Neither Tamil LTTE Nor Muslim Islam Terror Has No Place in Sri Lanka
Posted on May 14th, 2019

Prof. Hudson McLean

Call Spade a Spade!

Sudden burst of Muslim fundamentalism leading to Terror did not spring over-night!

More Devastation Using High Technology-in-the-Air!

Both Literally & Metaphorically!

Muslim Islamism has been spreading its murderous seeds of radicalism seriously since 9/11.  Single terrorist attacks took place in Brussels, London, several EU cities

The Madrasses in Bangladesh supported by wealthy Muslims in several Middle East countries, and even banks, have been funding “sleeper units” to Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, for many years.  The take-over of Maldives was done with surgical precision, while both India & Sri Lanka, dozed-off.

The ideal strategic target dreamt by the ISIS is, Sri Lanka, politically & economically in an absolute mess, with powerful Muslim traders with direct connections to ISIS, holding strategic positions in the government and in commerce.

Whilst LTTE Tamil Terror was largely local but supported by Indians, ISIS Terror is funded and controlled by a Global operation, almost out-of-reach of CIA & Mossad.

With ISIS being driven out of Iraq-Syria by the Western Forces, over 8000 ISIS trained radicals moved to European Union countries, mainly to Germany, Benelux, where the ISIS are planning simultaneous attacks, similar to those in Sri Lanka, which will demonstrate a new dimension in Planning & Plan Implementation.

An attack on several passenger aircraft on Take-off or Landing, in several different international airports simultaneously, to create an act greater than 9/11, by ISIS, to demonstrate their Technology & Management skills, may happen during 2019.

The attacks by Single Suicide Terrorist may have reached an end, due to the awareness of the back-pack highlighted by the Easter Sunday Massacre in Sri Lanka.

Already on 4th of August 2018 demonstrated the New Airborne Terror, using Drones-UAV with a payload of explosives, detonated on the President of Venezuela.

Several Drones were purchased in USA, as advertised in Amazon, dis-assembled, and taken by several couriers to Caracas Venezuela, then re-assembled, Radio Frequencies changed, and two Drones were re-assembled, armed with explosives, and flown to the Presidential platform.  The first Drone missed the President, but exploded, and the second exploded on impact, destroyed a window of a building behind the platform..

The prospect of new Drone-UAV attacks, laden with Explosives, Sulphuric Acid, VX Nerve Agent, Anthrax, Cyanide are potential projections.

The Updated Terror Modules are not only restricted to Europe or Asia, where Drones laden with HazMat, may be directed at Airports, Prisons, Crowded events such as Sports or Musical, but also to VVIP Motorcades.

One seriously potential targets by the Radical ISIS Terrorists is the Multi-million gathering of Muslims at Mecca & Medina.

A Toy Drone-UAV laden with normal white cooking flour exploded in the midst of Mecca annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, may lead to Panic Stampede, of hundreds of thousands humans in their white robes, trying to escape the White Powder. The result is un-imaginable headache to Saudi Arabian authorities to treat the injured and the dead!

The current Technological solutions sold by Israel used in London Gatwick, London Heathrow and in Helsinki Finland, did not  recognize the multiple Drone-UAV Intrusion, until the Drones-UAV left the Airport Airspace.

These were potential Trials to check the temperature of the Protection & Control of Airspace.

Most likely the next Drone-UAV Intrusion might wake-up several National Governments, when the fully loaded 300+ passenger aircraft are attacked at Midnight!

Let us hope that  the Defence Authorities take serious note of this serious potential danger and act soonest to protect human lives!

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