Police curfew in Puttalam, Chilaw, Negombo-Kochchikade to be temporarily lifted
Posted on March 18th, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

Police curfew imposed within Puttalam District and Negombo-Kochchikade area to contain the spread of COVID-19 within the country will be lifted at 8.00 am today (19), says the Department of Government Information.

However, curfew will be re-imposed at 2.00 pm in the afternoon and will be in force until further notice, the Police said.

This measure is being taken to carry on submission of nominations without disruption in the following areas:

Puttalam Police Division:
Puttalam, Anamaduwa, Kalpitiya, Karuwalagaswewa, Mundalama, Nawagattegama, Pallama, Vanathavilluwa, Udappuwa, Norachcholai, Saliya Wewa

Chilaw Police Division:
Chilaw, Dankotuwa, Koswatta, Madampe, Marawila, Wennappuwa, Arachchikattuwa

Negombo Police Division:

The government yesterday imposed police curfew in Puttalam District and Kochchikade Police Division in Negombo from 4.30 pm last evening.

The curfew was enforced in 11 police divisions in Puttalam, 7 in police divisions in Chilaw and the Kochchikade police division in Negombo.

The Police have advised the general public to minimize movement after the curfew is lifted and to stay inside their respective residences after curfew is enforced again.

The only movement of public transport vehicles and urgent travels will be allowed while the curfew is in force, the Police noted.

Air passengers who are scheduled to reach Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) in Katunayake can use their flight ticket as a curfew permit.

2 Responses to “Police curfew in Puttalam, Chilaw, Negombo-Kochchikade to be temporarily lifted”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Our President should instruct either the University of Colombo or the Health Dept to publish live data in a dedicated website similar to what he did from the Defence Ministry during the Ealam war when he was the Defence Secretary.

    Then, there won’t be blames by the rogue Yahap politicians that the information given by the government on Covid-19 are not accurate.

    And also it will be the first in the world to tackle such a situation similar to the coverage given during the Ealam war.

  2. aloy Says:

    Six more days of holidays have been declared by the gosl. All have been asked to work from home. Some businesses cannot be run from home as the workers have to be behind the machines. Some help from gosl will be necessary to meet the expenses in paying the worker salaries at least. EU countries are making arrangements to give that kind of help.

    Government declared that $500 m from China will be used for tackling Corona. Can our politicos handle this?. They do not have brains to realize that the oil prices have come down in the world because everything has come to a halt elsewhere. But they say current petrol prices will be maintained for one year during which a buffer of some Rs. 200 billion will be built as safe guard for fluctuations. These are what we can describe as draconian measures. We are trying to stay afloat and these people are trying to cash in on an unfortunate situations. It seems more than Rs. 100 is the profit from one liter of petrol. I cannot imagine that we have put this type of people into power. I think the whole cabinet including the PM should resign or sent on leave and Prez form a group of military men and professionals to run the country for a year to face the situation.
    Even if they make a saving of several billions, when they get the next brain wave they will want to purchase couple of laks of computers from some cheap country and syphon out a good part. Some accuse that officials and politicos have done it before.
    BTW, why these institutions running at a loss is because they have loaded them with their supporters; they continue to load the public service with unproductive workforce.

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