Posted on June 27th, 2019

Dr. Daya Hewapathirane

Building a stronger sense of national identity holds the key to achieving social cohesion, true reconciliation and overall development in our island nation. We need to be united behind the Sinhala Buddhist norms and values that historically underly our nation.

Genuine Sri Lankan patriots, should not under any circumstances let our nation’s wholesome Buddhist cultural inheritance be undermined and eroded away by extremist Muslim religious and cultural trends that are totally incompatible with the enviable Buddhist social values that form the basis of life of this historic Sinhala Buddhist island nation of ours. As patriotic citizens of this nation, we are duty-bound to work towards transforming and changing whatever harmful and undesirable trends evident in our motherland. It is important that we firmly reinforce Buddhist principles that constitute the basis of the national culture of Sri Lanka.

Muslim communalism and religious extremism are not in-keeping with Buddhist norms and principles.  Attempting to implant norms and behavior patterns of Muslim countries aimed at being exclusive and different to the long established social and cultural norms of our nation has a strong and highly undesirable divisive effect on our society.

Buddhist leadership in our country, especially the traditional custodians of our nation’s cultural and values – our Bhikkhus, are duty-bound to prevent attempts by anyone to undermine the long-established Buddhist socio-cultural norms of our nation. They should necessarily be in the forefront to confront and contain in a legitimate manner, any extremist and divisive trends on the part of Muslims or any non-indigenous community who have been accommodated in our nation. It is clear from events in the recent past, that in general, separatism, divisiveness and terrorism appear to dominate the thoughts of the minority communities – the Muslims and Tamils who have made Sri Lanka their home. This attitude inevitably prevents them from developing a sense of belonging to the nation and cultivating better relationships with the mainstream community. This parochial attitude prevents extremist elements from appreciating the worthy principles and values that characterize the Sri Lankan nation, and that give this nation its identity as a peace-loving unique nation in the world.

The development path of our country needs to be built from the grassroots, based on its Buddhist cultural foundation. It should involve the development of strong local economies in which producer-consumer links are shortened and cultural values are respected and peaceful coexistence in harmony with the environment and all diverse people are assured.


  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sri Lanka has the dubious distinction to be the only country on the planet ruled by the minorities. Why? Because
    Sinhalese are divided almost 50/50 since SWRD broke away from the UINPatriotic_rats party (seedless) aka
    United National Ponnayinparty. Ever since, UNPatriotic_rats have been dividing Sinhalese and making minorities
    king makers for their votes. As a result Sinhalese have become voiceless, pariahs in their own country. Prime example of this is, war displaced Sinhalese still languishing in the north and the east, tamils, mussies have even taken over government lands and settle down their breeds. Nobody from either camp bothered to open their
    mouths fearing losing tamil and mussie votes.

    Tamils and mussies even decide where Sinhalese should live in their own country, (while the ungrateful … live
    all over the country comfortably), decide how the National Anthem sung, where Buddhist temples should be etc.
    etc. Sinhalese have been a miserable lot thanks to UNPatriotic_rats who divides us. This is the last chance to
    wipe the traitor …. for good from the political map of Sri Lanka. Then, to teach a lesson to all the traitors who
    have been destroying Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism should be severely punished before starting
    development of the country.

    What we need is an honest, patriotic leader to develop this small yet beautiful country. First step will be to give
    media full freedom without fearing for their lives, unlike the traitor alugosuwa thambi mudiyanselage jr@, traitor
    alugosuwa lk porisada (Richard Pieris, Sagarika Gomez, Premakeerth Alwis etc. etc. list is too long) era. Then,
    politicians will be ‘policed’ by the media and they will start respecting the law of the land. Once the deshapaluwan
    are scared to steal, country will start booming. Abolish mini thieves den thambi mudiyanselage jr@ created
    every 75 miles which tamils and mussies have been using to promote their drealam and mussiesthan. Remove
    mini tamil and mussie enclaves in the north and east and limit 2 children to a family to stop mussie baby farms.
    Ban race based parties, ban race based schools (which they use to fill up to the rafters to hide real numbers and promote segregation), and teach Buddhism (the only true religion in the world; ask Einstein, Darwin, Arthur C Clarke, Google to see the size of the universe or why Buddhism’s Five Precepts are used as their penal code in every country under the sun etc.).

    See there are a lot of things to do to get the country on the right path to development. Traitor alugosuwa lk
    porisada’s son recently said it is better to be begging than rich. Insane, uneducated, brainless, you do your
    maths. Once the anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka, anti Buddhist, traitor UNPatriotic_rats are wiped out, minorities
    will behave, Sinhalese will have a voice, country will have one law for everyone, and Sri Lanka will be a
    prosperous, safe place for all the inhabitants and the visitors.

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