UNP Working Committee meeting ends without decision on symbol of alliance
Posted on February 28th, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

The United National Party (UNP) Working Committee meeting has ended without a decision on the symbol for UNP-led alliance, says the General Secretary of the party, MP Akila Viraj Kariyawasam.

The Working Committee is set to meet again this Sunday (01).

Chaired by party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, the UNP’s Working Committee convened this afternoon (28) to discuss the matter of the symbol of the newly formed alliance and its constitution.

Kariyawasam, speaking to Ada Derana, stated that the Working Committee agreed on appointing 60 percent of the Central Committee members of the new alliance – Samagi Jana Balawegaya” – from the UNP.

In the meantime, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has decided to contest the looming general election with Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa’s Samagi Jana Balawegaya”.

the SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem stated this during a joint press conference held with the new UNP-led alliance at the Parliament today.

One Response to “UNP Working Committee meeting ends without decision on symbol of alliance”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Skull cap will be a good symbol.

    Sajith mohamed giving priority to mussies and tamils for their votes. Anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti
    Sri Lanka traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@ started the destruction of
    Sri Lanka, Buddhism and the Sinhalese race, Since then traitor low live alugosuwas (to Sinhalese Buddhists only)
    lk porisada R@, traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande
    wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot r@ni_leech wickrama Sinhala killer carried on the destruction. Now brainless, lk porisada
    R@’s buuru puthano wants to start where those traitor r@s left off. Buuru puthano will get the full support from traitor tamls, mussies, catholics and some traitor Sinhala dhrohiyas and the demise of the Sinhalese race, Sri
    Lanka and Buddhism will be complete.

    Is Sinhalese going to unite and get rid of this traitor anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka, minority
    worshiping, Mother Lanka dismembering GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats party along with its backer headed by
    die hard catholic token Buddhist’s Batalande wa(n)dakaya’s church acolyte buddy’s jaathidhrohee vermins’
    party to save the Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism? There are still a lot of Sinhala dhrohiyas who support
    these murderous thieves for a packet of rice/Rs 1000/a job etc. etc. Sinhalese race is doomed. Thanks to
    Jr@, lk porisada R@, R@ni_leech plus mongol pongol, milk dog, kanu kata etc. etc. Too many to mention. We
    shouldn’t forget the destruction caused by Sri Lanka Multiplying Community aka fastest breeding religion followers
    xxxxhim, bada udin of former and present, kabir hashish, a sad ali (not enough children to be sad?), empty dog
    aka hisxalla etc. etc. Now the fast breeders do not have any ministerial posts, the traitors must have started
    baby machines to produce votes like there is no tomorrow. Any deshapaluwa going to open their mouth? Not a
    chance in hell they all busy licking the backsides of the fast breeders for the traitors votes.

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