Posted on February 20th, 2020


The President, the Foreign Minister and the Government deserve a big bouquet of thanks from the people of Sri Lanka for the stand taken to disassociate with the UNHRC resolution 30/1 which was co-sponsored by the previous Government.
The said resolution was based on a load of misinformation supplied by the LTTE fronts, their paid activists, NGO movers and shakers while Ban Ki Moon and Darusman committee members manoeuvred it the way some of the Western nations intended. The objective was not only to destabilize Sri Lanka by introducing structural and organizational changes to the constitution of the country but also by victimizing the members of the defence force members who stood by the country in defeating the Tamil Tigers, the world’s most brutal terrorist organization when they were killing thousands of unarmed civilians.
But, the proponents of the resolution completely ignored the large scale use of civilians by the LTTE as source of new recruits, a labour pool, a political chip to bargain to attract foreign intervention, It was applied in 1995 and 2007..But, in 2008 some 350-450,000 people and Tiger personnel were withdrawing to Nandikadal ..” _Subsequent interviews by Fr. Rohan Silva and D. Siddharthan have condensed the information gleaned from the rescued Tamil peoples and demonstrated that a good segment of those trapped believed that the West would intervene and save them and LTTE. In a word, the LTTE believed this would happen and their certainty rubbed off on the people around them.,,” (Thuppaih ) Tamil Tigers carried on their murders hiding within such a human shield and when finally Sri Lankan forces marched onto this territory nearly 300,000 civilians were rescued. The resolution extends only a blind eye to the liberation of 300.000 Tamil civilians but thrives on the concocted tales spun by the interested parties who are keenly looking forward to a weakened Sri Lanka. Further, the intervention plan of the West was shattered forcing them to the next option of driving Sri Lanka up the wall and agree to the resolution 30/1.
The resolution 30/1 was in short, a statement of punishment for Sri Lanka being obstinate to the dictates of the Western alliance and not stopping the war as and when they required. The resolution was to make Sri Lanka humble in the face of the pro-LTTE,pro-separatist representatives and to provide an opportunity for them to keep the pot a -boiling. As long as there is a conflicting situation in the country the outside forces can either attempt to influence and, or intervene to achieve their ends, The imposition of such an array of restrictive conditions on Sri Lanka by the UNHRC resolution while the war crimes charges levelled against its movers are swept under the carpet, becomes too obvious to any discriminating observer.

Now, that our national minded government has taken a decision to throw the resolution to the wolves, the nation and her people can breathe freely



  1. aloy Says:

    I think this is minor aberration when compared to the turmoils we have faced thus far in our long history. We have dependable friends like Pakistan, Russia and China. We should not waste time on it too much. The GOSL should concentrate on developing the country by maintaining law and order first without allowing too many protests etc. that shows instability in the country. They must not allow the the two million dollar bribery case to engulf the parliament for too long at a time when the western world, especially USA, is trying to normalize the corruption. Are we to believe the the west brought in the airbus case after 7 long years just to help the corruption ridden countries?. Their ultimate aim is to contain China by any means and getting help from SL very important for them. We must understand why all these people are coming after SL now. Make the best use of the opportunity in anyway possible. But most of all the Prez who is still the key person should not get involved in disorder (entropy) and should stand outside and force the system to work according to already formulated rules.

    There is a universal law (second law of thermodynamics) which says the disoder of any given system increases with time unless there is an external force acting on it. We want the Prez to ne that external force act on it. He has already shown that he does not want to get involved?.

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