Hela Budhu Saviya pledges support and backing to the Government and people of Myanmar in their hour of crisis.
Posted on December 16th, 2019

Ven. Budugala Jinawansa Thera President Hela Budhu Saviya

December 16, 2019

His Excellency

U Win Myint

The President of Myanmar


Your Excellency,

We are deeply concerned with the allegations made against Myanmar at the International Court of Justice, and the denigration of Myanmar world – wide by the International Media working hand in glove with sinister NGO groups having a diabolical anti – Buddhist agenda. They are blatantly using the bogey of Human Rights and false and misleading accusations of Genocide to name and shame countries, that are truly independent, assert sovereign rights of free nations, and do not bow down to western diktat.

Today it is Myanmar. Tomorrow it will be Sri Lanka. Having destroyed Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan without being held to account for their crimes, the very same western countries are now strategically using Muslims to destroy the foundations of Buddhist countries.  

Both Myanmar and Sri Lanka have a shared past linked to Theravada Buddhism running for over a thousand years. History shows that both countries had assisted each other in times of crisis when the survival of each country was at stake. An existential threat from a common source intending to displace Buddhism in both countries persists today. This trend is clearly visible in the narrative of the disappearance and replacement of Buddhism in several Asian countries during the last one thousand years.

The Dharmic (Indo – Buddhist) world must take cognizance of these historical developments and ask the question whether the current happenings in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand (all Theravada Buddhist countries now besieged ) are but a continuation of a tailored process set in motion over a thousand years ago to dislodge and finally replace Buddhism from its traditional primacy in Buddhist Asia.

British colonial rulers must take blame for much of Myanmar’s contemporary troubles, having intentionally stoked tensions between its Bamar Buddhist majority and ethnic minorities through a strategy of divide and rule,” sowing seeds of resentment between the Bamar and minorities like the Rohingya.

Will the British also take responsibility for bringing most Rohingyas from Bengal in the 19th and 20th centuries as cheap labour to work in Burmese paddy fields, in a manner similar to bringing Indian Tamils as indentured labour to Sri Lanka then called Ceylon to work in tea plantations without the consent of the Kandyan Sinhalese people, and whose traditional lands were forcefully grabbed by the British under the draconian Waste Lands Ordinance, 1840 ? 

We take the view that the elected Government of Myanmar with a mandate to protect the citizens of Myanmar, had no other choice but to send its armed forces to Rakhine in order to protect Buddhists, Hindus, and various indigenous Tribal Groups, who faced the wrath of ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) and the Bengali Muslims who had infiltrated Rakhine heavily with intent to grab land and dispossess the original inhabitants namely the citizens of Myanmar, from their traditional home land in Rakhine.  

We further take the view that what the Government of Myanmar is doing is absolutely right, in protecting Myanmar’s interest in the face of OIC funded propaganda. The So called Rohingyas are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Where was ICJ and UN when Bangladesh was ethnic cleansing Buddhist tribes (Chakma, Marma, Tripura etc.) from Chittagong Hill Tracts?”

A propaganda war has been launched against Myanmar by the OIC and the highly prejudiced international media such as Al Jazeera that totally ignores the Bengali Muslim land grab that blights Rakhine, the Chittagong Hill Tracts (Bangladesh), and various parts of India including Assam.

A similar situation of organized and co -ordinated violence arose in Sri Lanka, when on Easter Sunday April 21, 2019, suicide bombers linked to radical Islamic terrorist groups killed 259 people and injured over 500 people.   Three churches and three luxury hotels in Colombo were targeted in a series of coordinated terrorist suicide bombings.

The failure to counter aggressive Abrahamic incursions can only lead to the shrinking of Buddhist space and Territory in South Asia, South East Asia and the Far East.

We admire the moral courage of Myanmar in standing up to foreign invaders. Much of Asia was once under European colonial rule for centuries. People in Asian countries fought for their freedom and liberty from Western colonial occupation, and finally obtained independence. But this independence is now again under threat from neo – colonialism.   

Organization of Islamic Co – operation (OIC) is in the picture via Gambia. The absence of the equivalent of an OIC in the Buddhist world such as a summit level League of Buddhist Nations, is worrisome. While European Christian heritage nations are protected heavily by the European Union (EU) and NATO, and Islamic countries have the powerful 57 member OIC to take up their cause at the drop of a hat, Buddhist countries unfortunately lack an effective international Buddhist organization with clout to adequately defend them at a time of crisis.

