Subjects Not Rulers: Reply to Vigneswaran Bashing Mahawamsa
Posted on January 1st, 2020

Dilrook Kannangara

Chief Minister of the Northern Province is at it again – Mahawamsa bashing. Lengthy replies have been written to him by others. Having read the comments and replies, I’m compelled to make these short and sharp points to him and his unfortunate followers.

1.       If Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Tamils were an established ethnic group in the island, why did they start to appear in the national census only from 1911? There was no such ethnic group in 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses. That too was because the person in charge of the census was a Tamil.

2.       Why there is not a single Tamil inscription in Sri Lanka attributed to locals? The few Tamil inscriptions found in the island containing Tamil Nadu language were done by Cholas, Pandyans or the Chinese. All outsiders.

3.       Why no Tamil history book or literature book was done in Sri Lanka in ancient times? Everything was done in South India. The 18th century Tamil book containing myths and glimpses of historical events was written by a South India brought to the island by the Dutch. Therefore, that too was not done by a local but by an outsider.

4.       If Tamils had such an illustrious history (anywhere in the world, let alone Sri Lanka), why do they live under the rule of Hindi, Gujarati, Sinhala, Malay, etc. native speakers? Why can’t Tamils rule themselves in a nation anywhere in the whole wide world?

5.       If Tamils had such an illustrious history (anywhere in the world, let alone Sri Lanka), don’t they have any shame to live under the rule of non-Tamils in every country they live?

These are factual matters that Vignesrawan and others of his coterie always fail to apprehend. Tamils are entitled to equal individual rights in Sri Lanka. Nothing less and nothing more. He can make fun of Mahawamsa and other dozen Sinhala history books, but they can never have their own nation. Accepting and respecting others’ history and nations is the first step in gaining a nation of one’s own. Unfortunately, Tamils are misled by some of their politicians away from this reality.

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  1. Cerberus Says:

    Mr. Kannangara well said. The fact is that a large number of Tamil people came to Lanka as indentured labor when the British brought them to work on Tea plantations. To this day they are grateful to the British and want to work with them to make sure the country is divided forever.  Gratitude to Lanka is ignored, in spite of giving Tamil people the right to citizenship, to vote, free Health Care and Education, language rights, etc.  The best part for the Tamil people of Lanka is that there is no Caste mentioned in their birth certificates, unlike in Tamil Nadu, India.  Is it weak leadership to the Tamil community that weakens the whole community and country?  

    Tamil leaders like Wigneswaran are the worst. People like Wigneswaran are very deceitful people. He got his two sons married to Sinhala women (Vasudeva’s daughters) who are now looking after him. Yet he told the Tamils not to marry Sinhalese. He got free education and a top position in the land as a Supreme Court Judge. He lived most of his life in Cinnamon Gardens Colombo 7, yet he goes around saying the Tamils are discriminated against. He is the same as Radhika Coomaraswamy who when she was in the UN was trying to get the UN to send troops into Sri Lanka under the R2P. She failed to mention that her father Raju was sent as Ambassador to the UN by then-President JR. Her brother was made the Governor of the Central Bank by Ranil. Our last niwata Govt has given her the Dehshamanya Award. But no such award to MR who saved our country. Such is justice in Lanka in this Kali Yuga.  
    Trust has to be earned, isn’t it?  

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