President asked if I’d rather go home without pension or take blame of attacks – IGP
Posted on June 6th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Pujith Jayasundara testifying before the Special Parliamentary Select Committee that the president had asked him to take the responsibility of the Easter Attacks and resign from his post.

IGP Pujith Jayasundara, who is currently sent on compulsory leave, testified before the Special Parliamentary Select Committee appointed to look into the terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday, earlier today (06).

IGP Jayasundara stated the President had phoned the IGP at around 6.30 pm on 23rd April to schedule a meeting for 8 pm that night.

According to the IGP, President had stated that he will be appointing a committee to investigate the Easter attacks and that the Jayasundara should take the responsibility of the attacks as the IGP.

IGP said that the President told him that he would be convicted no matter what team investigates the matter.

President asked me whether I would go home without a pension or take responsibility and resign”, said Jayasundara.

President asked me this in a very polite manner. He asked me of this about four times”, he said.

IGP says that he showed the documents he had and that the President inspected them very carefully.

Jayasundara also said that he has not once tarnished the name of the Police in the 35 years of service. Stating that he is neither a thief nor a robber, he said that he didn’t earn from the Police. He further said that although he has property inherited from his parents, he doesn’t even have a place for his name.

The meeting with the President lasted until 8.45 pm, according to the IGP.

IGP further testified that the President phoned him once again on the 25th April and angrily inquired of not submitting the resignation letter. He was then sent on compulsory leave on the 29th April, said IGP.

Stating that he didn’t resign as he could not betray the Police, the IGP said that the President promised him of a high ranking title in the government or an ambassador post if he resigned.

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