Posted on December 17th, 2019

By Stanley Perera, Melbourne, Australia.

My dear Hanspeter Mock,
Patriotic Sri Lankans who love their country of birth want to know what the bloody hell you rouge undiplomatic ambassadore Hans Peter Mock doing in my country?  What a mockery Mr. Mock?  What a fiasco Mr. Mock?  What an indecent act you committed Mr. Mock?  Mr. Mock, your rouge country is instead of a written public appology saying they are concerned of the rouge local staffer.  Either you are a headless rooster or dumb dumb in your thick head.  Your rouge country is a safe heaven to protect the wanted criminals and black money squandered by the rouge politicians world wide.
Your bloody country  after smuggling out of the country that wanted murderer criminal police man Silva and to cover up that highenous act of yours, you cooked up another false story of abduction and sexually assaulting your local staffer Siriyalatha.  You bloody mutt can only think of abduction and abduction.  The native Sinhalese are not dumb as you dumb and crook undignified Swiss idiots.  You have the odacity having committed lowest of the low crimes in the broad day light instead of a public appology you are concerned of the law and order of my country.  While you are enjoying the full luxury and hospitality of the host country you undiplomatic rascall pointing the finger at my country.  What kind of a fair trading is this Mr. Mock?  Mr. Mock this is my humble and simple advise to you:  IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE WAY WE ARE, YOU ARE FREE TO BUGGER OFF ANYTIME YOU LIKE. Yours truly,
Stanley Perera Melbourne Australia.


  1. Sarath W Says:

    Certainly this saga has gone this long only because of the incompetency of our own government. From day one it was obvious to anyone this was a concocted story. But why is our government so scared to take any positive action and make a strong protest to the Swiss government. For the president to say that the Swiss have done nothing wrong is absurd and at the same time to say he was the target.

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    I think Gota’s broad smile and diplomatta Mock’s half frowning half sheepish grin tell the world what is happening here. Prez’s nonchalance shows that he didn’t take the latter seriously. It is not likely that Gota will say or do anything without first thinking about it. He also has enough good advisers around him. So, we need not worry about this. Any hasty reaction would have landed him in the same idiotic category as Mock.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  4. Vaisrawana Says:

    From GR’s FB account:

    Switzerland assures continuous support to Sri Lanka

    Hanspeter Mock, Ambassador of Switzerland to Sri Lanka, met me yesterday and assured continued support to Sri Lanka. Whilst conveying warm congratulations on recent electoral victory, the Ambassador especially appreciated my remark – “I am the President of all Sri Lankans” and affirmed the traditional relations with Sri Lanka remains strong and mutually beneficial.

    Focusing on recent incident involving a locally recruited official of the Swiss Embassy, Mr. Mock stressed that Switzerland harboured no intention to harm Sri Lanka.

    “We wish to work together for the benefit of both countries. We also need to overcome this situation of tension and remove any misunderstanding,” the Swiss Ambassador said.

    In response, I updated on the progress of investigations into the alleged incident, which had thus far revealed to be a total fabrication by interested parties, to bring disrepute to myself and my government. I requested the Ambassador to cooperate with the government to bring the investigations to a conclusion, so that the truth would be uncovered.

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