Man from (Pollonnaruwa) drops sarong to prove his innocence to cop (s)! Daily mirror ..
Posted on June 10th, 2019

Dr Sarath obeysekera

It was reported that an individual from Polonnaruwa had proven his innocence to a traffic cop by dropping the sarong he was wearing. The incident is as follows;

A young man had gone to a nearby filling station in his lorry to get a barrel of fuel when his tractor ceased due to fuel exhaustion when ploughing the paddy field. On his return, he had been stopped by a policeman who was on traffic duty to check for his insurance certificate and driving licence. After he had produced the relevant documents, the policeman had taken out his notebook and recorded certain remarks allegedly to file a case against the driver. When he had inquired as to what offence he committed, the policeman had told that he was using his mobile phone while driving. Denying the claim saying he did not have a phone, the drivers had told he would accept any penalty if a phone was found in his possession. When the cop had not found a phone after checking the driver and searching his vehicle, he had asked the driver if he were wearing knickers to which he responded “no” and to prove it, exposed himself by dropping his sarong. He had then been released with a warning. (K.G. Karunaratne)


During the last few weeks we have seen and heard many incidents where lot of people  were caught pants down .

In place of the pants in  is the sarong which  was dropped to show his nakedness 

In today’s context PSC is trying hell bent to catch their leaders sarong down.

Only difference when  sarong is down , you are named and shamed

But the leaders were trying to lift the sarong up and say so what ?”

I remember a small incident when I was running the shipyard . I was walking around the yard just before workers lay down the tools finishing their shift to ensure that none of the workers are in changing rooms before the siren indicating end of the shift 

I was looking up the windows of the changing room to ensure that they are empty.

One young man was standing by one of the glass windows with his sarong down towards me! Giving the message that I do not bloody care

I looked at his Crown Jewels and Shouted Yakko,  umdata oya thiyana ekata wada loku ekkak mata  thiyanawa”

He slowly retreated

Leaders should not stand and watch that their sarong is down but lift it and say go to hell I am innocent

That may be why the leader has said I am not obliging to send any of my men to be crucified with a motive to catch me with sarong down 

Dr Sarath obeysekera

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