Why Tamils Do Not Contribute Proportionately as Others to the COVID-19 Battle?
Posted on March 22nd, 2020

Dilrook Kannangara

Muslims and Sinhalas have contributed heartily to the battle against COVID-19. Big and small hoteliers have given up their hotels to be used as quarantine centres, etc. Other Sinhala and Muslim businessmen have contributed millions each financially. Yet others have distributed masks in tens of thousands free of charge. It was reported that a smalltime Muslim tailor works around the clock to stitch masks and distribute them at no cost. Mostly Sinhala nurses have taken to make masks in their precious spare time to distribute to patients and caregivers. Buddhist monks stitch masks for the village and mostly Sinhala police officers have donated their well-earned lunch packets to the needy. The almost entirely Sinhala military is doing yeoman service to the nation. This is not their usual duty but they have put their lives on the line to save the nation and people once again.

There is a clear dearth of Tamil participation in comparison. Where are all the Tamil businessmen? Obviously, there are far more Tamil businessmen than Muslim businessmen. Have they gone into hiding?

It is the same and far worse when it comes to Tamil politicians who are hyper-active demanding rights but not to be found when it comes to responsibilities.   

Unfortunately, this is not the first time such dearth of Tamil participation was seen at a time of a national crisis.

Apart from Tamil Christians, other Tamils did not meaningfully help armed forces fight Tamil terrorism. In fact, they did everything possible to disrupt the good work of armed forces. An enormous amount of blood was needed to treat wounded soldiers and civilians. Tamil participation in blood donation was (and still is) extremely low.

2004 tsunami crisis also saw very little Tamil participation. If at all any participated that was to help affected Tamil people. Instead they exploited the situation to make devolution demands. A similar situation was seen following the 4/21 crisis. Despite threat to their lives Sinhala and Muslim blood donors participated but Tamils didn’t contribute their proportionate share.

No one can demand rights without shouldering equal responsibilities. And no one can claim ownership of the island or part of the island if they don’t defend it. The island gains nothing from them.

(A word of advice to those who find this factual revelation offensive – stop shooting the messenger, face ugly tribal facts within your own community and do your proportionate share. Prove me wrong. Hopefully this will change the bahaviour.)

One Response to “Why Tamils Do Not Contribute Proportionately as Others to the COVID-19 Battle?”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Timely article Dilrook, Thank you for the eye opener.

    Let’s see Tamil people’s participation at least this time. If they are not up to the task, they can’t be considered equally as Sri Lankans. Then they automatically becomes temporary residents.

    This is an invasion by a deadly virus. How would they react if a foreign force invade this Island?.. Will they join the Sinhalese and Muslims to fight against it, or strike a deal with the devil and get their dream Ealam…??

    They will certainly strike a deal with the invading forces to get their dream Ealam. This is how we feel from their behaviour.

    Dear Tamil Brothers and Sisters, If you are thinking as sons and daughters of this land, then think like the rest of the people and join the forces to combat against this Covid19 menace…

    If not, it will prove that you are not the true sons and daughters of this land.

    As Dilrook clearly says, please prove that our view is wrong. We look forward to see it happens and that you all are thinking as Sri Lankans.

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