To prevent balkanization of India – remove 13a in Sri Lanka
Posted on August 9th, 2019

When US pivots to Asia as a strategy it means Americas political, diplomatic, trade, economic, cultural focus is all shifted to Asia, it also means, its associated alliances, partners, its covert/overt teams will all come with them. How prepared is Asia and in particular is India for this & what ramifications will India be subject to?

Who are America’s Western partners – all of the EU countries, NATO partners, Israel, Australia – in short the Western liberal white nations

Who are America’s Other partner countries – pro-US Islamic countries headed by Saudi, Japan & unfortunately India as well as smaller nations that think it a pride to be plugged with the West inspite of its horrific checklist of crimes.

Who are America’s silent partners – the Mainstream media, the NGOs, faith-based organizations steered by the Church & other Evangelical/Born Again groups, INGOs, the UN, local NGOs/CSOs funded by Western Governments, Human Rights Organizations & their activists, lawyers, diaspora groups operating from western climes etc

Who are America’s terror partners – Al Qaeda, ISIS and other groups that have direct or indirect links to US via its intel organizations. Wherever US pivots too Islamic terror follows, or wherever Islamic terror strikes US pivots to, as a crusader to ‘end terror’ – well that’s the excuse given.

We all know that Tamil youth were taken and trained in India but was this India’s strategy or did the West encourage this as part of a bigger plan? Let’s assume that upto Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination LTTE were steered by India, then it is safe to assume thereafter LTTE was manipulated by West for its gains through NGOs, the Church (Father Emmanuel, Bishop Rayappu Joseph, and many other Church heads were openly canvasing for LTTE)

LTTE had opened offices in the West, its Diaspora heads were manipulating charity systems in the West & the Western govts did nothing about it, LTTE lobbies were openly campaigning for LTTE and foreign governments had no qualms about their parliamentarians even attending LTTE functions  – but they did ban LTTE and they did carry out a few cosmetic arrests but nothing close to what they could have done and should have done to end terror using their own country laws against terror. Aunty Adele is happily living in UK enjoying all the wealth of the LTTE kitty and this is the woman who trained children to kill people and commit suicide if caught!

All throughout Sri Lanka’s conflict a barrage of players sponsored by the West were not only entering Sri Lanka but India as well – they came as conflict resolutionists, helping to build homes, helping women & children, helping to put up water & other utilities, helping to provide livelihoods – you name it they had a program designed for it & plenty of money to throw around. Is it a surprise that while all this was happening, Hindus were getting converted as most of the NGOs operating were proud ‘Christian’ organizations? They claim to promote equality and anti-discrimination but their Vision, Mission & Objectives clearly stated them to be ‘Christian’ NGOs/organizations.

All of these entities we know were undercover operations – on the surface they present themselves as doing a great service to society but those that fund them use the staff for undisclosed purposes and the data they gather and information they give is tactfully used for other bigger plans which staff are clueless about.

Buying over media personalities & other local heads & personalities moving in the public domain has been easy – money, position & bribery using age old never failed tricks have worked wonders to lure them.

What has been happening in Sri Lanka has been happening parallel in India and India is well aware of it as unlike Sri Lanka, it has taken some strong steps to curtain NGO/faith-based operations but rather late in the day. The manner that conversions have penetrated deep into rural India is seen by statistics alone.

All these operations are aligned to time-tested success ploy of divide and rule and it has worked well to demonize the majority in both India and Sri Lanka by the UN, associate NGOs/INGOs, foreign media partnering with local media, local stooges, purchased politicians and minority leaders & their representative bodies. The modus operandi has been to place the minority in powerful positions and use them to bring legislative and legal changes that stir the nerves of the majority – in India, the Hindus, in Sri Lanka the Sinhala Buddhists. The world is given no balanced version of things as UN & its associate entities, human rights activists etc are quick to jump to the scene and condemn the REACTION but totally IGNORE mentioning the ACTIONS that led to the reactions.

Putting all this into the current context – India must realize that India has been taken up the garden path playing on India’s aspirations to be a permanent member of the UNSC, thinking India to be on par with the powerful nations and in exchange becoming the bully of Asia on behalf of the West against all of India’s neighbors. It is no surprise that none of India’s neighbors will shed any tears if India is balkanized. However, balkanization of India is not good for India nor is it beneficial to South Asia or the Asian continent especially when we know the record sheet of the players that push for creation of micro states – Kosovo and South Sudan and two perfect examples of what Sri Lanka or India should not become.

