Elections for what purpose?
Posted on June 22nd, 2019

Mario Perera Kadawata

Holding elections and ushering in another government under the same existing constitutional provisions, whoever be the winners, is like adding another floor to the same obsolete worthless structure that has long outlived its utility and is crumbling on all sides on its staggering foundation.

Just look at the two most powerful persons of the present government. In cricketing terms they are the opening batsmen representing the political front of the government nationally and internationally. See how they act. They are running in circles breaking each others wickets, mutually running themselves out, while the nation and its supreme court have stuck out their OUT finger in permanence and to their faces. Yet in total disdain they are still running, cutting each others noses to spite not only their own faces but the face of the nation. Sticking that OUT finger in the air will not help. It must be stuck up into them where it counts.

Holding elections under such a system is playing blind man’s bluff. The entire nation would continue to be led by their noses by the rotten and corrupt inmates of the Diyawanna Oya mental asylum unbridled and running amok.

Everything having to do with the present system, just as the system itself is wallowing in the gutter.

Let us face the fact. What this country so urgently needs is not elections, but a REVOLUTION. The Bastille of the Diyawanna Oya has to be stormed. The military will not do it for us. Furthermore a military revolution would be condemned by our ‘master’. the ‘white man boss’.

This nation was built by the Buddhist monks. We still vividly remember the statement of the Kelaniya Declaration that simply told the white boss: GET OUT…something that the parliamentarians of the time could not dare to do. The same holds good for today. The Diyawanna Oya mental asylum must be destroyed by a revolution led by the monks. The Rathana Thero fast was the first stone thrown at it. The Diyawanna Oya mental asylum must go and its foundation,the present constitution must be destroyed.

Until this happens everything else is sheer HOODWINK.

The simple question addressed to the nation is: do you wish to continue being BLIND, and be led by the MAD?

Mario Perera Kadawata

3 Responses to “Elections for what purpose?”

  1. Dilrook Says:


    Elections will not change the plight of the nation. Rotten lot 1 will be replaced by Rotten lot 2. Their supporters will give comparative analysis comparing Rotten lot 1 to 2; not against what is good for the country.

    A true patriot will not do a comparative analysis between Rotten lot 1 and 2. He/she will compare each of these against what is in the national interest. Both lots fail very badly and come close to the LTTE when measured against the national interest yardstick.

    However, a people’s revolution has no chance against a slave military venerating politicians. It will only lead to another 1989 of mass killing of innocent Sinhalese.

    Only solution is the democratic process (elections, etc.)!

    Unless the military takes a sympathetic view to the people who feed them and refuse to carry out war crimes as instructed by politicians.

    The military must always keep out of governance.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Unfortunately so called “Buddhists monks” who are seen on screen are equally corrupt. Military and so called “Ranaviruwos” seen on screens are also equally corrupt. People cannot identify “Good” from Bad and the Ugly. Bad and the Ugly are taking turns becoming Ugly and Bad.

  3. Christie Says:

    Elections in an Indian Colony?

    Since 1956 we Sinhalese have been directly under India. Bandas and JRJ did what India directed.

    The Indian terrorists the Tamil Tigers killed Sinhalese and India’s Sinhala terrorist killed Sinhalese and got Sinhalese killed.

    Genocide of Sinhalese started in 1958 continues in the Indian colony.

    Let us Sinhalese understand this and unite and stand up to the Indian Empire and Indian imperialists.

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