Confirmed Covid-19 cases in Sri Lanka climb to 50
Posted on March 18th, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi says that 9 more patients who had tested positive for Coronavirus have been identified in the country bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 50. 

Speaking at a press briefing of the National Operation Center for Prevention of COVID- 19, she stated that 41 patients had been identified as of yesterday and that another 8 were identified today (18). 

However, during the press conference she stated that another patient has just been identified bringing the total identified today to 9.

Two of them had arrived in the country from Italy, one of India and three are tour guides who had associated with tourists from England, the minister said. 

She said that most of the patients being identified are those who have arrived from countries mainly affected by the virus. 

She stated that out of the 13 patients identified yesterday as Coronavirus positive, four had arrived in the country from Italy, two had returned from India, one each from Qatar and England while another two are tourist guides. 

Meanwhile the Director General of Health Services Dr. Anil Jasinghe stated that 212 suspected Covid-19 patients are currently being treated at selected hospitals in the country.

He said that they are currently in the process of preparing several institutions to carry out treatment in case more patients are identified. 

3 Responses to “Confirmed Covid-19 cases in Sri Lanka climb to 50”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Our President should instruct either the University of Colombo or the Health Dept to publish live data in a dedicated website similar to what he did from the Defence Ministry during the Ealam war when he was the Defence Secretary.

    Then, there won’t be blames by the rogue Yahap politicians that the information given by the government on Covid-19 are not accurate.

    And also it will be the first in the world to tackle such a situation similar to the coverage given during the Ealam war.

  2. aloy Says:

    While we debate on elections and the politicos dream about their prospects of coming to power, the situation in the world with respect to Covid 19 is changing very rapidly for the worse. According to my close relatives who live in a powerful western country scores of elderly people are dying and those vulnerable are being forced to stay at home. A radiologist who had examined one such patient before and immediately after corona says that he was surprised how quickly a person’s lung could completely collapse as never seen before.
    The supermarkets in that country are empty and it is very hard to find food to eat. According to an expert who came on CNN about an hour ago today (19/3/20 at 8 am, SL time), this epidemic will continue through the coming summer and might become stronger in the next cold spell. This means the present world order might change unless a reliabel as people are unable to travel and provide goods and services. The case of patient no 31 shows that air circulation systems in building are also responsible for the fast spread of the virus to thousands of people at a time. So are the systems in the aircrafts; if there is one person who has it, then the rest also might have got it by the time they disembark unless he or she has immunity. Our situation might be a little better as we have sunshine throughout the year. But it seems this particular virus can stay up to three hours after it is release to the atmosphere or gets deposited on a surface, according to medical experts.
    I therefore believe that the Prez should think of postponing the election indefinitely and prepare plans to face the worst scenario. I believe that there is no need to get the opposition involved as they have already ruined the country economically. Forget about the developments or new year celebrations for now. Can also forget about the debts and loans as this is an unexpected extraordinary situation. We should be self reliant in food production without having to import any item.
    It is also advisable to pay all contractors and suppliers their dues so that their workers could be paid in return. Then more people will have some money to prepare for the worst.

  3. aloy Says:

    Sorry correction: please read as “… world order might change unless a reliable vaccine is produced within a short period of time as people are……..” in the second para third line.

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