LTTE enabled the West to discretely set up in both Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka, with US pivot to Asia, India should wake up to the fact that Kashmir and Sikh separatism now coming to the open is no coincidence. True enough the self-determination in Sri Lanka for Tamils was only to mark time until the West was ready to play its cards on India, but we all know the real self-determination is meant for Tamil Nadu (either annexing Sri Lanka or separate)

This is why it is to India’s benefit that India agrees to repeal 13th amendment where the provisions will be beneficial to the West if it does balkanize India while manipulating its benefits in Sri Lanka to its advantage, which was something we all predicted but India chose to ignore.

It is to India’s advantage that India shifts its big bully policy on Sri Lanka as well as other bordering nations and quickly devise means to handle the Western interventions/interferences in Asia.

India should take seriously the MCC agreement together with ACSA & SOFA and the detrimental ACTs/Statutes being drafted and passed in Sri Lanka by foreigners. The regime change India helped take place in Sri Lanka in January 2015 has enabled West to place their stooges in all important roles that are making drastic and dangerous changes to Sri Lanka’s entire administrative and security systems. All of these changes will soon impact on India as well.

If Sri Lanka becomes a Western base in lieu of Diego Garcia it is only a matter of time that what happened to the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia will happen to India. As India will have to grudgingly agree – India was kept clueless about ACSA, SOFA, MCC, Land Privatization Act, Land Bank and many other dangerous ACTS that have been passed.

India’s intel warnings on Islamic terror is a tad bit late because the operatives are now either in sleeper cells or moving about freely with the assistance of its masters and we all know the countries that nurture them. Islamic terror is going to be the latest ploy used in the West’s pivot to Asia – let us not forget Asia holds the highest number of Muslims and the spread of Wahhabism is another tool that facilitates West’s pivot to Asia for terror comes aligned to West’s ‘war on terror’.

We in Sri Lanka have cultural ties with India. True India has been a bully, but we are all intelligent enough to realize that India should not become the first domino in the neocolonial agenda of the West via transnational corporations & profit-hungry politicians linked to them.

If we see the larger picture of what is likely to happen to India, it is for India to now realize that it is in India’s best interest to link up with Sri Lanka, not with hidden intent to bully or influence it, but to help each other safeguard the sovereignty of both India & Sri Lanka.

The West may be able to buy a miniscule number of unrepresentative people who are propped up only by the power of the funding they receive based on the importance given to them via the West. These roles need to now be reversed and these anti-India/Sri Lanka lobby displaced and in their place a new team of people to take over. With elections forthcoming in Sri Lanka, it is to India’s advantage to offer a handshake of proper diplomacy instead of one hand of goodwill and a knife in the other. For starters, 13a must go & India must help remove this.

Shenali D Waduge

13 Responses to “To prevent balkanization of India – remove 13a in Sri Lanka”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Not so. The oppositte is true.

    If Sri Lanka is unified (remove 13A) that frustrates 85 million Tamils desiring nationhood. Then their nationhood demand will once again revert back to India. This was the case until 1962. India banned all forms of separatism and political parties that promoted separatism. As a result it found a new outlet in Sri Lanka.

    India’s best guarantee of unity of Tamilians with India is to divide Sri Lanka. That was why India drafted and used invasion and gunboat diplomacy to get the 13A passed. India continues to push for Tamil Eelam.

    On the other hand, India cancelled Kashmir’s special status. Now it is not a “state” but a centrally administered union territory.

    This is what Sri Lanka must do but Sri Lanka’s federal constitution (post 13A) does not allow it!

    For the record, no presidential election candidate (except Nagananda but he has no chance of winning) is willing to remove 13A. On the contrary, they are actively teaming up with separatists for Tamil Eelam Independence.

    e.g. Perumal

    The realistic view of things is that Sri Lanka is cursed with doom and gloom no matter who wins. Pre election false optimism will fade away after the election as in 2010 and 2015.

  2. Mario Perera Says:

    The realistic view of things is that Sri Lanka is cursed with doom and gloom no matter who wins. – Dilrook.

    This is the stark truth.

    Ananda has labelled Dilrook as ”pessimistic”. It is true that the truth is disconcerting and propels people out of their zone of self assurance and comfort. But that does not mean that we must act like the cock of cock-a-doodle-doo fame. As the French say: Le coq est le seul animal capable de chanter les pieds dans la merde = the cock is the only animal capable of singing while both feet are stuck in the shit. This is what the glorification of ideal candidates is all about: singing with both feet in the shit.

