Recommendations of the Lankan Presidential Task Force for COVID-19 control
Posted on March 12th, 2020

Courtesy NewsIn.Asia

Hotels requested to voluntarily give space to locate quarantine centers

Colombo, March 12 ( The following recommendations made by the Presidential Task Force were approved during the meeting held on 11.03.2020.

Request the public to refrain from undertaking overseas visits unless for essential purposes.

Temporary suspension of pilgrimages overseas.

Temporary suspension of issuing on arrival visas.

Increase the space available for quarantining,

Appeal to hotel owners for voluntary assistance by allowing the Government to use their hotels as quarantine centres, if the necessity arises.

Facilitate Army training centres to be used for this purpose.

Improve facilities at hospitals in urban areas.

Introduce a mandatory requirement for producing the certificate of quarantine, for Sri Lankans who have arrived from abroad, when they travel back to their countries of employment.

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