Unite to defeat terrorism and save Sri Lanka
Posted on May 14th, 2019


According to scientific theory, the universe evolved from a  big bang and not a creation of god. There is theory, mathematics and scientific evidence to support the ‘big bang’   theory.Science is continuously evolving and scientists reject theories that do not agree with evidence. Scientists can challenge each other and very few theories remain the same over time. There is no evidence of a god. Scientists also say life evolved from organic molecules and their theory is supported by evidence. However theories on  the origin of life are not conclusive. According to science, using DNA evidence,  Sinhalese, Tamils Muslims and other ethnic groups are interrelated and absolutely there is no need to kill each other. As for god, it is a man made belief system. In UK, 53 %  do not believe in any religion. In China and Japan, religion is kept merely for ceremonial purposes. In my view, a religion is a mind virus designed to control the mind of the believer, using NLP techniques. If we want to stop terrorism, then we have to stop deranged persons brain washing vulnerable persons.

 Islam is a medieval religion with a number of medieval practices such as honor killing, stoning to death, cutting of hands and so on, which are unacceptable in a civilized society.  People are free to believe whatever they want in Sri Lanka. However problems arise when Islam followers want to kill nom believers.  Killing is a criminal offence and any madradsas or mosques that preach killing of non believers should be banned. Further mosques and madrasas should be closely monitored by the intelligence community. Muslim countries do not even allow a Buddhist statue to be brought into their respective countries. Why do we allow uncontrolled construction of madrasas  ? Do we have a spine ? Do we have a voice to make the idiotic rulers listen? What do Mahanayakes do ?

Is it true that Muslims that leave their faith would be killed /

Is it true that Govt. Muslim texts promote killing those that leave the faith?

Peace loving Muslims should be respected and should not be harasses in any manner. Any issues should be resolved through dialogue, discussion and debate.

We live in a world which is multicultural and multiethnic. To live in peace, we have to be tolerant and lean to cooperate and learn to live in peace. Sri Lanka is a multicultural, multi  ethnic  country and we need to live in harmony and in peace. However, if a group of Islam followers want to convert Sri Lanka to a Muslim country and kill non believers to get favors from their god, to get 72 virgins in heaven, then it is a threat to all peace loving Sri Lankans. It is alleged that ,  Muslims breed  like rabbits, until their numbers get significant. At that point, the natives face the option of getting killed or getting  converted to Islam. An Australian program showed a case where a Muslim family had 10 children. Uncontrolled reproduction would result in massive resource problems including food needs,water  needs, housing needs, hospital and medical needs, employment needs, school needs deforestation, climate change, ethnic imbalance and so on. We should monitor the number of Muslims in Sri Lanka, their population distribution, their wealth distribution and so on to determine if the Muslims pose a threat to national security. All peace loving Sri Lankans, Sinhalese, Tamils and  other ethnic groups that want to live in peace, need to unite and defeat these barbarians.

An excellent presentation is produced by Dr   Swamy, who has given an accurate representation of how the Muslims operate. In my view Dr Swamy is a non racist, straight taking Tamil politician that I respect tremendously. I strongly recommend that this presentation be watched  ref. 1 and learn from it.

Islamic terrorists recently killed over 250 entirely innocent people in the name of Islam. Killing non believers, a criminal act, appear to be a standard practice of a flavor of Islam. It appears that these terrorists suffer from some form of mental problem due the indoctrination they received in a madrasa.

 Muslim invaders mercilessly killed Buddhist monks at Nalanda. Buddhism in India  and Nepal, source countries of Buddhism, never revived after the Nalanda debacle. If Buddhism was any good, Buddhism would have thrived in these countries. Various flavours of Buddhism exist in Japan and China. In Japan,they have selected good things of Buddhism and integrated with Shintoism. They believe in maximum customer satisfaction and maximizing desires. In China Buddhism is mixed with local belief systems and Chinese gods. In both of these countries, Buddhism is used for ceremonial purposes, rather than as tools to deal with economic issues.

We have not developed strategies to deal with the serious threat presented by a violent branch of Islam.

In Sri Lanka, whilst the totally incompetent Yahapalanaya rulers were ruling, more likely sleeping, Islamic followers managed to establish indoctrinating establishments, training camps, collect weapons and collect other items for killing. They also built up facilities for a Sharia University.

Due to terrorist activities Tamil groups have united as reported in the media. The Sinhalese and Tamils have integrated to some extent. As for myself, I am race blind, and wish to treat all humans as equals. I have close relatives and friends who are Tamils.

It is sad to know that I do not know of  an effective, active organization established to protect the interests of the Sinhalese.  We need a non racist, defensive organization to protect the interests of the Sinhalese. Of course there are organizations to protect Buddhism. Some may say these organizations protect Indian beliefs that even Indians have dumped. The Indian belief system that promote seeking extinction and  that promote giving up desires is a recipe for self destruction. This belief system has been rejected by Indians. However  some Sinhala Buddhists appears to safeguard this self destructive belief system. The belief system is dangerous, as the world is dangerous and highly competitive. Every living organism has to compete for resources and has to compete to survive.  Any one who wants to suppress desires and seek extinction will automatically and without effort will get wiped out. In a highly competitive, dangerous world, giving up desires and seeking extinction is very foolish and is a sure way to get wiped out. Yet some Sinhala Buddhists feel this is the way forward.

In order to survive and thrive, we have to get our mind and thinking correct, rather than rely on ancient Indian beliefs.

Media reports indicate that the right Royal idiot RW, of Batalanda fame, closed down intelligence gathering units to appease minorities. It would appear that this dismantling of intelligence units by this idiot may have contributed to the deaths caused by terrorists.

Politicians that appease Muslims to get their votes should be exposed. Politicians who gave free Burkas to Muslims did so to appease them to  get their votes.  Who initiated free Burkas ?.

There are Children in remote areas without basic necessities and why are they ignored?

Displace Sinhalese and Tamils should be allowed to go back to their homes. Buddhist monks in remote areas should be supported. Please see ref. 2

Another possible approach to deal with Islamic indoctrination is to teach the essence of all major religions, as a part of religious studies to all students. This is the approach taken in UK.  

Finally, SOFA is a very serious threat to Sri Lanka and must not be signed.

I wish to thank the contributors of the excellent reference material given below.

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One Response to “Unite to defeat terrorism and save Sri Lanka”

  1. Randeniyage Says:

    QUOTE “The Indian belief system that promote seeking extinction and that promote giving up desires is a recipe for self destruction. This belief system has been rejected by Indians. However some Sinhala Buddhists appears to safeguard this self destructive belief system. UNQUOTE

    Here comes the attack of Buddhism by Ben Silva after many years of “self destruction”. This man has not been rehabilitated yet.

    Can you tell us what exactly is ” this self destructive belief system” ? There is no self-destruction in Buddhism but only LTTE and JIADISTS believe “self destruction” leads to achieve the goal.

    Sinhalese Buddhists unfortunately have no goal at all. They MUST have a goal to set up a LAW system which will be DESTRUCTIVE to no one but to ULTRA GREEDY IDIOTS whose have an additional GOAL to accumulate maximum wealth in a SHORT TIME BY STEALING.

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