Sri Lanka launches 150 MW solar tender
Posted on March 9th, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB has, reportedly, issued a tender for 150 MW of solar power.

Reportedly, CEB hopes to build 20 solar projects ranging in size from 3 MW to 10 MW. The facilities are set to be built in different locations and each of them will be connected each to different grid substations.

The ceiling price for the tender is LKR 15.60/kWh. The utility said that 80% of the proposed tariff will be re-adjusted based on fluctuations in the US dollar exchange rate.

Interested developers will have time until May 21 to submit their proposals. The projects will be part of the third phase of the Soorya Bala Sangramaya (Battle for Solar Energy) program. The country hopes the scheme will help it to add 200 MW of solar by the end of this year and 1 GW by the end of 2025.

According to a recent joint study by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and Asian Development Bank (ADB), Sri Lanka has the potential to deploy 16 GW of solar power. It aims to cover its entire power demand with renewables by 2050.


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  1. Nimal Says:

    Why developers given only time till the 21st of May.Do we expect the innocent persons have that kind of money under the bed like our politicians and drug dealers? Sorry I forgot with our crap history of 2000 years, people don’t matter.
    Honest thing to do is to encourage every householder to install at least 8 250 W solar panel with it’s own inverter and feed the grid that will minimize the use of power from the national grid.
    Also department should not frustrate investors with many absurd obstacles that end up with ‘waste of money and time’.

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