The hidden joint political conspiracy behind mass exodus of Muslim Ministers from the Cabinet and the Lessons Sinhala politicians have to learn from Muslim politicians, at least now.
Posted on June 7th, 2019

Dr Sudath Gunasekara

(All Muslim Ministers resign (June 4, 2019   06:02 pm Island)

5. 6. 2019. (With copy to HE President)

At first sight it appears to be excellent news for those who agitated for the resignation of Badurdeen. It also demonstrates the unity of the Muslims politicians and solidarity with their own people, which sadly our so-called Sinhala politicians don’t have. Muslims or Tamils have no party politics when it comes to matters pertaining to Muslims or Tamils and there lies their real strength and bargaining power. They stand united for their religions, imported nationality and culture, which they are trying to replicate in this country. They have named their political parties clearly after their purported nationality such as Muslim or Tamil in no uncertain terms blatantly displaying their communal and religious extremism. Both communities openly use the communal and religious labels to polarize and emotionally rally round all their men, women and even children from their small days.  They also have different dresses, different food, separate laws and courts, schools and even separate burial grounds. But the majority Sinhala people have none. Only Sinhalese have national political parties like the UNP.SLFP, CP. LSSP and JVP. They are open to people of all communities where as Tamil and Muslim parties are only meant for their communities. But they cry discrimination by the Sinhalese against them.

Minority political parties have a clear policy and it is only to serve their people. t Even those Tamil and Muslim politicians who join the national parties like the SLFP or UNP also serve and promote only their own communities. Their open policy is to protect their perceived identity on someone else’s country, which they illegally claim to be theirs. To achieve these goals they are prepared even to die.

On the contrary our politicians don’t have a nation, religion, a country or a culture after they join a political party. For them, their political party is their nation and religion as well. Politics for them is only a means to power and personal aggrandizement and enrichment. They never consider it to be a service to their people or the security of the country, which in fact should be the primary and most basic function of governance. Even Muslim or Tamils politicians share the same characteristics. There is no difference between the Muslims and Tamils in this regard. On the other hand our politicians even don’t know that they have a 2600 year old nation that had a glorious past even in the ancient times. I wonder at least they know whether they stand on their feet or heads for that matter on these subjects. If Sinhala politicians who are supposed have ruled this country from 1948 knew these things the story of this country today would have been different.

In trying to understand the current political drama unfolding in our country and the sequence of events connected with the resignation of Asad Sali and Hisbulla and the threat of a no-confidence motion on Rishard Badurdeen  which would definitely have been a threat to the unstable government if it was take up in Parliament, it is very important to see how it was manipulated. First they all met at Fausi’s  (SLFP) residence and then they moved on to Temple Trees (the present Head Quarters of all Ranils anti Sinhala and ant-Buddhist conspiracies are hatched over the past few years) to finalize the strategy to kill two or even more birds with one stone in agreement with Ranil. The en-masse temporary resignation of all Muslim Minsters is based on a ploy to save the government, agreed upon an assurance from Ranil for them to be reinstated after one month.  First Ranil wanted to appease the rising discontentment among the Sinhalese. Second at the same time he wanted to save the thin skin of his government from the listed NCMM. On the part of the Muslim politicians this is first to hoodwink the Muslim people that their politicians stand with their community. Second to scale down the wave of public protest in the country particularly arising from Ratana Thera’s fast unto death supported by the Christian Church and even by Hindus and some Muslims.  Third, to block the NCM against Badurdeen to save Badurdeen and his cohort from getting exposed in Parliament which is going to be really fatal for the Government that is in its last breath now.  Forth, to hoodwink the Sinhala people by announcing that all Muslim Ministers will resign, which will give them a temporary relief thinking that not only the Alibaba but all his thieves are gone for good. What is more is the ordinary people could be made to think that such mass resignation could be the end of the Yahapalanaya Government. Having agreed upon this work plan they decided to take the following steps.