Between Turkey and Indonesia, there are only four non – Muslim countries, namely the pre-dominantly Hindu India, and three predominantly Buddhist countries, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand. They all face threats to their survival from armed violence and demographic change.

Hela Budhu Saviya wishes to express concern, at these developments which threaten the future of Buddhist nations.  The people of Sri Lanka and Myanmar have a long history of friendship and solidarity. We express our continued support and admiration to an Asian Heroine namely the State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi for her great courage and perseverance in the face of continued threats and intimidation.  

You are not alone.

Hela Budhu Saviya pledges support and backing to the Government and people of Myanmar in their hour of crisis.

May the Triple Gem Bless you

Ven. Budugala Jinawansa Thera

President Hela Budhu Saviya

Sri Lanka

One Response to “Hela Budhu Saviya pledges support and backing to the Government and people of Myanmar in their hour of crisis.”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    These rohingya mussies kept creeping over the border from hell hole bangladesh to fertile lands of Myanmar for
    decades and then started mussies’ dirty, disgusting, subhuman trick of multiplying like …. to outnumber the natives.
    This is what these crafty, untrustworthy mussies did to old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh,
    maldives, malaysia and indonesia. Within a few hundred years of mussie arrivals in those countries with their mussie baby machine wives, they multiplied, multiplied and multiplied and outnumbered the natives.

    Mussies go in all four to non-mussie countries to get sympathy and then multiply like ….. Once the numbers are high enough, the ungrateful, crafty, murderous traitors start murdering the natives brutally of course to have maximum impact. So the natives have no choice either they should convert to the prehistoric, mythical god-based religion or flee the country.

    There is only one question Aung San Suu Kyi should ask these human right hypocrites. Do you like these mussie
    baby farmers to come to your country and breed and breed and murder you brutally and rob your country. If you all human right monkeys says yes, then she is responsible for genocide. Send the mussie baby farmers to holland, norway, uk, us etc. etc hypocrites. We all sure they will embrace the baby farmers and ask for more to come! Bloody hypocrites!

    People used to worship trees, rivers, mountains, gods in the olden days in the absence of science. Charles Darwin
    buried mythical gods for good nearly 200 years ago (similar to The Buddha explained about the two legged
    creatures). Then NASA’s missions showed the universe is a vast vast vast place where distances are measured in light years and no scientist knows where the edges are to date. NASA also showed that the earth’s size is a grain
    of sand in the vast vast vast universe. Just like The Buddha explained over 2,500 years ago. Goat creating a grain of sand for 7 billion+ plus to live? Why didn’t the goat create it to like Jupiter or some vast vast planet?

    What’s more, while all the museums in the world dedicate a large section to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and no place for mythical gods. Furthermore, all the law courts under the sun use Buddhism’s Five Precept as their penal codes for punishing culprits who break Five Precepts (all the sins imaginable by two legged creatures). Buddhism has no rich, powerful organisations or paid staff or mass breeding to propagate the only true religion in the world. As The Buddha explained in His teachings it’s up to the individual to live this life well and make the next one even better and finally, finally stop being reborn. No forcing down other people’s throats, no mass breeding. That’s a
    real, true religion all honest two legged creatures will admit without any dispute.

    Aung San Suu Kyi you saved Myanmar and her people from brutal mass breeders from becoming old Buddhist
    Myanmar. We in Sri Lanka are under serious threat from mussie mass breeders since the previous treacherous,
    anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats promoted mussie baby farmers for
    so long for their votes. Mussies are simply mass breeders. Wherever the menace go, trouble starts. Why? Mass breeding causes unrest since the new breeds will need more houses, more food, more water, more schools, more hospitals, more air, more space, more roads, more cars, more bikes etc. etc. It’s all more, more, more, more.
    Only thing it will create is more mass breeders. Is there any wonder then? While the grain of sand getting smaller
    smaller mussies breed to take over countries. Make sense? But the crafty mussies think their goat going to
    provide them. All two legged creatures with more brain cells > 0, know those goats are all mythical, man-made things!

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