American iPhones and Chinese Huawei. -Two giants fighting
Posted on May 16th, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

Today Americans have blacklisted Chinese Telephone Products from Huawei.

Americans claim that Chinese Equipment can spy on them

In Sinhala we say Ape Arraku apitagma Gahanawa” Means our own liquor given to others are turning against us

Americans can also spy on people all over the world using their iPhones .Many parts of I ,phones are made in China and they also clone I phones

At least one Asian Nation is fighting against the giant American Imperialism

In Sri Lanka Americans and Europens are trying to creep in pretext of helping us in the fight against Muslims 

That may one of the main reason for our President rushed to China For conference on Asian culture which otherwise could have been avoided considering the crisis in his own country .Chinese are calling all the leaders to convince them about the power of Silk Route which Americans do not like.

All of a sudden Chinese President offered much military assistance to President.

Irony is that the port Chinese have taken control is called Hamb -an -thota where Muslim traders  ( Sinhalese call them Hambaya) is now the landing point for Chinese so called Silk Route operations.

I am afraid that Chinese jaugernut will not stop.

Americans may have to  develop another planet to migrate like what they did from Europe to America’s

We should stick to our Asian neighbour rather than seeking help from US 

We will be safer


When it comes to cloning an iPhoneyou can do so remotely by entering the target iPhone’s iCloud credentials. However, if you want to clone an Android phone, physically accessing the phone is a MUST. You have to physically access the phone, and then install the Cocospy app into it.

2 Responses to “American iPhones and Chinese Huawei. -Two giants fighting”

  1. aloy Says:

    I do not agree with Dr. Sarath viewpoint that we should select China although they have helped us before. None of these major players will want us to achieve technological development. They will only want to creep in to get a foothold. US is still much more advanced than China. All the smartphones in the world use ARM chips designed by UK and built using American technology. Whether it is manufactured by TSMC (Thaiwan Semiconductor Company), Samsung or Intel it is the same A series chips with varying number of cores. I prefer the Samsung A5 to iPhone 8XR which is very expensive and too complicated therefore I hardly use it. It seems the actual cost of production is only about 25% of the selling price of these product. Now it seems that all these ARM chips have a secret core operating on a small OS using which they can listen to any conversation without hacking it. Similarly the US is afraid that the Chinese would do the same using their Huwawei telecom gear. They are famous for stealing others technology.
    A university friend of mine developed a technology using a mathematical series known as Fourier Series that was taught to us in the uni which he used for petrolium exploration. He became a multi millionaire by using it. Somehow the Chinese supposed to have got it to be used for detection of subs and it seems that he had difficult time in getting out of security issues.

    If US wants to be our friend, let them give us chip making technology. I know it is going to cost couple of billions or more. However, is it not better than giving billions on IMF aid for our monkeys in the parliament to do electioneering and purchase expired Tabs?. If we insist may be Mr. Trump will agree.

  2. Nimal Says:

    No one needs China or their equipment to spy on people as it is already incorporated into your iphones,even desktops and a particular smart TV that could be in your sitting room.Huawei had been used in the digital networks here for decades and so was Toshiba, ever since our equipment suppliers were falling behind the demands of the modern world.
    Huawei rightfully teamed up with Arm holdings for their 5G equipment in UK.Just because they supplied the equipment for the network,simply have not got the access to the network once the network is handed back to the service provider. To intercept a very wide band network is impossible unless one enters an exchange with very sophisticated equipment as all the data is multiplexed and one has to reverse it which is near impossible. Some are jealous that a chinese company had won the contract or beaten to it.

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