Swiss Embassy Staffer to be Flown to Switzerland
Posted on December 4th, 2019

I. de Silva London, Ontario Canada

Hon. HansPeter Mick
Ambassador for Switzerland in Sri Lanka 63 Gregory’s Road Colombo 7 Sri Lanka

Dear Sir:   

                      Reference Your Action to Fly a Sri Lankan Citizen and Her Family to Switzerland

News reports claim that you have intervened to request the Sri Lankan Government to assist you in flying a Sri Lankan citizen and her family to Switzerland. Apparently this individual was stopped on the road, outside the embassy.  You claim that this individual is a staff member of the Swiss Embassy in Colombo. You have not indicated what this sudden “illness” is. It is strange that she had no “illness” when she was in your embassy but suddenly became ill on the road outside the embassy and that this sudden illness requires and ambulance aircraft to fly her out of Sri Lanka. 

It is essential that you provide the following information to protect the general public from this sudden illness.

Did you seek a medical opinion on her illness while she was in the embassy?

Is the illness contagious that it requires her family to also be flown to Switzerland?
What about all the others with whom she had contact both in the embassy and outside?  Do they not need to be advised what the illness is so that they could get  medical treatment?
It is your responsibility to advise the general public immediately.  When are you going to provide the Sri Lankan Government and the general public in Sri Lanka the information on this sudden and grave illness that requires treatment in Switzerland? 
  Please advise the Sri Lankan public immediately.  Based on the information you provide, the Sri Lankan Government should decide whether this act was genuine or a hoax. If it was genuine, you are to be commended. If it is a “hoax” then it is imperative that the Sri Lankan Government request the Government of Switzerland to recall you immediately.
Yours truly,
I. de Silva London, Ontario Canada

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