the only ones who can now afford such luxuries being a parasitic community that preys on the host through trade monopolization. These are the scenes that face those who are leaving the city in the evenings in packed buses breathing diesel fumes after a hard day’s work quite apathetic to what is happening to them and their heritage.

Now that Muslims have cornered the inner-city, gradually they are moving onto city outskirts in a deliberate and methodical way displacing Sinhalese street by street by street! They follow the law of the land where it is convenient and find all the loop holes to creep through to buy land quite legally – that is under the current laws which are quite unfavourable to the Sinhalese. They also use their political clout being an influential minority and capable of being the kingmaker in Sri Lankan politics.

Currently areas around Dehiwala, Galkissa – Mt Lavinia, Kalubowila are under intense attack; other areas around Colombo too are similarly attacked the difference is only in the degree. Large contingents of Maldivian Muslims seem to prefer this area. People have reported seeing foreigners in Islamic attire being ‘very busy’ at all time of the day in these areas – purchase of land and building of mosques are going a pace.

Can this sort of uncontrolled change of demographics lead to Reconciliation? There must be a mix of ethnicities and communities if Sri Lanka is to have real reconciliation and long term peace. Construction of exclusive enclaves by displacing the native is the agenda.  What this leaves the Sinhalese is only taking up arms to reclaim their homeland and heritage. A friend of mine who recently returned from Sri Lanka having visited his wife’s house in Waidya Road, Mt Lavinia mentioned to me that this street is unrecognizable from what it was 20 years before and now almost entirely Muslim! Another friend of mine who is living abroad and has his parental house in Dickmans Road, is having a court case with a Muslim man in the adjoining land, who claims a half of his parapet wall as belonging to him. This is a classic case of a Bedum Naduwa where the weaker party gets overwhelmed, as owners of this – property living abroad cannot participate in lengthy court proceedings. Eventually frustrated owners will sell the land to the Muslim who will go on to ‘offer’ a ‘good’ price for the land and property.

One by one the pieces of the checker board turn Islamic Green! In Colombo and its environs, as it is in a multiplicity of other major cities towns and suburbs, Sinhalese are replaced at an ever-increasing pace as more and more land – real estate is passing hands from Sinhalese to Muslim for rupees which only has a transient value. This is going a pace in a street my street manner and as we speak and no politician of ‘worth of his traitorous self’ will ever touch this subject for the fear of losing Muslim votes.   The root cause for all this is the division of Sinhalese between two traitorous political parties the UNP and the SLFP. Unless Sinhalese understand the calamity that is waiting to happen and unite there will not be any place left on our motherland for them. It is time Sinhalese whether they are Buddhist, Christian or other who share a common history and culture unite to save their motherland end up from being another Sharialand!

The problem is where does all this leave the Sinhalese. Even the Maldivian Muslims and others who mysteriously appear in Sri Lanka in the garb of refugees, whose legal status is if at all dubious, mainly go for land in Colombo and suburbs the most developed part of the island pushing the Sinhalese out. The secret is that Colombo and other major cities are money making centres which allow these foreigners to ‘get rich’ quickly because they are backed by rich and powerful minority conglomerates. The recent Central Bank Bond Scam is a clear case in point, where an entity such as Perpetual Treasuries with just the right ‘connections to powerful personnel’ in high places, managed by a few and operated from a small office in Colombo made huge ‘profits’ that surpassed the profits of all other enterprises who hire tens of thousands of employees, operating from hundreds of offices manoeuvring large scale logistical operations!

In Kandy, Muslims have ‘ring circled’ the Temple of the Tooth – Dalada Maligawa with clever purchasing of land from unpatriotic Buddhist Priests and other landowners. A mosque built on land leased out by the Temple is now getting ready to rival the very pinnacle of Buddhist faith in Sri Lanka! Can this or anything close to this ever happen in a Muslim country? Can somebody carry even a postcard depicting Lord Buddha to Saudi Arabia let alone Maldives?