The first step in this conspiracy was to find a way to save Badurdeen from getting exposed at the no confidence motion by getting to withdraw it at the party leaders meeting saying that there is no need for it now as he has already resigned. The second was to save Ranils Government at the NC motion by the JVP with the help of the TNA to get the 113 life jacket. This they ensured by agreeing to sit with the Government in the back seats. Third, after that again getting appointed as Ministers after the countrywide tension is over, probably for which Ranil has agreed, and carry on until the Presidential election thereafter until November Presidential elections.  The statement made by Ranil that he has ordered the CID to complete inquiries against this band of criminals and rogues in one month also confirms the promise he has made to them. Probably he is planning to get them exonerated as he did to Arjun Mahendram in the first CB scam and take them back to the Cabinet thereafter to continue the gambling and bungling.  This assumption is proved with the latest decision announced by Ranil not to fill those vacancies for the moment and that he has asked the secretaries of those Ministries to overlook the work probably in consultation with the former Ministers. This is no wonder for a government headed by a man who has no concern what so-ever for the people or the country other than remaining in power surrounded by his Royal College cohort until the last minute possible. The latest is the threat by Hakeem to take Political action unless situation is brought under control within a month’ More over   it is now reported that even the resignation papers have not being submitted to President as yet and these Ministers who are supposed to have resigned on the 3rd are still enjoying all the privileges of Ministers and even they occupy the front seats in Parliament. Don’t these events clearly show that this is only a political game of seek and hide manipulated by Ranil to hang on to power.

Therefore the whole country and more particularly the President has to be extremely vigilant and be careful on this conspiracy at this moment. I propose that the President should not reappoint any of these Muslim Ministers even if they are exonerated by Ranils inquiries.  In case Ranil make such a dirty request I suggest the President turns it down and ask the PM to submit a fresh list of Sinhala MPP for these Ministries and teach a lesson to this Ranil the cunning fox and the Wahabian Muslim politicians. I don’t think anyone can challenge that Presidential prerogative to refuse. The whole country will stand by such decision, I can vouch for certain.

At the same time the whole country must agitate and compel the President to

Stop forth with all facilities given to those who have resigned and treat them as ordinary MPP

Disband immediately all personnel staff and facilities that were provided to them and close down their offices.

Also the President should immediately remove the present Secretaries, who were invariably handpicked by the previous Ministers and appoint new Secretaries loyal to the President to ensure uninterrupted service to people.

This cause of action is very necessary to ensure security to vital official documents, to prevent the former Ministers lifting them through their catchers and spies and to cut down the costs to Government. Action also must be taken immediately in regard to personnel staff of all Departments, Corporations and Statutory bodies coming under those Ministries for the same reasons. Also declare the premises out of bounds for all these personal staff so discontinued.

If this is not done the holidaying Ministers could run the Ministries from their homes with pleasure and do enormous damage to your reputation and the country. The President must send them on permanent leave to teach a lesson to Ranil and his cohort. By doing that he can tell these arrogant and prodigal sons and their catchers too, and Ranil & Co that there is a President elected by the people of the whole country as the Head of the State and the Government, Head of the Cabinet and the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces in this country.

The JVP also could be happy at the end as the purpose of their joint NCM conspiracy to save the Yahapalanaya Government is going to get fulfilled. The first part of this tragic comedy has already come to an end. Hopefully it will be complete with the defeat of the JVP NCM motion in Parliament with the support of all anti-Sinhala votes rallied round a common purpose

In this backdrop it is very important to try to understand the broader and deeper conspiracies and long term implications of this type of hasty and narrow political decisions that lack in-depth thinking and analysis on the country’s security and future. The statement made by Badurdeen in Parliament yesterday where he said that you can’t afford to antagonize the Muslim countries is a serious threat to reckon with in this regard I think. I only hope and wish authorities will take this statement very seriously. Far more serious is the open threat made by Hakeem in today’s papers that they will take ‘Political action unless situation under control within a month’. There appears to be a close nexus between his one month deadline and Ranils one month dead line fixed to complete inquiries on allegations against the accused Ministers. Does it mean that the decision to exonerate them is already inked?

Meanwhile I am happy that both the President and PM at last and at least appear to have realized the seriousness of the situation, when both of them have openly said that the resignation of all Muslim Ministers is a dangerous thing. They may have implied different things. But I don’t think both of them have any clear idea about the depth, the seriousness and the far reaching implications or what is brewing under the carpet of vicious conspiracies these Muslim politicians have in their heads. Looking at how they have manipulated the 21st Easter Sunday carnage and their subsequent reactions ending up with en-mass resignation and the statements made subsequently have to be carefully and seriously studied as a precaution against any imminent future disasters as this country cannot afford to have any more.

One thing is crystal clear when you carefully look at the way these Muslim politicians behaved in the aftermath of the 21st disaster. That is they all are a part of this game. There is no doubt about it. Also they are certainly not with us, the Sinhala majority, especially the Buddhists. To me they are real proverbial camels presently and temporally living in Sri Lanka tent with the ultimate vicious objective of ousting us from our own tent which we have made, valiantly protected and jealously guarded for the past 2500 years with the sweat, blood and lives of our forefathers.

