Attempts to exhume the provincial council cadaver
Posted on March 9th, 2020

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.

A blessing in disguise from the Yahapalana Maralaya was its deliberate attempt to kill the PC white elephant. Nobody wanted this death-trap then in 1987 or since then other than a collection of Colombo black-white and Marxists, who want Sri Lanka divided into two warring factions: Tamil Eelam and the Sinhala quadrant. Rajiv Gandhi, who forced JR to pass 13-A, stopped in Madras, on his return trip to Delhi, and boasted, that he delivered for Tamils what they never thought it possible to obtain!

It is so strange that all those protested and died in 1987 opposing PCs, are now behaving like silent mice, despite all possible evidence one could think of that the PC experiment has been a disaster for all except for a lonely philosopher like the Christian Marxist Dayan Jayatilaka  (Lanka Guardian, 2/20/2020) or Jehan Perera. Some crook politicians have the nerve to say that 13-A is now part of the constitution and cannot be removed!

These bogus rule of law saints forget that Rajiv-JR pact was one-sided document like the 1815 Agreement, and all done for it in the parliament was a fraud in representative democracy. MPs were kept in a hotel and hurled into busses to vote for 13-A, except for one courageous MP, Gamini Jayasuriya of Homagama.

India did not fulfil its obligation of disarming Prabhakaran. There is no justifiable reason to respect this shameful decision and the way to break it is not what Rpremadasa and Paskaralingam did by secretly arming Prabhakarana against IPKF while entertaining Balasingham in five star hotels in Colombo, but by seeking a mandate from the people at the April 2020 election to get rid of it once and for all, whether the new parliament is going to enact a new constitution or not. This means that 13-A is so important to the country as 19-A is considered so relevant to the ruling party.

Behind the now prevailing debate about whether the MCC could be converted to a new bride as MCC+, just like 13-A supporters tried to soften the existential threat to Sinhale by distinguishing it as 13+ versus 13-, both 13A and MCC are trojan horses pure and simple. This was revealed by the American agent of MCC in Colombo, when he said that there is no such thing called a free lunch. Ranil and Sirisena betrayed Sri Lanka by gifting the Hambantota port for a pittance to China for 198 years. Similarly, President Gotabaya, should not listen to his black white friends” within and outside Pohottuwa, by abandoning his position against 13-A and MCC. The country did not expect a politician from him.

The essay below that I found surfing the internet is a comprehensive discussion on this 13-A debacle. It was written in 2011.

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  1. aloy Says:

    Dr. C. Wije,
    You have hit the nail right on the head. It was in fact JR, a quarter Indian, who wanted a break up of SL. Perhaps the 13A had been prepared in consultation with him; if not he should not have kept the parliamentarians under his captivity in a hotel. In addition he envisioned and additional province, Kandy, for the Indians. That is why he gave citizenship to those Mrs. B wanted sent back and got funds from the UK in return from UK. It has become a reality with the active participation of Indians in every thing that we do in that region. MR’s government that does not seem to have the interest of Sinhalas even want to give them a separate university hoping for some votes from them to achieve that elusive 2/3rd. They have even gone there (Basil & Namal) and hoisted the Indian flag on our independence day several years back.

    In the meantime a third party is coming to the equation: the Wahabi outfit. I was watching the “News First News Line” this morning, which seems to be promoting the Sajith factions. The presenter who described Sri Lanka, as beautiful Tapbrobane when viewed from above, is heading for election with an uncorrupted leader, SP,coming out with a group of politicos who are not tainted and lily white. We all know that some of those leaders behind this so called leader who can only wax eloquently, though he does not have any educational qualifications, is backed by a set of wahabies against whom there are lots of charges including the 4/21.

    GOSL should consider taking action against this channel which poses a danger to national unity.

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