Ring circling of Buddhist places of worship is now happening all over Sri Lanka; Anuradhapura, Dambulla, Kekirawa, Matale, Polonnaruwa, Mawanella and even cave complexes such as Kuragala –  to name only a few. At Kuragala they are extending the territory by burying their dead in the adjoining government lands – another ploy they use to capture land!

Surely time has come for the Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka to be more assertive and protect what is their own if it is only for the sake of their sons and daughters let alone their long and much revered 2600-year-old heritage! It is apparent that mere protesting and petitioning the powers that be, has done little to address the Sinhala grievances. 

Creations of little ‘Bantustans’ are happening all over Sri Lanka mainly with small Muslim communities to begin with, which later expand by uncontrolled breeding, the purchase of adjoining land and the building of mosques. Movement of Muslim enterprises to purchase prime land in economic zones is going a pace. Many a little shop in Colombo as well as in other major cities and towns with Sinhala sounding name boards in front are in fact owned and operated by Muslim enterprises. No wonder Muslims are not interested in getting parts of the country to themselves, when their aim is to conquer and acquire the whole island for themselves and Islam!

Already in the East, Buddhist places of worship are being desecrated and Buddhist land occupied while a hapless government is looking askance. All this is happening in a majority Buddhist country where the minorities are making inroads to erase our history and our relationship to our past in the North and East. Sinhalese are like ‘lambs to slaughter’ waiting and hoping while losing ground while sands of time are passing by pushing them inch by inch towards oblivion. This is the generation that is going to willingly give up what is theirs without a whimper. Can this happen in any other self-respecting country other than Sri Lanka?

In the West Wilpattu wild life sanctuary is already being bulldozed making land for Muslims settlements. How many of these are illegal immigrants, the government has no clue.  Elsewhere in the country, they are buying up land in all economic centers as well as cornering all businesses under their control. Today they control most of wholesale economy and what the Sinhala trader does is just the drip of what they can get out of retail trade – outcome of which is very much determined at a higher level by the wholesaler.

All political parties are in there to grab power at whatever cost to the nation. So far in our recent politics we see how Muslim politicians position themselves to be part of any government in power and always end up by being rewarded by ‘plum, influential and moneymaking’ ministries. In all these and all the while it is the Sinhalese who are losing ground in their age-old homestead – Sinhale now Sri Lanka!

In other parts of the world where they have become a reasonable size community they have not failed to bring about Muslim law of Sharia and inconvenience members of those not belonging to their community. This has happened in Europe – the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria to name just a few countries who are waking up to this reality of Muslim invasion. Imagine if they were able to challenge the British in Birmingham – the very heart of English land and try to impose Sharia, what they will do to Sri Lanka.

Singapore a small enclave squeezed between two giant Muslim nations – Malaysia and Indonesia – the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew saw to it to balance the ethnic mix in order to keep the peace as well as do justice by all communities. Not even a mere housing complex escaped his dictates and Singapore maintains its diversity without any community falling prey to another. In Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese has been losing ground ever since they lost their independence in 1815 and in a much more insidious manner since gaining Independence from the British in 1948 by being caught is a big lie called Democracy and Human Rights. Sri Lanka has been left with a bunch of uneducated and corrupt politicians stealing the nation’s wealth.

There is a bright star in the horizon with the ascendency of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the US. He is a realist who has ‘seen through’ the illusion of Democracy and Human Rights and understands better the nationalistic realities from Europe, Russia to Asia. These countries have realized they are about to loose their land and culture to predatory Islamist and their creed Jihadist Islam and from now onwards have a sympathetic ear in Washington. He understands the mechanics of Islamic Terrorism and what their international goals are. It is time patriots in Sri Lanka sought his ear and understanding for all the inequities Sri Lanka has been receiving at the hands of the Hillary / Obama led US Administration, UN and other liberal ‘democracies’ in Europe.