Therefore I suggest that the President orders the intelligence personnel to seriously investigate in to all aspects of their behavior and take appropriate action immediately in respect of each one of them before they plan the next disaster where even the President himself could be a target.

Thereafter we have to ensure that these terrorist Muslim politicians are permanently removed from the Sri Lankan political arena to ensure the security of the country and the safety of the people to sustain.

Reflecting back the ancestors of these present day ungrateful Muslim came here on their own in search of greener pastures as traders to this country from the then Arab lands which were all deserts where they had only the burning sun at the deck, sand, dates and camels and finally decided to stay on this salubrious Paradise Island enjoying the sympathy and protection of the benevolent Sinhala Kings, until the advent of British in 1815. Since then over time they developed a mindset to capture this country and destroy the Sinhala Buddhist civilization which we no longer can tolerate as this 25,000 sq mile tiny Island is the only place on earth we Sinhala people have to live and die and untill then to say

This is my own, my native land’ as Sir Walter Scott wrote in his The Patriot.

As the Great Russian leader Putin once said to Arabs in Russia We never asked you to come and if you want to stay in Russia you have to assimilate and live as Russians or else get back to your own countries” Similarly as we have never asked your ancestors to come here you have to adjust and live as Sri Lankans peacefully with the native Sinhala people and be ruled under the Sri Lankan law and not Sharia or Muslim Law. You have to eat and dress, behave think like Sri Lankans but never as Arabian or Indians. You can’t have your mind and heart in some other country and in its culture while you have your body only here to earn your living and pray for some other country. If you can’t, then you have no option but to get back to your own countries because this is our country and our native land as it had been for 2 and ½ millennia.

So I would like to tell Hakeem and crowed to follow suit without giving us headache and killing our people using devils like Saharan and sterilizing Sinhala women going in to thousands using Muslim medical doctors who were brought up and educated with our money. These barbaric and uncivilized actions on their part clearly show their underhand plan to overtake the Tamil and Sinhala population in order to convert this Island to the Third ISIS” State in the near future.

The most important and outstanding feature in their mass resignation is their sense of unity and togetherness as a community which we don’t have in us as Sinhalese. Though they belong to different political parties and different sects, they all think and act alike, like Arabs, when it comes to the Muslim factor. When they come to that, they cease to be UNP, SLFP or any other. The best example in this case is Kabir Hakeem the UNP Chairman who resigned as a Minister. Their common denominator is ‘Muslimness’. What is even more curious is they call themselves a nation called The Muslim Nation” not found anywhere on this earth.  The whole world knows it. The term Muslim refers to those who profess Islam and not to a nation. In Pakistan they are Pakistanis, India Indians Malaysia Malaysians, Iran Iranians etc. Therefore in Sri Lanka as a nation they have to be Sri Lankans and never as Muslim Jatiya as our politicians call them.  

Unfortunately none of our all-knowing politicians seem to know this .That is why they recognize Muslims in this country as a nation (Jatiyak) along with Tamils as another. They are afraid to openly say that only the Sinhala people could be called a nation in this country. Because they are the people who have founded the civilization of this country more than 2500 years ago and they are also the architects of the civilization in this country and therefore the Bhoomiputra (sons of the soil) of this country. On the other hand what is the contribution these Tamils and Muslims have done to the life or culture of this country beside the devastations and destructions they have done from 2nd century BC up to date in the case of Tamils and from 1818 to date in the case of Muslims?

Though they comprise a minority all minorities in this country enjoy more rights than any minority in any other country in the world. Within Sri Lanka they enjoy privileges even more than the majority due to the divide and rule colonial policies left behind by them and the crazy politics of supine Sinhala politicians who go after the minority votes without making any meaningful attempt to consolidate the 75 % Sinhala electorate. For example colonial powers enacted Muslim law for Muslims and Thesavalamei for Tamils while on Sinhale they imposed the Raman Dutch and English Laws while completely destroying the native Sinhala laws that existed for 2 1/2 millennia that was applicable to all people  in this country whether one is a Tamil, Muslim or any other up to 1815. The net result was the tyranny of minority politics in the spear of Sri Lankan politics. Time has come now to stop this discrimination   against the Sinhala majority and restore their lost rights even after 71 year of so-called Independence.