    But of course the game of writing and analyzing will continue unabated. It has now reached the stage of becoming ‘FUN’. But ‘fun’ for some could well turn into ‘fury’ for others. A drama that won Island-wide fame in 1969 was titled: apata puthey magak nethey. The ‘puthas’ with no future made an armed attempt at carving out a path for themselves in 1971. But the ‘Amma’ of that time slaughtered them. And so the slogan: apata puthey magak nethey turned out to be an absolute truth. Yet hope always conquers pain. And so it happened again in 1989. What this proves is that hope is indomitable and will always conquer pain.

    An example are the caravans and boat-loads if migrants in every part of the world, climbing and falling, swimming and sinking, yet reaching out for a better world. Sri Lanka is no exception. Though wandering in the gloom and faced with doom the people of this land will throw their arms in the air in protest. At first those hands will be clutching the air while their throats will utter harmless cries. But one predictable day things will change. Those thrust-out hands will be clasping weapons of destruction while those throats will shouting war cries.

    This is totally a ‘natural’ human phenomenon. When faced with the brink death loses its restraining power. Without a future people have nothing to live for. So will death lose its sting. Faced with doom and gloom a violent uprising is on the cards. The wait is for a leader. It would be the ardent wish of all that any such eventual uprising be nevertheless weapon-less. In that it is the leader who will have the final say.

    Mario Perera, Kadawata

  3. Randeniyage Says:

    For the record, no presidential election candidate (except Nagananda but he has no chance of winning) is willing to remove 13A. On the contrary, they are actively teaming up with separatists for Tamil Eelam Independence. – Dilrook

    If so everyone should at least pretend to support Naganada, until the crooks get scared of loosing and include these essential promises.

    1. Remove 13A
    2. Remove minority Laws
    3. New amendment specifying ” Sri Lanka is a Buddhist State” like Naganada.

    Sure Nagananda will loose specially no minority will vote for him, but we at least get other candidates to make the promise, regardless of they keep the promise or not.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sri Lanka is ON TRACK to be GREAT AGAIN!

    Pohottuwa Convention accepts Mahinda Rajapaksa as Party Leader and Gothabhaya Rajapaksa as Candidate for President!


    Ratna Deepa, Janma Bhumi
    Lanka Deepa Vijaya Bhumi
    Mey Apey Udaaru Wu
    Maathru Bhumiyayi!
    Maathru Bhumiyayi!

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lack of a mechanism to regulate non-profits’ funds is a problem – Minister

    Aug 11, Colombo: Minister of Internal and Home Affairs and Provincial Councils and Local Government, Vajira Abeywardena says that the lack of a mechanism to look into non-profit organizations registered to bring money to the country is a serious problem.

    He was speaking at the Government Agents’ Conference held at the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA) in Colombo.

    Currently there are over 3000 trusts registered as non-profit institutes and organizations in Sri Lanka. These organizations are run according to the ordinances that have existed since the time our country was known as Ceylon. These ordinances are not suitable for today.”

    “According to the present law, such a trust can be registered in a Government Agent’s office. These trusts are registered and they bring various types of money into the country. There is no follow up mechanism to investigate these organizations. This is already a problem for the country,” the Minister pointed out.

    “The Government and the countries that have been giving aid and loans to our country have inquired about this since 2012. But we have not given any answers. The government should answer this.”

    The Minister said there should be a regulation to monitor these nonprofit organizations, otherwise obtaining financial aid for the country will be a problem.

    He added that the current financial system does not match with the existing law on the Trusts. Minister Vajira Abeywardena said the government has paid attention to the issue and prepared the necessary documents in this regard. Therefore, the Government Agents should look into the registration of trusts at district-level and obtain the necessary information.

  6. Dilrook Says:

    Unfortunately despite many good points, Gotabaya’s policy does not contain anything to unify Sri Lanka from its 9 pieces. It is acceptance that Sri Lanka will always be divided.

    And there will be minority laws and Sri Lanka will not be a Buddhist State.

    None of these will happen under Gotabaya or Karu/Sajith.

    1. Remove 13A
    2. Remove minority Laws
    3. New amendment specifying ” Sri Lanka is a Buddhist State”

    As I said, this is Sri Lanka’s inevitable (emphasis) fate.

  7. Ratanapala Says:

    India’s best bet – Strong and Neutral Neighbours!

