Petition filed on legality of Bandulal’s motion on death penalty
Posted on August 7th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

A petition has been filed at the Supreme Court seeking a ruling that the Private Member’s Bill presented to the parliament by MP Bandulal Banadarigoda on the abolishment of the death penalty is not unconstitutional.

The Attorney General has been named the respondent of this petition file by Prof. C. Gunaratne from Nugegoda.

On August 01, MP Bandulal Bandarigoda tabled a Private Member’s Motion at the parliament containing provisions to abolish the death penalty.

The petitioner pointed out that no clause in the proposal would violate the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

Accordingly, the petitioner has requested the Supreme Court to grant a ruling that the motion could be passed by an ordinary majority in Parliament.

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