The Lesson Sinhalese have to learn from Muslim and Tamil minority politicians and the Sinhala politicians

Why can’t we Sinhalese also at least now learn a lesson from the behavior of these Muslim Politicians. This is the best time  for all Sinhalese irrespective of where you live or what religion you profess or to what political party you belong to unite as Sinhalese  –SINHALA’ as the common denominator against the minority enemies to save this country first and then the Nation and the religion there after. So making this crisis as a blessing in disguise, why can’t we also unite as a nation at least now forget the UNP/SLFP, SLPP   and JVP and think ‘only as Sinhalese’ and let us find a Leader who can stand up and boldly say that,



    It is only within this homemade and Indigenous framework of national thinking and native culture any one can think of long lasting national reconciliation in this country and never on the utterly irrelevant and alien prescriptions evolved in a different environment imported from western or any other country.

6 Responses to “The hidden joint political conspiracy behind mass exodus of Muslim Ministers from the Cabinet and the Lessons Sinhala politicians have to learn from Muslim politicians, at least now.”

  1. aloy Says:

    Dr. Sudath,
    You are writing this at a time when the pea brained Mahanayakas siting where you are (Mahanuwara) have been coerced by the traitor UNPatiotic rats to appeal for these ministers to get back to their respective positions.They or our rulers (past and present) have the faintest idea about national security or that of the visitors to the country. It has been exposed by the committee sitting in the parliament right now.

    I appreciate what you wrote in your penultimate para in capitalized bold. But it is of no use unless we get a leader who has the same line of thinking as you. I know it will not be anyone of the leaders representing JO; they already had their chances.

  2. aloy Says:

    The problem may be with the system more than the individuals who rule.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Dr. Sudath for the eye opener.

    But we don’t have such “Sinhala” politicians now. In terms of the leadership, only Mrs B would think about the Sinhala nation and Buddhist culture which need protection. No leader of such caliber can be found in the vicinity.

    The other day I saw MR and his team visiting Run-nil and his team in the Temple Trees, while Ven Ratana was performing his Fasting to Death project. These politicians were just taking the things as a joke and all were laughing sarcastically. But in front of poor citizen Silva’s they behave differently, like very responsible leaders. It was pathetic to see their sarcastic type smiles and I was shocked to see our beloved MR behaving in this fashion.

    The only politician who reads this Yahapalana destruction game as a whole is WW. All others in the JO are jokers similar to the Yahap team.

    WW has no proper direction from a leader. He is a very clever operator who see through the things to the very end. But his behaviour and Union Leader type attitude destroys his image. That is the unfortunate bitter truth as I see.

    Gota will be completely different to MR. He will be a honest leader who can protect Sinhalese and their culture. But he will not be given free hand by MR who will bring back the likes of Badiudeen back to power.

    Gota doesn’t seems a joker. I respect his thinking and vision for SL in the economic and future nation building approaches. However, he has to come up with his proposal for saving the Sinhala nation. If he also sings multi culture and multi religion slogans, he is no different to any other opportunistic politicians we have today.

    There is GOOD NEWS also in the horizon. Some group of monks are preparing a master plan for the country and according to them, the Maha Sanga, in a single front, will support whoever accept their proposal. This is the only good news in the air.

    All patriots should give their proposals to this Sanga team.

    If anyone of you are having contact with them, please include the following to your list.
    • Abrogating PCs under 13A,
    • Changing the preferential voting system,
    • A constitution similar to Colvin’s Janaraja Constitution,
    • Power devolution in smaller units,
    • Only one law applicable for the whole Island. That means no to Sharia law,
    • No to officially imposed Halal food,
    • Prohibit face covering “goni Billa” suits,
    • No other rules applicable to different locations and communities such as “Thesawalamey” in Jaffna,
    • No communal political parties,
    • No religious political parties,
    • All education institutes should be managed by the Department of Education with approved Curriculums,
    • Minimum of 12.5% of published votes should be a cut-off point to elect as a MP.

    There will be 100’s of proposals from patriots. Please collect them and forward to this team of monks.

    Please contact Ven. Madagoda Abayathissa thero who is a well-educated and a true patriotic Monk who takes charge of these affairs. He is not connected to any political party. According to him, his leader is Lord Buddha only.

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    I just saw Aloy’s post and 100% agree with him.

    Dr. Sudath, Please find contact details of Ven. Madagoda Abayathissa thero. He is in charge of some teaching unit in Kelaniya University. I suggest you take an appointment with them and see this panel personally. your views may be valuable to them.

  5. Christie Says:

    Our problems got nothing to do with Muslims.

    It is India and Indian Colonial Parasites. We are not alone, it happens in other Indian colonies.

    Great Emperor Narendra Modi Ji is visiting us soon. Jai Hind.


    Dear Sudath – I am in agreement with every word in your excellent analysis of the situation – a real eye-opener!

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