    India’s best bet is to have strong and neutral neighbours. Weak neighbours will forever constitute a threat to India’s sovereignty by ending up as conduits for external power machinations. This is why India should make way for a strong and neutral Sri Lanka not subservient to any outside powers – be they the Western Christian Powers, the Islamic Middle East – Petro Dollar Powers nor to the hegemonic interests of the emerging economic giant – China. For this the 13 A and the Provincial Councils must go. Sri Lanka should be one whole and centrally administered with power devolved only through smaller entities such as the districts and nothing more. There should not be any room for divisive tendencies or fiefdoms. It is in the best interests of India to ensure this happens for a weak Sri Lanka could easily end up either in the American Camp or in the Chinese Camp!

  8. Ananda-USA Says:


    NOTHING is cast in stone, EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE, if we STRIVE TOWARDS it!

    Gota will get the ADVICE that he DARE NOT IGNORE from the PATRIOTIC Buddhist Community; we will be there NIGHT & DAY to make certain our PATRIOTIC DEMANDS for PRESERVING the INTEGRITY of our Motherland, and its ESSENTIAL CHARACTER as a Sinhala Buddhist Nation are met!


    HOPE & WORK for the BEST, but PREPARE for the WORST!


  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    REPEAL the 13A and 19A, get RID of Provincials Councils, just as India REPEALED Articles 370 and 35A by Presidential Decree and made itself MORE IMMUNE to SEPARATISM!

    What is GOOD for the Indian GOOSE that IMPOSED 13A on Sri Lanka, should be GOOD for the Sri Lankan GANDER to FREE ITSELF of the Indian Chain of the 13A!

    INSTEAD of PCs, introduce a District Administration under APPOINTED District Governors, and create a SENATE in Parliament!


    NO NEED for REDUNDANT BUREAUCRACY of Provincial Councils! STREAMLINE Governance in Sri Lanka eliminating Centers of Separatism!

    Kashmir episode further dims chances of devolution of power to Sri Lankan Tamils

    Aug 12 (BDN) What is happening in India now in regard to federalism and devolution of power to Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir (J and K) region could further dims prospects of Sri Lankan Tamils’ getting power devolution beyond what they have been given de facto under the 13th Amendment of the Sri Lankan constitution.

    Through a Presidential Order on August 5, the Indian central government headed by strongman Narendra Modi, nullified Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian constitution which had given J and K State a large degree of autonomy. The Presidential Order also divided the State of J and K into two Union territories with very much less autonomy.

    This was done with three objectives in mind: to fight Pakistan-inspired terrorism and separatism in J and K; to integrate J and K with India fully, and to facilitate economic development, hitherto hampered by restrictions placed by Art 370 and Art 35A on the application of Indian laws to J and K, and on the influx of labour and capital from outside the State.


    In a significant interview to the Tamil daily Virakesari last Saturday, former Sri Lankan president and head of the opposition Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Mahinda Rajapaksa said that the devolution debate in the country will have to take into account the developments in J and K.

    Rajapaksa did not elaborate, but given his expressed concern about national security in the context of perceived threats from Islamic terrorism and Tamil separatism, it was clear that he approved the steps taken by the Narendra Modi regime in India.

    “There are two strands of opinion now. Some want a new constitution. Some want a federal arrangement. And some say that a political solution based on the 13th Amendment would suffice. But a solution should not be one that divides the country. Look at what has just happened in Kashmir. We need to take steps keeping all these in mind. We have to understand these factors while we pursue a political solution,” Rajapaksa said.

    Adding weight to this contention, Rajapaksa said that the SLPP’s candidate for the December 2019 Sri Lankan presidential election would be a person who would “strengthen national security”.

    By Saturday it was clear that the SLPP’s presidential candidate would be Mahinda’s brother and former defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, known for his no-nonsense approach to terrorism, separatism and devolution of power. He is also seen as a proponent of majoritarianism like Modi, a line favoured by Mahinda.

    Gotabaya’s chances of winning have been enhanced by three factors: the Apr 21 multiple bombings carried out by Islamic zealots; the disregard shown to timely intelligence inputs from India about the attacks; and the progressive and manifest weakening of the Lankan security apparatus under the United National Party (UNP)- led government.

    Given such a prospect, the UNP-led government’s bid to frame a new constitution to give greater power to the provinces in tune with the aspirations of the Tamil minority, is likely to be abandoned. In fact, it has been abandoned.

    The bid to draft a new constitution had reached a final stage, but the government chickened out at the last moment because of perceived opposition both within the UNP and the opposition.

    Speaking in parliament on July 26, Rajapaksa said: “After holding many discussions and releasing numerous reports over a period of more than two and a half years, on Jan 1, the prime minister tabled in Parliament a document which was described as the report of the panel of experts of the Steering Committee of the Constitutional Assembly.”

