Sangha govi Weda kamkaru
Posted on June 4th, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Sangha ,Weda,Govi ,Kamkaru come forward please 

During last fewdays we have seen a formidable power behind Sangha .One lonely crusad monk managed to  almost the whole country to disobey law and order. Parallelu Weda  group led by doctors with GMOA at the helm created ripples. In the country ,threatening to strike .

Kamkaru were mobilised by the local politicians were getting ready.

Govi society is led by a farmer who never held a mammoty

It is the time for a new breed of leaders to come forward

In fifties we had a Christian converted to a Buddhist,educated in Oxford ,who got rid of tie and coat and changed into while national dress wearing round rimmed glasses who mesmerised  the masses with his eloquece and grabbed the power.

Same Sangha who carried him to the top killed him.

It is high time for his grand son who has similar features to come forward and lead the country ??

Only issue may be his sexual preferences.

That may be ok as Sri Lankan’s are now quite used to Butterfly theory.

After all most all Sri Lankans  at younger age were butterflies !

In India a Chaiwala became prime minister and in our country we have a president who was a low ranking government Servant ,in Ukraine we have a. New president who is  comedian ( Joker)

Unless our people make up their mond now and look for new blood ,there is no hope.

Current lot have miserably failed.

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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