Sri Lankan pilgrims from India will be quarantined – Army Chief
Posted on March 18th, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

All Sri Lankan pilgrims returning from India will be directed to quarantine centers, stated Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva.

Speaking at a special press conference currently ongoing, Silva requested all foreigners in the country to curtail their movement within the country in order to avoid infection and limit the spread of the virus.

Further, Silva noted that he had received reports of foreigners currently in the country being harassed by locals. He urged the public to act in a manner that does not compromise the rapport Sri Lanka has of being hospitable. 

He requested hoteliers, restaurateurs, and owners of establishments where foreigners would be residing, to advise the foreigners to limit their travels.

The Army Commander pointed out that the 19 persons from quarantine centers have been tested positive with the virus; 01 arriving from England, and 18 from Italy who resided in the Kandakadu quarantine center.

The Kandakadu quarantine center consists of 13 buildings, each divided into 2 sections, he said. However, only 3 of the 26 sections had reported cases of coronavirus infection, he added.

The majority of persons who were tested positive for the disease had already been infected before arriving in Sri Lanka and others who showed symptoms and contracted it within 24 hours in Sri Lanka, Silva said.

This concludes that the virus is spread through persons who had arrived in Sri Lanka from abroad.

To control this situation, the government requested persons who had arrived in the country after traveling or residing in foreign countries to register at the nearest police station.

Currently, over 4000 persons have registered with police so far, the Commander stated.

They have been asked to remain in self-quarantine and provided that they are disciplined and remain in isolation, the issue can be prevented, further said Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva.

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