Sinhalese must have in-built safeguards to protect their land. The Tamils have Thesavalamai in the North and Muslims have the Mukkuwa Law in the East where they are numerically dominant in historically recent enclaves to protect their interests. Sinhalese have nothing comparable to safeguard the land they fought to keep as on entity for over two millennia and very recently from Racist Tamils who were fighting for a third of the land and 2/3 of the seaboard. All what Sinhalese are doing are fighting prairie fires here and there and not addressing bigger problem

This discussion must commence in earnest if Sinhalese are to survive in their motherland! What if all of a sudden, the oil rich middle eastern countries decide to invest a Billion Dollars to change the demography of Colombo and decide to buy off Colombo and other centres of commerce? Do we have an answer?  Here I am trying highlight by fast forwarding what is already happening around the country albeit at a slower but accelerating pace. The growth of the Sharia University in the East, a  Rs 3.6 Billion investment by Middle Eastern Powers is a clear case in point.

What is the ultimate intent? It is total domination. It is not asking for a part of the country like the racist Tamils. When the population reaches 10%, conversion to Islam will increase exponentially. Already they are marrying off poor Sinhala girls with the intent of making a bastardized nation of Muslim Sinhalese. This is how countries like Indonesia and Malaysia got converted to Islam. It is a fight to the finish with nothing held back – intimidation, persuasion, through marriage, through terrorism – you name it, it is happening under our very noses!

It is in the Koran – how to deceive the infidel and to conquer! This is called Taqiyya – See below what Taqiyya is.

Sinhalese need a clear policy with respect to land and laws. Sri Lanka will never achieve peaceful co-existence unless there is equitable distribution of the majority Sinhalese in all areas of the island. It is paramount to prevent exclusive enclaves – which finally end up as breeding grounds to extremists and extremism.  Sri Lanka must be a single land under a single set of laws that is applicable to all – Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim!

7 Responses to “EASTER SUNDAY BOMBINGS – ISLAMIC TERROR and R2P – Clash of the Barbarians!”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    It has been 34 years since the Tamil terrorist attack on Buddhists in Sri Maha Bodhi, Anuradhapura.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Yes, I have a child named with Anudraha born exactly the same day. I don’t forget.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    I completely agree with all that Ratnapala has said here!

    Unless we Sinhalese WAKE UP and ACT to stop this CREEPIMG but RAPIDLY ACCELERATING encroachment and takeover by FANATICALLY INTOLERANT Muslims, we will SOON LOSE our motherland.

    Recently, Dr Subramaniam Swamy of India outlined this very same strategy by Muslims in a video that was published at LankaWeb.

    However, the way to STOP this Muslim Invasion and Machiavellian Strategy is NOT BY VIOLENCE directed against the Muslim community, but by building awareness among the Sinhalese and ELECTING a DESHAPREMI GOVT COMMITTED to OPPOSING the Muslim plan through STRONG and EFFECTIVE LEGISLATION designed to DEMOLISH their strategy item by item, issue by issue.

    This can be done only if we Sinhalese UNITE and ELECT a DESHAPREMI GOVT with the Parliamentary PLURALITY that can DENY power to treacherous MINORITY politicians.

    Thetefore, I APPEAL to all Patriots: Support the JO and ELECT Gotabaya Rajapaksa as PRESIDENT OF SRI LANKA, Now!

  4. Christie Says:

    We see the Muslims but not Indian Colonial Parasites.

    I see these Indian Colonial Parasites control us with the help of India.

    Their breeding rate is higher than Muslims.

    We should join with our Muslims to contain these Indians.

  5. shenali Waduge Says:

    14 May 1985 – Sri Maha Bodhi attack by LTTE killing 147 Buddhist worshippers and Buddhist monks
    14 May 1976 – TULF’s Vaddukoddai Resolution
    14 May 1965 – JVP formed by Rohana Wijeweera
    14 May 1998 – Brig. Larry Wijeratne killed

  6. Randeniyage Says:

    Thank you Shenali. What a bad day fro Sri lanka !

  7. Randeniyage Says:

    IC parasites created Muslim Meat Eating Bugs because initially 50% of them and now 95% of them speak the same language.

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