Extraordinary message in extraordinary times
Posted on March 27th, 2020

by A. Abdul Aziz

Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community addresses the worldwide Jama’at from his office, Tilfrod, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Today  (27 March 2020), during the Covid-19 pandemic, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (Khalifatul Masih V, may Allah be his Helper), delivered a LIVE message for the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at.

Ahmadiyya Khalifa at the beginning of his address said that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, governments around the world, including the British government, have stopped all congregational prayers.

His Holiness pointed out that at present, the exact law is not clear. There are various interpretations; some say that a few close relatives and people can congregate, while others have differing opinions.

Nevertheless, in such conditions, until it is not made clear, we cannot offer Jumuah (Friday) prayers. For this reason, after consultation, he said that instead of delivering a Friday Sermon, he would deliver a message.

It has become the habit of Ahmadi Muslims around the world to watch the Friday Sermon on MTA. His Holiness said that if he had not addressed the Ahmadiiyya Muslim Community today, then they would have had a longing to watch the sermon and so, he thought it best to address the Community  in one way or another.

His Holiness said, We cannot, for a prolonged period, leave the Jumuah prayer, and my connection with the Community is also essential”. After consultation, His Holiness explained, a solution to this will be found.

In the UK, people are allowed, individually, to pray at mosques while maintaining distance. But congregational prayers are not allowed at mosques.

In this condition, Jama’at members should offer congregational prayers at homes and also offer Jumuah prayer with the family. Extracts from Malfuzat, or Jamaat literature, or the writings of the Promised Messiahas, or extracts from Al Fazl or Al Hakam can be read and the khutba [sermon] can be given.”

The Jumuah cannot be left for a long time. When people will prepare their sermons”, their knowledge will increase.

Ahmadiyya Khalifa said, Al Hakam has started an initiative on how people are spending their time at home. In those comments, most people are writing that they are increasing their knowledge by reading the Quran, hadith and writings of the Promised Messiah, peace be on him”

Ahmadiyya supreme Head explained that even in the wider world, people are commenting on how they are spending their time.

MTA (Muslim TV Ahmadiyya International)  has lots of beneficial programmes, which should also be watched. He emphasised that the governmental advice that is being spread should be followed.

Ahmadiyya Khalifa made it clear that prayers are key and through them, one can draw the grace of God. This is what the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, continuously said, that the most important thing is that we seek God’s forgiveness, cleanse our hearts and remain engaged in good works”.

Where the question of not offering Jumuah prayer comes, it is clear from sayings of Prophet Muhammad (sal) – ahadith that in some conditions, the Jumuah prayer become exempt in mosques.

His Holiness mentioned a hadith from Bukhari and Muslim in which Hazrat Ibn Abbasra, when it rained, told the muazins to say Sallu fi buyutikum” (pray in your homes) as opposed to Hayya alas-Salah” (come to prayer) and this is also what the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) practised when such conditions arose.

Further references from Islamic scholars of jurisprudence were presented by His Holiness to support this fact. 

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and instructions from the government, Ahmadiyya Khalifa said that in their homes, everyone should continue congregational prayers and offering Jumuah prayers.

Khalifa of Islam made it clear that from an Islamic perspective, narrations prove that during contagious pandemics, people should practise distancing and taking cautions.

Everyone should offer Jumuah prayers at home and His Holiness said that he would make arrangements for this as well.  

Towards the end, His Holiness  prayed that this virus may quickly subside and that mankind makes the most of this time in helping one another in the best possible manner.

2 Responses to “Extraordinary message in extraordinary times”

  1. Nimal Says:

    Wait till the authorities cremate all bodies without an exception.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Buddhism’s Five Precepts:
    1 Refrain from killing
    2 Refrain from stealing
    3 Refrain from sexual misconduct
    4 Refrain from lying
    5 Refrain from drugs and alcohol abuse.

    All the crimes (sins) any two legged creature can any do anywhere under the sun:
    1 killing
    2 stealing
    3 sexual misconduct
    4 lying
    5 drugs, alcohol abuse.
    Buddhism’s Five Precepts are used as the penal code in every country under the sun to punish two legged
    creatures who break those Five Precepts! Any honest man is going to agree! Five Precepts is a guide for all the
    two legged creatures how to live their lives without harming the environment they live in and be mindful how
    to live in a society without being a nuisance and make your next life a better one. Most people frown on The
    Buddha’s teachings since they have to make a bit of sacrifice to be a responsible person in a society.

    Most of the two leggeds are selfish, greedy, ungrateful, crafty people we most agree. Add to this there are a lot
    of greedy, unsympathetic political leaders who don’t give a toss about other countries, environment, people etc.
    etc. Then is there any wonder, two leggeds are being punished for their crimes. We all know (honest people
    only), two legged creatures shouldn’t be eating meat since our distant relative chimp isn’t a meat eater. What’s more if you look at your teeth and it tells you what sort of diet we should be eating (it’s different from cat/dog/lion/tiger etc. etc., is it not?). But people are hell bent on killing animals for food.

    The earth’s size is a grain of sand in the vast vast vast vast universe (The Buddha preached this, also NASA has
    corroborated this with their missions). Within the last few decades world’s population has quadrupled from
    sparsely place to a bursting at the seams. These new mouths need a lot of resources and they generate a lot of
    pollution too. What’s more farmers take new techniques (tricks) to maximise their profits to feed this burgeoning
    population. One such practice is to add antibiotics to the animal feed so the livestock go without any diseases to
    the two legged creatures stomach saving a lot of money for the farmers. Downside of this is, after eating these
    antibiotic-drugged meat two legged creatures become antibiotic resistant. Then scientists have to find a fix to
    fix the two legged creatures! What’s more livestock generate a lot of greenhouse gases and pollute the planet
    and jungles being cleared to rear them. Livestocks too have diseases and they pass these to two legged
    creatures (their revenge). It’s a lose, lose situation for the planet. Do the two legged give toss? No chance in hell.

    So the two legged reaps what they sow. If the two legged creatures come out of this hole somehow, there will be
    another one even more dangerous waiting in the wings. People used to worship trees, mountains, rivers, gods in
    the olden days in the absence of science. Charles Darwin showed the world how the two legged creatures came
    to be being in his Theory of Evolution. Then his book, The Tree of Life, explained how all these other millions of
    creatures came to be being. The Buddha explained, to be a two legged creature one has to spend millions of
    years in the animal kingdom (similar to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution). Buddhism disappeared from India since
    it didn’t fit the society with caste system, animal sacrifice etc and they quickly reverted back to religions of conveniences which don’t regard sins as sins. Then invading muslims destroyed whatever left of it. That’s not all former Buddhist countries iran, afganisthan, pakisthan, bangladesh, malaysia and indonesia succumbed to
    musslims within a few hundred years of their arrivals. Soon they outnumbered the natives and turned
    all of those countries to muslim countries.

    What The Buddha preached to be true has been proved again and again by scientists and NASA. While the
    mankind taking one step forward by sciences, they take two steps backward due to their selfishness, greed, dishonesty etc. etc. It’s same at individuals as well as countries. Is there any wonder then two legged creatures facing a really bleak future! Are they going to pause for a minute and think of changing their ways? No chance in hell. Covid19 giving them a stark warning! Be prepared for even more dangerous things!

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