    “Even in presenting that document to parliament, the prime minister insisted that its contents are not the views of the government but only of the panel of experts that compiled the report. Ultimately the report that was tabled in Parliament had no owner. How can a constitutional reform process succeed when nobody takes responsibility for the drafts that are tabled in parliament?”

    “We are resolutely opposed to the draft constitution that was presented to parliament by the Prime Minister. It would have had the effect of dividing Sri Lanka into nine semi-independent states. It contained proposals to set up nine separate police forces, and provisions that would have made it impossible for the centre to take back any powers devolved to the provincial units.”

    “Some say that I too spoke of ’13 Plus’ – a system of government going beyond the provisions of the 13th Amendment. I once told the then Indian Foreign Secretary that I was thinking of establishing a second chamber of Parliament made up of representatives of the provincial councils so as to get provincial leaders to participate in national affairs. It was the Indian Foreign Secretary who described my idea as 13 Plus. So it should be understood that what I meant by 13 Plus was not dividing the country into nine semi-independent units as proposed in the draft constitution that was tabled by the prime minister.”

    “The draft constitution that was presented to Parliament was prepared by (Tamil National Alliance) parliamentarian Sumanthiran and some NGO activists. After presenting it to Parliament, the Prime Minister repeatedly denied ownership of the document. Ultimately it appears that this government had taken the Tamil National Alliance too for a ride. ”

    “Parliamentarian Sumanthiran always drafts constitutional amendments that will lead to a separate state without the name. They have stated their views very clearly on paper.”

    With Gotabaya likely to win the coming presidential election given the felt need among the majority Sinhalese for a strong and functioning government in contrast to the bumbling and directionless incumbent UNP-led regime, the chances of the minority Tamils getting power devolution beyond what is available de facto are slim indeed.

    Read More:: BDN (Source)

  10. Randeniyage Says:

    I thank Ananda-USA for making some demands.

    However, the following proposals are equally dangerous.

    INSTEAD of PCs, introduce a District Administration under APPOINTED District Governors, and create a SENATE in Parliament!

    ELIMINATE the PM’s post in Parliament, and STRENGTHEN the EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY FURTHER!(/em>

    Sri Lanka cannot afford paying and paying to so many administrators and politicians. All these must come to a STOP. In your 2nd demand,it seems trust the younger more. But remember they don’t live forever. if you strengthen EP further, next Sirisena will destroy the country.

    Also from the dialogue above what I understand is the same old song. This has to be stopped by making strong demands and threatening to support others than keeping on praising candidates.
    They are paid by poor people’s taxes. They should work for the people not for those who live in luxury of western countries.

  11. Dilrook Says:

    District devolution is far more dangerous than provincial devolution!

    With the District, the entire north and east won’t change. Sinhalese are a minority in each district.

    But it adds new trouble spots – Nuwara Elia – outright Tamil majority.
    Puttlam and Colombo – minority kingmakers.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:



    You didn’t read/understand what I said. I said DISTRICT Level ADMINISTRATION by a District Governor APPOINTED by the President.

    That is not an ELECTED office, and the District Administration officials are NOT ELECTED either.

    This is very much like the “Government Agents” who administered the District during the British Colonial period.

    The ONLY ELECTED officials should be the Members of the National Parliament, and if one is created the UPPER HOUSE …. the SENATE.

    In this way, Sri Lanka can REDUCE the number of ELECTED Officials, especially thosewho are ELECTED to sub-national units like the Provinces. It is having ELECTED OFFICIALS in sub-national units that encourages and aiuds and abets SEPARASTISM.

    There is NO DEVOLUTION in what I proposed. In FACT it ELIMINATED the current DEVOLUTION via the Provincial Councils!

    People are HEARTILY SICK of supporting the USELESS BRIBE-PRONE TAX-SUPPORTED SEPARATISM-PRONE BAGGAGE represented by the Provincial Governments. I PROPOSE to GET RID OF THEM, and ENABLE DIRECT RULE from the Center at the DISTRICT Level!

  13. Randeniyage Says:

    Currently we do have equivalent of government agents for every district. They come through civil service. Appointing a “district governor” by the by an elected president will only hinder their work. With current political system, it will be another useless “henchaiya” of an elected president, interfering unnecessarily , making a way of being rich, more and more politician worshiping to go on.

    Gothabhaya already spoke against 13a 6 years ago only to be shut down by the baggage he carry.
    Judges will also be appointed by the president, so will all the diplomats. It will go on in the same way.
    Challenge is to work against the desires of the good old days of “development” and work really for the motherland.

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