18 persons arrested for religious gathering during curfew
Posted on March 27th, 2020

Courtesy Hiru News

Horowpathana Police say that 18 persons including the President of the Kiwulekada Mosque have been arrested in Horowpatana for attending a religious service disregarding the danger and threat to the public.

According to the police, nearly 80 people attended the service

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  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Good time to read
    Darwin’s theory of evolution.
    NASA’S missions to space
    which shows that earth’s size is a grain of sand in the vast universe
    Buddhism’s Five Precepts which are used as penal code in every country
    What is a light year, what are planets, what is moon, what is an exoplanet etc etc.

    People used to worship trees, mountains, rivers, gods in the olden days in the absence of science. This is 21st century.
    Science proved how we came to be being without a shred of doubt.

    Valuable advice to two legged creatures from The Buddha: Health is wealth. How appropriate!

    All the problems two legged creatures facing today due to too many people. Stop baby production to steal countries!

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